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   Chapter 30 To Work At The LS Group

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Albert had accompanied Shirley for a few days. After the marriage leave, Albert returned to his daily life and went to work. As the CEO of the YS Group, he controlled so many people's jobs and was usually very busy.

Shirley stayed at home for a while. When Shirley received the interview invitation from the LS Group, she dressed up and went to the LS Group for the interview. She had to get the offer this time.

The interviewer was a young and capable woman whose surname was Deng. Shirley had submitted her resume before. As soon as Shirley entered the company, Mrs. Deng recognized her. They two chatted for a while and felt good with each other. Mrs. Deng even made a decision on the spot and decided to take Shirley to meet the big boss.

Kenny was reading a business plan in his office. The plan was well written, but it was not easy to implement it. Kenny frowned when he heard a short knock on the door. He hated to be interrupted when he was thinking.

"Come in, please!" After closing the business plan in his hand for a while, Kenny picked up the coffee at hand and took a sip. His good-looking handsome eyebrows finally relaxed a little.

"Boss! She is the new people for the interview. " Shirley didn't expect to meet Kenny here either. At the beginning, Shirley just felt that the young boss sitting opposite to her looked a little familiar. His calm temperament was easy to make people like him. When Kenny raised his head, Shirley met his dark eyes.

There seemed to be something flashing across Kenny's eyes. Shirley was stunned for a moment, and then she saw that Kenny suddenly curved his lips and showed a very gentle smile. Kenny had a cold face, but it could be seen that he didn't smile often. Now his eyes and brows were gentle, which made him look a little friendly.

"Hello, I am Shirley." Kenny felt his heart beating uncontrollably and seemed to be very happy when he saw the beautiful woman opposite him, "Kenny, welcome to join us!" It seemed that it was unnecessary to say anything more. Kenny just reached out his hand friendly.

Shirley smiled generously and held Kenny's hands. Shirley said seriously, "thank you for giving me this opportunity, Mr. Kenny. I will try my best!" The woman in front of him was stubborn and attractive. Kenny thought that he really appreciated Shirley, but unfortunately, she was Albert's wife.

"Send Miss Shirley to the project team! There is an important project recently. Talents are rare. " Kenny ordered Mrs. Deng. Luz was also working in the project group. With Luz's introduction, Shirley was beautiful and talented, so she got along well with her colleagues soon.

It was six o'clock in the evening. Because the project at hand was very important, almost everyone was working hard, forgetting the time. In consideration that Shirley was a new employee on the first day, Mrs. Deng came to remind Shirley to get off work early, because Mrs. Deng knew that all the project teams in the company were crazy about working overtime.

However, Shirley thought that she was a little late to join the group. Although she was not slow and had her own opinions, she still had to spend time on many things. It took her a long time to get off work.

Shirley liked this place very much. It was not the meaningless repeated labor work that Susie had introduced to her before, nor would it be like in the YS Group. Later, when everyone knew her identity, they respected her faintly, but excluded her. Here, she could feel that she was a member of this group. The success of a project would have the efforts of each of them!

Shirley was very happy. She rushed home and wanted to share her joy with Albert. However, Albert got off work today. Looking at the empty room, he frowned heavily. Mrs. Zhou, the housemaid, came back after taking a holiday. Seeing that Albert was unhappy, she restrained her smile and stepped aside judiciously.

"Where is Shirley?" Albert wandered around the room but didn't see anyone. "Mrs. Shirley has gone to work!"

Albert's eyebrows twitched. It suddenly occurred to Albert that he had agreed to let Shirley go to work in Luz's company. But the two of them had been together for a few days and he had been used to going back home. Shirley would gently stand at the door to welcome him. Albert frowned in front of the empty room.

The clock slowly pointed to eight o'clock. When Albert couldn't wait to go out and catch Shirley in person, Albert finally heard some noise from the door. Shirley seemed to be in a good mood. Her face flushed and she hummed a merry tune.

"Clap!" Albert deliberately put down the cup in his hand heavily. The sound of porcelain colliding with each other was particularly harsh in the quiet room. A few hours was enough for Albert to figure out everything. The boss of Luz's company was Kenny. When Albert saw the news, he was almost depressed, but Albert had promised Shirley personally.

