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   Chapter 29 Sweet Newly Married

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Early in the morning, the sun shone on a perfect couple on the bed through the gauze curtain. A white arm suddenly stretched out from the red quilt and was quickly controlled by another big hand and stuffed into the quilt.

Shirley felt uncomfortable and moved a little bit. She felt that her arms around her waist were tightened. It was not until then that the passionate memory of last night came back to her. She finally married Albert! It felt like a dream.

In fact, Albert had woken up a long time ago. He had always been light asleep, but Shirley was soft and fragrant in the bed. He was newly married, so he was naturally a little greedy. Seeing the little woman's movements at this time, he knew that she had woken up.

"Morning! Wild cat. " After a lingering French kiss, the two of them were naked in bed, like a pile of wood splashing with a few stars. Albert's eyes darkened, and his desire quickly woke up.

"Good morning." Shirley was a little shy, but she was more sweet. It was a happy thing to be Albert's wife and stand by his side justifiably in the future!

However, it was already too much for her to sleep until the noon. Her waist was still sore up to now, and she really shouldn't have been messing around with him. Albert felt the little woman's rejection, and he didn't force her. After all, he had already married her, and they still had a long time to live in the future!

The two of them got out of bed in a sweet way. After they got married, they moved to Albert's house, which was an independent small villa. As the wedding room, Albert had taken a decorate in advance. It did not have the primitive and unsophisticated breath of the Yuan house, it was also unique and novel. The furniture inside was placed in a way that revealed host spent idea.

Shirley was touched what Albert had done. He didn't promise her much, but he had done a lot of things well without her mention. Shirley was dressing up in front of the mirror. Looking at the woman's inadvertent charming eyes in the mirror, she smiled sweetly.

Shirley wore a white dress and a golden belt around her waist, outlining her perfect waist. Her skin was white and her legs were long, and her figure was tall. Her long black hair was tied with a high ponytail casually, which made her look charming and pure. Albert couldn't help hugging her from behind. He was newly married, so he took a wedding leave. He had to accompany this little woman these days.

Lowering her head, Albert took a bite on her fair neck. Shirley glared at him and smiled gently. Then he took out a necklace from his pocket and tied it around her neck.

"Look! Do you like it? " Albert coaxed Shirley with a smile. In fact, he was confident in his own taste. The platinum necklace matched Shirley's skin very much. When the necklace was customized, his name was engraved on the heart-shaped pendant. "Why did you give me the necklace?" Shirley muttered in a low voice, but she was happy deep inside.

"It's necessary to please my wife!" Albert grinned and put the ring on her finger. Then he repeatedly reminded Shirley, "you'll be mine when you put on your ring. Don't take it off!"

"I know!" Shirley gave Albert a big kiss on the cheek as a reward. His eyes were bright and he was as happy as a child. After Shirley finished kissing, Albert pointed at the other cheek. Shirley understood and also gave his other cheek a kiss.

The two of them stayed in the room for a long time before they got dressed and went downstairs. Albert used to live here alone, and only a maid was responsible for the daily cleaning. But recently, Albert gave her a few days off.

Shirley looked at the man who was sitting at the table with a complacent smile, and then she went to the kitchen to make breakfast. "Sit down for a while. It will be ready soon."

If Albert wanted Shirley to cook, he should have told her in advance, but he wanted to see that she was hurry-scurry in the kitchen. Shirley shook her head. She remembered that Albert had just spread out his hands and told her that gentlemen should stay away from the kitchen and the servants had gone back to take a holiday. If Shirley didn't cook, they would only be hungry. It was a little funny.

Shirley didn't know if the employees of the YS Group knew that their normally serious boss had such a childish side. Milk, toast, several pieces of ham and fried eggs. Then Shirley opened the fridge and found that it was full of ingredients. It seemed that someone had planned it.

Then she took out another bag of dumplings and cooked it. Shirley didn't want to make too much breakfast. The two sat down and had breakfast in a sweet atmosphere. The day after her marriage to Albert seemed to be more sweet than she had imagined. Suddenly, a knock on the door broke the atmosphere in the room.

"You eat first. I'll open the door." Shirley instinctively stood up, but Albert pressed her shoulder and said, "sit here!" Albert stood up and walked out.

Shirley nodded obediently. Since Albert wanted to be considerate, she had to give him a chance! When the door was opened, it was Howard's secretary. Albert frowned unconsciously. But thinking of the support and help the two get married before, Al

bert still invited him into the room.

