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   Chapter 26 Harassment From The Boss

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"Let me have a look."

Manager Wang immediately took the document of Shirley to Mr. Cole. Mr. Cole squinted at the report of Shirley and said, "isn't it well written? Why are you so demanding? You embarrass the little girl! "

Hearing Mr. Cole's reproachful tone, Manager Wang hurriedly explained, "no..." Just as Manager Wang was about to explain, she suddenly understood that Mr. Cole always stood up for Shirley on purpose. So she quickly walked up to Shirley with a smile and said, "your report looks good now. The report is approved."

Seeing the Manager Wang's face changed so quickly, Shirley couldn't help complaining in her heart, 'power represents everything.'. Shirley also quickly pretended to be shocked and said, "you are serious. I will work hard."

"Shirley, come with me." Mr. Cole suddenly said. After saying goodbye to Manager Wang, Shirley followed Mr. Cole to the tea room where few people went.

Shirley said first, "Mr. Cole, thank you for speaking for me today. I will work hard."

"Don't mention it. We are friends." Mr. Cole's face was full of smile and wrinkles. He even touched Shirley's shoulder.

Shirley suddenly felt that something was wrong. Did she get office harassment, didn't she? Shirley was frightened by this guess. Looking at Mr. Cole's fat hand on her shoulder, her heart trembled.

Shirley moved her shoulder secretly and removed the hand. She couldn't lose her temper face to face. If she offended Mr. Cole, she would lose her job, but she couldn't really obey that lecher. When she was extremely anxious, a good idea suddenly came to her mind.

"Mr. Cole, please don't say that. Thank you for helping me out today. If my boyfriend knows it, he will come to thank you. " Although Shirley didn't want to rely on Albert too much, only Albert's prestige could make this disgusting man retreat.

"Your boyfriend? Who is your boyfriend! Do you know that I'm the project director of the YS Group? Your boyfriend can compare with me? " Then Mr. Cole reached out his hand to Shirley again.

"You are just the project manager. Do you know Albert? He is my boyfriend!" Shirley couldn't care less. She just wanted that disgusting man to stay away from her.

Mr. Cole smiled contemptuously, "you? If your boyfriend is really Albert, why do you work here? " The contempt on the man's face turned into anger. "It's your fortune that I like you. Don't try to fool me with such an excuse. Albert is your boyfriend! No way! "

Through the glass of the tea room, a pair of eyes had been watching them.

Andy Ye couldn't believe that someone dared to use Albert's name as an excuse, especially in Albert's company. This woman was really interesting.

Andy Ye knocked on the door of the tea room and pushed it open. "Mr. Cole, long time no see. You still have such an ugly face. " Although Andy Ye was joking, Mr. Cole was frightened into a cold sweat in his heart. He knew the man in front of him. Andy Ye was the best friend of Albert, the CEO of the YS Group. Not to mention that he was one of the best friends of the Yuan family, the Ye family's own business was already admirable to Mr. Cole.

"Mr. Andy Ye, when did you come back! I haven't seen you for a long time. " Mr. Cole's smiling face was wrinkled.

Andy Ye gave Mr. Cole a look of disgust. "I thought it would be a good day to come back today, but I didn't expect to see your disgusting face as soon as I came back. How dare Albert still want you. How about I find a time to remind him that the YS Group should pay more attention to its image. Do you think so, Mr. Cole? "

Although Mr. Cole was dissatisfied, he couldn't say anything. "Yes, yes, you are right, Mr. Andy Ye. If there's nothing else, I'll go downstairs first. " Mr. Cole couldn't afford to offend Andy Ye. He decided to avoid Andy Ye.

Shirley couldn't help laughing when she saw Mr. Cole running away.

"Thank you for helping me." Although Shirley didn't know who the man in front of her was, she had to say thanks to him.

"No, you said Albert is your boyfriend. Is that true?" Obviously, Andy Ye didn't believe what Shirley had just said. Andy Ye could accept that Shirley wanted to get rid of Mr. Cole, but if Albert really had a girlfriend, he really couldn't accept it.

Shirley shrugged. She didn't care whether Andy Ye believed her or not. "Anyway, thank you today. I'll treat you to tea. What do you think?"

"Okay." Andy Ye readily agreed.

Shirley found a place to drink tea near the company. The atmosphere was a little quiet, so neither of them spoke.

Finally, Andy Ye broke the silence. "Why do you work here? Let me tell you something. Albert's company is not a place for people to stay. "

Andy Ye said mysteriously, with a serious look on her face.