"I'm back!" Shirley said to Albert in a good mood, but she also noticed the coldness on Albert's face. Realizing that she had a husband and came back late because of overtime work, Shirley seemed to be in the wrong, so she said weakly, "I'm sorr

y! There is an important project in the company. My boss thinks highly of me, so I want to work hard. "

"Come here!" Albert suppressed his anger, waved at Shirley and pulled her into his arms. His empty heart seemed to have been filled. Albert sighed deeply and said, "now you should know that the boss of the company Luz works for is Kenny. If you want to work with your friend, I promise you, but the company of Kenny can't!"

"You......" When Shirley was about to retort, she was stopped by Albert. Albert bit Shirley's red lips angrily and said, "I don't want to hear that. Kenny's company is absolutely not good. He is a bad guy. I'm worried about you under his company. You can resign and go back to the YS Group. If you want to get together with Luz, you can ask her to come here. The job provided by the YS Group will only be better."

Shirley's face darkened. She broke free from Albert's arms and looked at Albert in disbelief. "Do you think it's a game?"

"Yes, you are the CEO of the YS Group. You can easily take away or give others a position that they yearn for. But in my opinion, this is my job. And I entered the LS Group on my own, let alone Luz has been working there for so many years!"

"Even if the salary and position you can offer may be better, but have you asked others' will?" Shirley said as she walked away from Albert.

"I don't want to go back to the YS Group. I don't want to be watched as the CEO's wife by others. I don't think Luz is willing to give up her hard work for many years. I'm very happy in the LS Group. My colleagues are all good people, and Luz is protecting me. Kenny is the boss. Even if he is a bad guy, what does it have to do with me? I just want to have a job. "

What Shirley didn't say was that although the Kenny she saw looked a little distant, he would smile. Kenny looked gentle with gentle eyes and brows. In fact, Shirley didn't think Kenny was a bad guy. Moreover, in the business world, there were conflicts and deception, and there might not be anyone like good man.

But Shirley knew that Albert didn't want to hear these words, so Shirley didn't say it. But Shirley was unwilling to let her leave the LS Group like this.

Looking at the angry little woman in front of him, Albert rubbed his forehead with a headache. Shirley wanted to have her own career, of course Albert knew. Seeing that Shirley came back late tonight, he could tell that she was so happy. He did not object that his wife had a favorite job, but that person was Kenny, so Albert couldn't get over it.

"Shirley, don't go to the LS Group. You can find any job you want. Let me help you. Let's not go to the LS Group, okay?" Albert coaxed Shirley in a soft voice, and kissed her cheek passionately.

Shirley was so soft hearted that she wanted to say yes, but finally she pushed Albert away. Shirley didn't want to be Albert's accessory. Shirley wanted a healthy life. Shirley could like Albert and fall in love with him, but she didn't want her whole life at Albert's disposal. Shirley was afraid that once she gave in at this moment, she would no longer have the courage to hold on and would collapse.

"I like the LS Group. If there is no reason for me to leave, just because you think Kenny is not a good person, I refuse!" Albert bit Shirley again. Shirley's heart ached, but Shirley was amused by his childishness. Albert liked to bite her when he was unhappy.

"You are the stubborn little wild cat." Albert knew that it was impossible to change Shirley's mind for the time being. Looking at Shirley, who was weak, she was stubborn once she made up her mind.

Albert was still worried. Since Albert couldn't persuade Shirley, Albert decided to meet Kenny. Seeing that Albert's face softened, Shirley quickly skipped the topic and touched her stomach. "I'm so hungry! Let me see what Mrs. Zhou have cooked today. "

Albert knew Shirley's trick of changing the topic. He also felt sorry for Shirley. Shirley had worked overtime and hadn't had dinner yet, so Albert let Shirley go. Shirley planned to go to work two days ago, and Mrs. Zhou happened to come back after her holiday, so Mrs. Zhou was responsible for cooking. Fortunately, Mrs. Zhou often cooked for Albert, the eldest childe, and aunt Zhou was good at cooking!

After the two of them finished eating and drinking, Albert took Shirley to the bed early. The two of them had already been married, so they were much closer. Albert lowered his head to bite Shirley's collarbone. Albert found that Shirley's collarbone was beautiful, white and beautiful.

However, Shirley had been busy for the whole day. Thinking that she still had to go to work tomorrow, she pushed Albert and said, "okay! Stop it. " Albert raised his eyebrows and pulled Shirley into his arms. He lowered his head and put his lips on Shirley's. Albert deepened the kiss and wouldn't let Shirley go.

Shirley knew that Albert was still angry because she went to work in the LS Group, but she had no reason to make herself feel wronged. Because Albert felt uncomfortable, Shirley gave up the good work in the Lu Group, and then Shirley finally made up her mind to push Albert away.

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