"Have some tea!" Shirley went to make a cup of tea politely. The tea was usually drunk by Albert. It was very good Pu'er tea. With the boiling water, the delicate tea was floating in the cup.

"Mr. Howard asked me to bring something to the two of you. Now that you are finally married, he is very happy!" The Secretary said respectfully. Then he took out the gifts prepared by Howard and put them on the table. They were all very precious. Even the blind could feel that Howard cared about his nephew.

"No need! Shirley and I are good. You'd better take these things back for him! " Albert frowned and refused in a calm voice. The Secretary insisted again and again. He knew that although Mr. Howard cared about his nephew very much, the private relationship between the two was very stiff. Before coming here, Mr. Howard had told him that Albert had to accept it.

"Mr. Albert, don't make things difficult for me. I'm also running errands for Mr. Howard. He was afraid that you wouldn't take it, so he specially told me to go back to see him after completing the task." The Secretary shrugged and winked at Shirley for help.

"Albert, since uncle did it out of kindness..." Shirley had met uncle several times before, and she had a good impression of Howard. Although she knew that he had a special identity, he was like a kind elder, which made her want to persuade Albert.

Besides, judging from the Secretary's expression, they might not be able to refuse. Albert's brows furrowed tightly. Shirley could tell a trace of disgust from his expression, so she didn't dare to say anything more. After all, why did the two of them get married? Why did they get married? Was it because of a deal? Or because of love? Shirley couldn't even tell herself.

In the bottom of Albert's heart, how much did she weigh? Actually, Shirley didn't have much confidence, so she lowered her head and kept silent. He was too kind to her. He was always gentle and considerate. Sometimes, she lost her sense of proportion. After all, it was Albert's own business.

Albert refused several more times and finally let the secretary leave it. Albert's face darkened as soon as the secretary left. Shirley lost her appetite. "I think uncle treats you very well. Why don't you want to accept his gifts?"

Although the gifts were expensive, Howard was not an ordinary person. Moreover, in the eyes of Albert, these gifts were nothing. Albert glanced at the gifts and said indifferently, "no matter what he gives in the future, you are not allowed to accept them. I will find an opportunity to return these things. "

"I know. But you are family after all. You..." Shirley wanted to say something more, but Albert said impatiently, "do as I say!"

"Yes!" Biting her lower lip, Shirley warned herself not to ask what she shouldn't ask. Albert would be unhappy. Shirley knew that she shouldn't interfere too much with Albert's business, so she turned to discuss another thing with him.

Since Albert announced in the company that Shirley was his wife, there was no need to be hard on her. However, everyone looked at her strangely. The job arranged for her by the HR department was idle, but there was no room for her to advance. Shirley didn't want to completely depend on Albert, so she needed her own career.

A few days ago, Luz asked Shirley to work in her company. On a whim, Shirley sent her resume for a try. Unexpectedly, she received a reply, "honey, how many years have I and Luz been good friends? If I work in her company, we can take care of each other."

Shirley looked weak, but in fact, she was very strong in nature. The staff treated her as the hostess of the company, and Albert could feel her uneasiness. Albert thought that if Shirley went to Luz's company, it would be good for the two women to talk. In addition, Albert was looked at by Shirley's big watery eyes, so his heart was softened.

However, if Albert had known that the boss of Luz's company was Kenny, Albert would never have agreed. As a result, when Albert knew it later, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Of course, this was a later story! However, Albert was still reluctant to let Shirley go. He pinched her face and asked, "If I promise, what will you give me as a reward?"

The two were sitting close to each other. As soon as Albert lowered his head, he held her earlobe in his mouth as if eating some favorite candy. Shirley's face flushed with shyness, and she lowered her head, revealing her neck like a jade sculpture.

"I really want to eat you!" Albert bit Shirley's neck and sighed. Shirley was shy and annoyed that he was very rogue, but she knew he was not joking......

However, it was still daytime and the two just got up. Shirley didn't indulge Albert. She hugged him for a while and pushed him away. Albert didn't know what happened to him. When he met Shirley, the aloof CEO of the YS Group seemed to have only the desire to want Shirley.

Albert tried his best to calm himself down. After the darkness in his eyes faded away, he stood up with a bitter smile. By the side of this woman, he really became more and more unlike himself, but such a change did not feel bad.

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