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   Chapter 25 Susie's Thoughts

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Once upon a time, Shirley would never argue with others or try to prove herself. But since Shirley met Albert, he had changed her life and herself. She didn't want to leave any stain in her life. She just wanted to be a good match for him.

It was already midnight when Albert came back. He was a little surprised to see Shirley sleeping on the bedside. He carefully lifted her up and put her on the bed. There was a touch of black in Shirley's eyes. A lot of things had happened these days, and Shirley must be very tired.

Albert left a kiss on her face and lay down beside her. Albert held Shirley in his arms and slept well all night.

When Shirley woke up, it was just dawn. Looking at Albert who was still sleeping beside her, she couldn't help smiling.

Albert was indeed very handsome, with just right facial features, delicate skin, and long eyelashes......

Shirley touched Albert's cheek gently. Just as she expected, it felt good.

"You peeped at me and now you want to touch me. What do you think I should do?" Albert looked at the stunned Shirley with a smile. The little wild cat was so cute.

"How dare you pretend to be asleep!" Shirley's hand was hanging in the air. She didn't know what to do.

"If I don't wake up, what else are you going to do to me, wild kitten?" Albert was amused by the angry look on Shirley's face. It felt so good to hold her in his arms.

Shirley chose to change the topic. She was afraid that she would be eaten again if she was caught in such a dilemma. "Albert, what happened yesterday..." Although she knew that Albert had come to see her, Shirley still wanted to explain it to him face to face.

"I know. I won't let go of Baldwin. Don't worry." After a pause, Albert continued, "but you'd better stay away from Paul."

Surprised, Shirley looked at Albert and said, "you don't believe me!"

"No, I trust you. I don't like the way he looks at you, so don't get close to him. I'm afraid I can't help but attack him. " Every time Albert saw Paul looking at his woman like that, Albert always wanted to gouge Paul's eyes out.

"Albert, sometimes you are really unreasonable. You know I have nothing to do with Paul. When I was in the darkest time, he and Luz accompanied me all the time, which gave me the courage to go on. He is just like my brother. " Shirley didn't know why Albert was always against Paul. The Zhou family had given her help, and she couldn't pay it back even if she wanted to pay back. Albert's male chauvinism made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that Shirley was angry with him because of Paul, Albert didn't say anything more. Yes, in the darkest years of her life, Albert was not by her side.

This morning, Shirley and Albert parted in discord. The conflict between them made everyone in the Yuan family know it clearly.

Susie was even more dissatisfied with Shirley after she knew that Shirley had a fight with Albert.

'Shirley is really a troublemaker. She has made so many troubles before she got married. I don't know how many troubles she will make if she gets married.' Susie thought.

Susie would never let such an unruly woman marry her brother!

Recently, Shirley had been considering whether she should find another job. It was not a good idea to stay in the Yuan family all the time. After learning the idea of Shirley, Susie came up with a plan.

One day, when Susie saw Shirley go downstairs, she took the initiative to talk to her. "Sister in law, I heard that you are looking for a job recently? It Is also good to find a job. You must be bored staying at home all day long. "

Shirley didn't expect that Susie would talk to her in such an intimate manner. She was stunned. "Yes, I want to find a job. It's not a good idea to stay idle all the time."

After confirming it, Susie smiled, "well, I will also help you pay attention to it. Sister-in-law, are you going out now? "

"Yes, I have an appointment with my friend today."

"Okay, go ahead."

Shirley felt that Susie had changed a lot today. How could Susie call her "sister-in-law"! Susie's attitude changed 180 degrees. If Susie really wanted to repair the relationship with her, Shirley, was not narrow-minded. After all, Susie was Albert's sister. Shirley didn't want to have a bad relationship with her.

When Shirley arrived at the cafe, Luz was already there waiting for her. Seeing Shirley come in, Luz waved at her.

As soon as Shirley sat down, Luz asked, "what happened to you recently? Why do you always look unhappy? "

Luz felt that Shirley had been unhappy since she came back to the Yuan family that day. Luz's intuition told her that it must have something to do with Albert.

Shirley took a look at Luz and then lowered her head. "I have a conflict with Albert. It's not a big deal." Since they parted in discord that day, they didn't say anything. Shirley was angry with Albert's male chauvinism. But Shirley hadn't talked to Albert for so many da

ys, which made Shirley feel uneasy.