Shirley was amused by his words. "Eat people

? I really feel that way. "

Finally, the atmosphere was no longer awkward. Shirley and Andy Ye became familiar with each other.

"Shirley, why are you here?" Susie was so annoying that she could find her wherever Shirley went. "Did you do something shameful behind my brother's back?"

Susie had planned to ask Mr. Cole to teach Shirley a lesson, but she couldn't find the two of them. When Susie ran outside, she saw Shirley talking and laughing with a man.

Susie turned to the man with Shirley and took a deep breath. "Andy, when did you come back? Why didn't you tell me? I can pick you up. "

My God? Shirley had never found that Susie's voice could be so coquettish!

With an embarrassed smile, Andy Ye winked at Shirley and turned to Susie. "I just came back." After a pause, Andy Ye added, "by the way, let me introduce you to each other. This is my girlfriend."

This time, it was Shirley's eyes widened. What was he doing?

"Andy, what are you talking about! She is my brother's fiancee! When did she become your girlfriend? " Susie looked at Shirley in confusion. Shirley shrugged her shoulders to show that she didn't know what had happened.

"Fiancee? He has a fiancee. It's impossible! It's impossible! " It seemed that Andy Ye couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Just now, Andy Ye wanted to use Albert's fiancee as an excuse and almost had an accident. He looked at the woman in front of him, and it was a little unexpected that Albert would fall in love with her. But on second thought, he felt that the woman in front of him was unusual, and it was reasonable for Albert to have a crush on her.

Andy Ye raised his eyebrows at Shirley and teased, "so you are that woman. Albert has mentioned you to me before." Andy Ye seemed to think of something and said, "don't tell Albert what happened today, or he will fight me to death."

Shirley nodded. In fact, she didn't know what had happened.

"Andy, you! You lied to me! " Hearing what Andy Ye said, Susie pouted and complained.

"Hey-hey-hey, I was just kidding..."

"Hello, is that the insurance company?" Andy called Albert, pretending to be a stranger.

Sure enough, Albert didn't say anything. Andy Ye could imagine the speechless expression on Albert's face.

But then Albert said coldly, "you have nothing to do abroad? ? ?"

"How do you know it's me?" Andy Ye asked in surprise.

Albert said nothing, as if he didn't want to answer Andy Ye's stupid question. Andy Ye went on. "I'm back!"

"When did it happen? Why didn't you inform me? " Albert said in surprise, "I'll treat you to dinner tonight."

"Okay." Andy Ye agreed readily.

In the evening, the two of them came to the bar where they had been drinking before. Basically, it was Andy Ye who was talking about his work and life abroad. Albert had been listening quietly beside him, which had probably become a way of getting along with each other.

"By the way, I met Shirley when I went to your company."

"What?" Albert heard the name of Shirley and asked, "what happened?"

Then, Andy Ye told Mr. Cole that Mr. Cole had dallied with Shirley in the company. Hearing that, Albert's face darkened. He clenched his fists and said, "I think Cole must be tired of living. If he dares to touch my woman, he's courting death!"

Looking at Albert's angry face, Andy Ye knew that Albert really fell in love with this woman. Andy Ye felt happy for his good friend from the bottom of his heart.

After drinking a little more, Albert and Andy Ye went home respectively.

The second morning, as soon as Albert arrived at the company, he called his assistant to his office. He said with a cold face, "ask me to call Cole here."

"Mr. Albert, what can I do for you?" Cole felt a little uneasy. He thought something bad would happen to him since he met Andy Ye yesterday.

"Shut up. I'll give you ten minutes. Don't let me see your face again. " Now when Albert saw Cole's face, Albert was so angry that he wanted to strangle him. How dare Cole flirt with Albert's woman!

"Boss, what did you say? What did I do wrong? " Although Cole had a bad feeling, he didn't expect that he would be fired.

"What did you do wrong?" Albert cast a cold glance at Cole and said, "how dare you touch my woman!"

"What?" Cole was already trembling a little...... It was impossible.

Albert didn't look at Cole anymore, "you can leave now, or do you want me to invite you out! If that's the case, I can't guarantee that you will be a complete person out. "

Cole almost stumbled out of Albert's office. Cole had never thought that his hard-working career would be ruined by a sudden impulse.

Watching Cole leave coldly, Albert clenched his fists. Since Albert had promised to protect Shirley, he would keep his promise forever from now on.

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