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   Chapter 28 Late For The Wedding

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 10145

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Shirley asked Luz to leave first. Shirley would come back when she was in a good mood.

But Shirley didn't expect that she must be possessed by the evil spirit recently. After she stayed in the corridor, a drunkard came up to flirt with her.

"Hey, pretty girl." Then he reached out his hand to touch Shirley's face.

Shirley seemed to get used to it. She dodged his hand easily. But the drunkard didn't give up. He kept moving towards Shirley.

Just as Shirley shouted for help, a pair of hands saved her timely.

The drunkard's wrist was tightly gripped by the man in black, and the pain from the drunkard's joints made him scream. The man shook his hand and the drunkard staggered away.

The man in black said nothing and turned around to leave.

"Wait a minute, please. Thank you for helping me out. May I know your name? " Although Shirley thought even without him, if she shouted for help Albert would surely hear. But he had saved Shirley, so it was necessary to thank him.

"Not at all. We will meet again soon."

His voice was low and hoarse, as if he did it on purpose. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses, which made Shirley unable to see his expression.

The man seemed to be a man of high status, but Shirley somehow felt a sense of danger. Shirley's intuition told her that he was not a simple person.

The man turned around and left. Shirley collected herself and returned to the table.

When Shirley returned, Luz and Paul had already left. Only Andy and Albert stared at each other.

"Why are you so late?" Albert cast a reproachful glance at Shirley. Albert didn't know why he didn't want to be separated from Shirley for even one second.

Shirley looked at Albert with amusement. Sometimes, she really felt that Albert was like a child.

The good dinner finally ended in twists and turns. Shirley, Albert and Andy separated and went back to the Yuan mansion.

Along the way, Albert seemed to have something to say. Shirley had waited for Albert to speak for several times, but Albert just hesitated. At last, Shirley spoke first.

"Tell me, what on earth do you want to say?"

Albert was stunned. He pulled over the car slowly and said, "Shirley, let's get the marriage license!"

Although they had made a deal to get married, Albert's sudden mention of it scared Shirley.

Seeing that Shirley didn't say anything, Albert got anxious!

"Don't you want to? Or you still can't let go of Paul? "

Hearing Albert's weird voice, Shirley couldn't help laughing. "How could it be? I just didn't expect it to be so sudden. I just take Paul as my elder brother, idiot. "

Albert didn't listen to Shirley's explanation anymore. He grabbed the back side of Shirley's head with one hand and kissed her.

Just now, what Paul said to Albert lingered in Albert's heart for a long time.

"Shirley is a very unique girl. She is stubborn and strong. Shirley never wanted to show her weakness to others. I was once attracted by her like this, but I stubbornly believed that it was just a brother'

eave, as if he wanted to throw the man in front of him out of here.

Kenny Lu just smiled and didn't leave immediately. Unexpectedly, at this time, Howard came up to Kenny Lu and said, "please go back early. Don't ruin the wedding day of Albert."

After quietly looking at Howard for a while, Kenny Lu suddenly smiled and said, "Okay, since Mr. Howard has spoken. Then I won't stay any longer. It seems that I'm not welcome here. " After a pause, Kenny Lu turned around and said, "I wonder if Mr. Howard will come to my wedding day."

Kenny seemed to be looking forward to Howard's answer. He had been standing there waiting for Howard's answer.

Howard's face darkened. "Okay!" This was almost a promise. Although he had used some means, Kenny Lu had got the answer he wanted. He turned around and left the wedding with satisfaction.

Some people were whispering to each other, but Shirley didn't hear what they were talking about in such a noisy environment.

Before Shirley married into the Yuan family, Luz had reminded her that the Yuan family was very complicated. Once Shirley stepped on it, she would have no chance to look back.

Although Shirley hadn't really understood complex family relationships of the Yuan family yet, she knew from the wedding that since she had chosen to marry Albert, no matter how complex family relationships was, she would not easily let go of his hand.

After Kenny Lu left, the wedding ceremony returned to normal. Cheers! Cheers! Social engagements! In Shirley's mind, this was supposed to be a celebration of their marriage, but in the eyes of businessmen, it was only filled with endless benefits.

It was just a joke on the surface, but who knew how many people were waiting to see the fun of the Yuan family in their hearts. This was the case between ordinary people, between the business world, and between noble families.

Albert gently held Shirley's hand. No matter what happened, they were still standing here and became the only one in each other's life.

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