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   Chapter 27 His Promise To Her

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Albert was standing by the window of the CEO's office. His thin figure came into view without warning, and also entered Shirley heart without warning.

Albert had thought that Shirley and he would make up soon, but they didn't say a word until now. The stubbornness of the little wild cat was indeed beyond Albert's imagination! But Albert didn't expect that Shirley hadn't come to him after she had been bullied to such an extent. Albert felt that his self-esteem as a man had been shattered to pieces.

Although he felt frustrated, Albert still had to do something.

Shirley felt something was wrong since she entered the company today. Yesterday they had all been bossing her around, and today they were looking at her with great respect.

What good had Shirley done? They all looked at Shirley like that.

Just as Shirley was about to ask, Albert's assistant appeared and called her to the CEO's office.

Shirley stood at the door for a long time. She wanted to push the door open, but somehow she lost her courage. It hadn't seen Albert for only a few days, but Shirley's heart told her clearly that she wanted to see the person behind the door!

When Shirley was still hesitating, the door was opened and a pair of warm hands pulled Shirley in unexpectedly.

Shirley felt dizzy and bumped into someone. Shirley felt her nose was a little sore. It was full of Albert's smell!

It turned out that Shirley didn't know how bitter it would be to miss someone. Albert always appeared in Shirley dreams, but every time Shirley woke up, she would find that it was just a dream.

Shirley was afraid that Albert and she would become strangers from now on. Shirley was afraid that the happiness she had found hard would disappear like bubbles. But now Albert was in front of Shirley, and Shirley could clearly feel Albert's breath.

Albert held up Shirley's chin and pressed her lips as if Albert was punishing Shirley...

Why did Shirley's appearance make Albert's gloomy life bright? Why did Albert feel that he was not himself when Shirley appeared? Why her?

Shirley could feel Albert's warm breath on her face. Albert's plunder made Shirley unable to breathe. The heavy gasps spread, making the atmosphere in the office a little more ambiguous.

"Albert, you...... HMM...... Let go of me! " Shirley squeezed out a few words.

Albert's lips moved down. Shirley couldn't stand it anymore. She gritted her teeth but still let out a low moan

And it was like poison that stimulated Albert, making him move more fiercely.

"Albert, stop. This is your office!" Shirley grabbed Albert's hand and looked at Albert pleadingly.

Albert took a deep breath. Looking at Shirley's red lips and the marks he left, Albert managed to cool down the fire of desire in his heart. "Don't you know how to protect yourself. It's been several times! Won't you rely on me? " Albert hugged Shirley tightly. All of a sudden, Albert wanted the time to go on like this.

Feeling Albert's slightly trembling shoulder, Shirley reached out to hold Albert and gently patted his back.

"What's wrong with the people in the company today? I feel like they're acting weird to me. " It was not until they calmed down that Shirley remembered what had happened.

"Nothing. I just want to tell those people that you are my wife." Albert said as if nothing had happened, but Shirley widened her eyes.

How could she work quietly!

"Oh, right. That damn fatty has been fired by me. You don't need to work there anymore. I will arrange another job for you. " Albert stroked Shirley's hair affectionately. "I promise you that this will never happen again. Even if it happens, I will come to you as soon as possible. Can you trust me? "

Shirley stared blankly at the sometimes stingy and sometimes domineering man. Perhaps no one in the world would say such words to Shirley. Shirley had never tasted happiness before, but now Albert let Shirley know that happiness was so sweet.

These were the hands that held Shirley, she would not let go, he could not shake her off.

After Shirley left Albert's office, Albert picked up the phone and dialed Susie's number. "I tell you, don't play tricks like other women. Nothing happened this time. If anything really happened, I won't spare you. "

"Brother, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand?" On the other side of the phone, Susie was a little nervous. Before Susie could force Shirley to leave, her brother had already come to get even with her.

"You don't have to play dumb with me. You and mother stay out of my business. Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. I just don't want to care about you. If you really piss me off, you should know the consequences. " No matter what Susie said, Albert chose to hang up the phone directly.

'Shirley, it's all your fault. If it weren't for you, My brother will not have spoken to me like that.' Susie thought.

