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   Chapter 23 The Unlucky Rui Family

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 10001

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"Lana, what did you do this time to make your father so angry?" Haley had never seen such an angry Dan before. She was surprised and even frightened.

"Mom, are you going to teach me a lesson?" Lana felt wronged when she heard her mother's reproachful tone. "What can I do? I just asked someone to teach that bitch a lesson. But someone saved her before I finished my plan."

As soon as Haley heard that it was that bitch who made trouble, she immediately turned her anger to Shirley. "Sure enough, the child of a bitch is as cheap as her."

"Mom, what should we do now! Shirley, that bitch, hooked up with Albert because of her beauty. Now she asked Albert to take revenge on Rui family, and she also wanted me to kowtow and apologize to her. She is dreaming! " Lana couldn't swallow her anger at the thought that her father asked her to kowtow and apologize to Shirley.

Dan always said that he loved Lana the most. Compared with the interests of his company, Dan could give up his daughter.

Haley couldn't calm down anymore when she heard Lana's words. Kowtowed and apologized! Shirley really thought that she could do whatever she wanted as long as she hooked up with Albert? "Lana, let's go to find that little bitch now."

"Mom! Do you also want me to apologize to that little bitch? "

"What are you talking about? How is that possible? It's good that I didn't ask Shirley to kneel down. Does she still want to apologize? " Haley snorted. She was thinking about how to teach Shirley a lesson.

However, when Dan was about to enter the room, he was so angry that he kicked the door open.

"Can you use more brains? Bitch? Lana, Shirley is also your elder sister. Go with me now and apologize to your sister. Shirley is kind-hearted and won't make things difficult for you. " Dan tried to coax Lana into leaving. At the thought that his company would be destroyed, even if Lana was his beloved daughter!

"Dad..." Dan... " Both Lana and Haley wanted to say something more, but Dan waved his hand and said, "don't say. it's settled!"

In fact, they had already known from the beginning how cold-blooded the man in front of them was. Wasn't Shirley the best example?

In Yuan family's house.

Albert came back home early. When he saw the sleeping girl on the bed, he felt as if a current ran through his body. Shirley's lips were as soft and sweet as before when Albert kissed Shirley.

"HMM...... You are back! " Shirley squinted at Albert's handsome face and said in a daze.

"It's time to get up. There will be a good show later." Albert looked at Shirley affectionately. She was so cute when she was in a daze!

"A good show?" When Shirley was about to ask, a maid's voice came from outside, "Albert, the Rui family wants to see Miss Shirley."

"For me? You did make trouble for Rui family. " Shirley knew Albert wouldn't listen to her and she pouted, but Shirley was very happy in her heart. "I never wanted to let them go, but I didn't expect that you had

ieve me?"

Albert lowered his head and kissed Shirley. The soft touch always made him unable to stop. However, Shirley's lips couldn't satisfy him anymore. He pried open her teeth and invited her tongue to dance with his, go deep, and kiss......

She didn't know how long the kiss lasted. When she stopped, Shirley was already paralyzed in Albert's arms. Albert whispered in her ear, "honey, wasn't the virgin I was with the other day you?"

'oh my God! I really can't resist this man.' Shirley thought.

As soon as Lana got home, she began to throw things randomly. What kind of person was Shirley? She was a bitch who could only seduce others. 'Don't think that you can do whatever you want because you have Albert. One day, I will pay back thousands of times the insult I suffered today.' Lana thought.

"Lana, what's wrong? What happened?" As soon as Baldwin came back, he saw Lana lose her temper at home.

Lana turned to look at Baldwin. It seemed that she had found a place to vent her anger. "Why are you so useless? Compared with Albert, you are nothing? Do you know that Shirley has Albert, and has bullied me already. But you are still so spineless! I didn't know that I was so blind to fall in love with you. If I didn't marry you, now to marry Albert is me not her "

Baldwin had been depressed recently. Although he was nominally the cousin of Albert and he had been happy for his identity, thinking that he would reach the peak of his life from now on, he didn't expect that there would be someone in the company who would obstruct him recently. Now that Baldwin came back, he had to listen to Lana complaining that he was not as good as Albert.

The modest childe still showed his ferocious face. "Yes! He is awesome. He is so powerful. He doesn't lack money or power. Do you think he will like you. You are just the daughter of the boss of a small company, and the daughter of a mistress. Who else do you think will like you? Don't think too highly of yourself. "

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