Luz sighed. She was right. It seemed that Shirley was really trapped. "What happened? What's wrong with you and Albert? "

Shirley thought for a while and decided to tell Luz. Shirley had kept it in mind for a long time and wanted to find someone to confide in.

"On that day, Albert told me to stay away from Paul. I thought he was too chauvinistic, so I argued with him for a few words, but I haven't spoken to him yet. "

Luz almost burst into laughter when she heard what Shirley said. "You are so childish. I didn't expect the CEO of the YS Group to be so jealous. "

Shirley glared at Luz, who was still laughing at her, and said, "Why are you laughing at me? I'm so depressed!"

Luz stopped smiling, "Okay, okay, I won't smile. Silly girl, as long as you follow your heart, right and wrong are no longer important. " Luz had long known that Shirley was not a weak woman. Even if Shirley was injured, she would never show it. But this time, Shirley showed such an expression to her unexpectedly.

Hearing what Luz said, Shirley felt much better. Love was humble. It was more like Shirley had been chuckling. Albert was nervous for her, and he was jealous for her.

After parting with Luz, Shirley didn't go back directly, but strolled on the street. It was not until the evening that Shirley returned home. Seeing that Albert hadn't come back yet, Shirley felt a little disappointed.

"Sister-in-law, you are back. I asked a job for you today. How about you go to work in my brother's company? That boss is very familiar with me. I have told him. If you want, you can go to work tomorrow. " Seeing Shirley, Susie greeted her warmly.

Shirley felt that something was wrong with Susie today, but Susie was so enthusiastic to her, so Shirley didn't want to disappoint her.

"Okay, I see. I will go to see tomorrow. " Shirley smiled at Susie and said, "if there's nothing else, I'll go back to my room."

On the second day, Shirley went to the place Susie told her. When she got there, Shirley couldn't help but sneer. No wonder Susie was so attentive to her yesterday!

Susie arranged Shirley to work at the bottom of Albert's company, where she relied mainly on labor. If a woman like Shirley worked here, she would be exhausted to death.

Although Shirley didn't think she was capable, she graduated from a famous university. Even if she couldn't be called a top manager, she was more than enough to be an ordinary white-collar worker.

"Shirley, move this..."

"Shirley, bring that thing over there."



Shirley didn't stop to have a rest for almost a whole day. Now she believed without hesitation that it was Susie who wanted to trick her. Shirley wondered why Susie suddenly changed her personality. It turned out that Susie had already set a trap and was waiting for Shirley to come.

After a busy day, Shirley finally had time to rest, but she still didn't relax for a moment. The competition in the company was so fierce that she might be kicked out if she was not careful. In the past few days, Shirley had been under a lot of pressure. She was afraid that she would fall into the trap of the villain if she didn't pay attention to her work, including Susie.

"How come you can't even do such a little thing well! Did the company give you the salary to do this? Don't be so shameless! "

On Monday, Shirley's report was thrown on the table by her boss.

Shirley's boss was a woman in the middle of the year. She was probably going through menopause and didn't like her subordinates all the time. Unfortunately, today the hapless Shirley angered her. The old woman pointed at Shirley and said these words. All the colleagues in the office could hear her scolding and sympathized with Shirley in their hearts.

"You...... Unexpectedly... " That evil woman cursed a lot of harsh words, so Shirley had to lower her head and say nothing. Shirley knew that now she could only be scolded and might lose her job, so Shirley had better listen to the old woman's curse first.

Just as the old woman was cursing, the door of the office was pushed open.

"Manager Wang, what are you doing?" A sharp voice suddenly sounded. Both Shirley and the female boss were startled. They immediately looked to the door and found that it was the project director. With a fat beer belly, he looked at Manager Wang angrily, and his fat face trembled with anger.

Manager Wang, who was full of arrogance and momentum just now, quickly changed his face and said to the person in charge with a smile, "Mr. Cole Sun, why are you here?" Manager Wang walked up to Cole Sun in a hurry.

Mr. Cole Sun was still angry. He said to Manager Wang seriously, "Manager Wang, you seem to be very idle. It's a little too much for you to teach others a lesson."

"I'm sorry. It's just that I scolded Shirley for not finishing her work well." Manager Wang explained in a hurry.

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