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   Chapter 24 Endless Troubles

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 9723

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Ignoring Lana's crying, Baldwin slammed the door and left.

When Lana complained, Baldwin realized that everything was not going well recently because of his nominal cousin. Since Albert would take actions against the Rui family, Albert wouldn't let Baldwin go. If Albert wanted to suppress him, then who would respect him?

Baldwin came to a bar and seemed to paralyze the unhappiness with alcohol. The more drunk Baldwin was, the clearer Shirley's face appeared in his mind. He couldn't get rid of a thought.

Baldwin had been dating with Shirley for so many years, but he didn't get her. It was a pity for him all the time. What would that delicate face look like under him? Thinking of this, Baldwin drove to the place near the Yuan mansion.

Albert didn't have dinner at home. After dinner, Shirley wanted to take a walk outside. Shirley said goodbye to the maid and went outside alone.

Baldwin, who had been a little sober because of alcohol, wanted to give up. But the moment he saw Shirley, he decided to do.

The huge push made Shirley get into the car before she realized it. Although she knew that Lana would take revenge, she didn't expect it to happen so soon. Smelling the alcohol in the car, Shirley felt uncomfortable in her stomach.

"Baldwin, why are you here? What do you want? " Obviously, Shirley didn't expect that Baldwin would kidnap her.

Along the way, Baldwin kept silent no matter what Shirley said. Damn it! Shirley just left her phone in the room when she went out.

Baldwin took Shirley to a random bar and ordered a private room. Then he pulled Shirley forward. Shirley's scream was drowned in the noisy bar.

"Brother, what's wrong with you? You've been in a daze since just now. " Paul had been like this for several days. Although Luz knew the reason, she didn't know how to comfort him. Although Lzu really wanted Shirley to be with her brother, she couldn't force her to love Paul.

As Shirley's friend for many years, Luz could tell that Shirley really fell in love with Albert. Luz was happy that Shirley could find her own happiness, and at the same time, she felt sad that her brother's was crossed in love. She thought that time would always erase everything, and one day her brother would find his own happiness.

Some problems could only be solved by time.

"Let me go! Who can help me? " Shirley kept struggling, but in this environment, such a story happened every day. People who had been used to indifference, who would help?

For a moment, Paul seemed to hear Shirley's voice. He said in a low voice, "Shirley." then he stood up and began to walk around. Luz was so scared that she thought her brother was drunk again.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?" Luz followed Paul and kept asking.

Paul opened the door one by one, and Luz could only keep apologizing. "Brother, what's wrong with you? What happened? " Luz grabbed Paul's arm an

e sofa to have tea. It seemed that they were waiting for Shirley to come back.

"Some women even have no shame to come back after a night of womanizing." Leona said to Susie in a strange voice as soon as she saw Shirley.

"Yes! Mom, how could there be such a shameless person in the world? " Susie glanced at Shirley and replied in the same tone as her mother.

"Susie, you can't be such a person in the future!" "Mom, how could it be?" ……

Looking at the mother and daughter taunt Shirley, she sneered, "a woman like her doesn't need to feel embarrassed to come back. A clean hand wants no washing. But there are really some people in the world who always like to reverse the facts. They don't know the truth, but they still want to slander. "

Since Shirley left the Rui house, Shirley felt as if she had opened the door of a new world. The coward Shirley had been farther and farther away from her.

"Hey, you are so shameless. I've never seen a woman as shameless as you! " Leona felt so angry that Shirley was so arrogant before she got married. If Shirley really married Albert, would not be she more arrogant?

"Auntie, you are so sure. Were you there at that time. You didn't teach me a lesson at the scene. Why are you shouting now? Did you ask someone to set me up? " Shirley knew that if she didn't make it clear now, Leona might make a lot of fuss about it in the future!

"I will not care to frame you in such a cheap way!" Leona replied as soon as she heard that it was her who framed Shirley. Leona was born in a rich family. How could she do such a lowly thing!

"Auntie, you know it's a trap, so you don't have to make things difficult for me. Since it's a dirty trick of someone, you don't have to believe it."

Hearing this, Leona didn't say anything, but she knew that this girl was not easy to deal with.

Seeing that Leona didn't say anything more, Shirley turned around and went back to her room.

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