Susie had been afraid o

f her brother since childhood, but she admired him since childhood. Although Albert always treated everyone coldly, her brother would protect Susie every time others bullied her. But now Albert was so angry with Susie for a woman.

Susie clenched her fists and said angrily, "Shirley, I won't let you go."

Thinking of Albert's promise, Shirley felt sweet in her heart. Although Shirley was not used to the change of their attitude in the company, it did not affect her good mood. Shirley went to the personnel department again and the HR Manager rearranged a relatively easy job. Shirley finished her work happily.

In the evening, Albert called, "I'll take you to dinner. Get ready. I'll wait for you downstairs."

Albert asked Shirley to prepare, but Shirley almost ran downstairs. They just didn't see each other for a while, but Shirley felt that she had almost missed Albert crazy.

Seeing that Shirley went downstairs in a hurry, Albert chuckled and said, "let's go." Then Albert opened the door of the passenger seat for Shirley and made a gentleman salute to her.

"My friend has come back these days. I happen to welcome him today." Albert explained to Shirley while driving.

Shirley nodded her head slightly. She was surprised that Albert had friends too! But Shirley had a vague answer in her heart.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Shirley saw Andy sitting on the host seat. With a smile on her face, Shirley thought, 'I didn't guess wrong.'

"You are finally here. If you don't come, I will starve to death." Looking at the two people who were walking towards him, Andy said with a smile, "Albert, you have a wife and you don't care about me anymore!"

Albert glared at Andy and didn't say anything. Instead, Albert moved the seat for Shirley.

Andy arched his nose in disdain. "Shirley, how can you put up with this man. Albert had such a bad temper. Apart from being rich and powerful, at best, he has a good face. It's a waste for a girl like you to marry him! "

"Shut up. One more word, I'll break up with you. " Although Albert said those words out of anger, Shirley could tell that Albert was really happy to see Andy back.

Shirley chuckled and said, "it doesn't matter. Although he has a bad temper, I like it."

Hearing this, both Albert and Andy were stunned. Then Albert looked at Andy provocatively, as if Albert had got a candy.

With a snort, Andy picked up the menu and didn't look at them anymore.

"Shirley, why are you here?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Shirley looked back subconsciously and saw Paul and Luz standing not far away.

Albert's face darkened at the sight of Paul.

"Shirley, your friends? Let's eat together. " Seeing Albert's dark face, Andy thought there must be a story. Let you show off your love, ha ha!

Because of Andy's enthusiasm, Luz and others didn't refuse, so they sat down.

At the dinner table, Albert stared at the laughing Andy. Shirley felt a pair of burning eyes staring at her. Shirley knew who the owner of the eyes was, but she could only pretend not to know and kept eating.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Shirley felt that she would be stared out of a hole if she didn't leave.

Luz stopped Paul who was about to leave and shook her head. Some things should not be too persistent. Paul was confused, but more importantly, he was hurt.

Luz took a deep breath. This was the last time.

Shirley washed her face, calmed herself down and walked out of the bathroom. Shirley saw Luz standing outside the door.

"Luz, why are you standing here?"

Luz smiled at Shirley and said, "I've got an answer, but I still have to tell you." The atmosphere was a little quiet. After a while, Luz continued, "Shirley, you know my brother likes you, right! Couldn't you give him another chance? You used to be... "

"Luz, I know what you want to say," Shirley interrupted. But that's in the past. I really appreciate what Paul has done for me, but now I just treat Paul as my elder brother. "

Time would never give people a chance to restart. The past could only be the past. No matter Shirley had a crush on Paul in the past or Paul liked Shirley now. They were not fated to be together after all.

Luz breathed a sigh of relief after hearing what Shirley said. "I knew it. It's a pity that you can't be my sister-in-law." Both Luz and Shirley kept silent for a while and said.

"Shirley, no matter what happened, you have to believe that the world is always fair. There is always someone who loves you, just like me, or my brother, and... So does Albert. Now that you have found your own happiness, you should hold it tightly and never let it go again. My brother and I will protect you well. When you can't bear it, remember that the Zhou family is also your home. "

Looking at Luz's serious eyes, Shirley nodded heavily. Did Luz know that she was not suitable to be sentimental.

'Son of a bitch! I want to cry! ' Shirley thought.

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