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   Chapter 22 You Could Only Like Me

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Albert's eyes were as dark as obsidian and as bright as stars.

He stared at Shirley, Shirley felt as if she was going to be sucked in and lost her soul. Shirley grabbed Albert's tie, pulled it, stood on tiptoe and pressed it against his lips.

It was the first time that Shirley took the initiative to kiss Albert, which made Albert feel at a loss for a moment. But in the blink of an eye, Albert regained the initiative and deepened the kiss. Different from his previous solo performance, he could feel the clumsy response of Shirley. Her body was as hot as being roasted.

Albert almost sped all the way back. The kiss from Shirley was like a magic spell, making Albert so happy, which he had never experienced in his past life.

Back home, Albert carried Shirley back to her room and let her lie on the bed gently.

Shirley knew what would happen, but she didn't struggle as before. The feeling of loving Albert was overflowing in her heart. If it was Albert, Shirley could give him everything.

'Albert, I love you so much!' Shirley thought.

Shirley didn't know how long it had passed. She kept waking up and then fainted. She didn't know how many times Albert had sex with her. When Shirley woke up again, it was already dawn. Albert was no longer with her. Shirley felt a little sad as if her heart seemed to skip a beat.

Shirley struggled to stand up. She felt sore all over her body, but Albert was not by her side.

"You are awake! I've already put the hot water in the bathtub. You will go to wash it! " Albert looked at Shirley. Seeing that she was in a daze, Albert couldn't help laughing. "What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that? Do you think your husband is very handsome? " Albert rubbed Shirley hair and smiled mischievously.

The more Shirley longed for it, the more afraid she was of losing it. The more Shirley wanted to cherish this relationship, the more illusory she felt. Shirley didn't know what was wrong with her. She had never been in such a mood, nervous and restless... Shirley wanted to tell Albert everything.

"Albert, I like you." Shirley had been holding on to these words for a long time. She wanted to tell Albert her feelings.

Albert was first stunned, as if shocked, or as if it was justified. "Otherwise! Of course I'm the only one you like. "

Because of the sadness and daze at home yesterday, the documents of Albert's company had been piled up like a mountain. After breakfast, Albert hurried to the company. Shirley was still in a daze for his words and giggled from time to time, which confused the maid who came to clean. The woman Albert liked was really strange. Shirley was not only sweet, but also mentally abnormal! Perhaps Albert was too clever, so his wife did not need more clever.

"Assistant, help me sort out the investment and planning of the Rui family in the past two years, and send them to my office after that." In the company, Albert was always a cold faced man, calm and resolute. He was in charge of several listed companies, but he was still able to manage all the companies in an orderly way.

All the employees respected and feared Albert at the same time. The company's private slogans were, "the CEO is a man of his word.".

It was also because of this that the efficiency of the employees of the company had always been the target of other listed companies. From the performance to the employees, Albert's management ability was absolutely unmatched.

"Yes, sir. Send it to your office right away."

Although Shirley had promised to let Lana go, Albert didn't want to let Lana go. Anyway, this time Albert must get some interest from the Rui family. As for the principal, the little wild cat wouldn't let it go!

Thinking of the way Shirley said she liked him, Albert couldn't help laughing. Albert was a little surprised that Shirley said she liked him, but Albert thought it was reasonable.

"Mr... That... I've brought you the materials you want. " Putting down the documents, the assistant almost ran out of Albert's office.

My God? He couldn't believe that the CEO was smiling so happily... Cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation!

Albert flipped through the materials in his hand carefully and said, "Dan, you don't want Shirley. What's more, you even bullied my wife with your mistress. If I don't let you bleed this time, I won't take the surname Yuan."

At the same time, in the Rui group.

"Mr. Dan, we have signed a contract with the FS Group, but now they have gone back on their word."

"What did you say? The FS Group has gone back on his word. Why did he change his mind? " Dan almost yelled.

The manager's face turned pale... And... "

"What else? Tell me!" It seemed that something was wrong with the Rui family. It seemed that someone was targeting his family.

It was easy to know that it was man-made, but it would be difficult if it was unclear. It had to admit that Dan had seen a lot of ups and downs in business for so many years. He had seen a lot of this kind of situation. There was no doubt that someone was

putting obstacles in his way, but as long as he were rich, everything would be easy.

"Mr. Dan, the two biggest shareholders of our company withdrew their investment."

"What! Say it again! Withdraw the investment! " Even a person like Dan who had seen all kinds of ups and downs couldn't sit still. Withdrawal of capital was not a small matter, and it was the largest shareholder who withdrew capital. "What the hell is going on?"

"Mr. Dan, the FS Group has signed a contract with the YS Group, and our shareholders also chose to go to the YS Group after withdrawing their investment."

The YS Group, it was the YS Group. It seemed that Dan had realized something. "Hurry up, get me a car and go to the headquarter of the YS Group."

Albert kept tapping the table with his fingertips. His eyes wandered a little. He looked at the time and muttered to himself, "he should be here soon." As soon as Albert finished his words, there was a knock on the door. Albert chuckled. It seemed that he had arrived.

"Mr. Albert, Mr. Dan is looking for you."

"Okay, let him in."

Dan came in with a big smile on his face. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Albert."

Albert stepped back, not intending to shake hands with Dan. Albert sit in the soft chair and didn't speak all the time. But Albert kept squinting at Dan.

Albert's gaze made Dan stiff. Dan gritted his teeth and asked, "what do you mean, Mr. Albert? Why do you aim at the Rui Group? I believe that you also know that the FS Group and my two major shareholders are useless to the YS Group. " Dan felt that his back was almost completely wet, but the guy in front of him was still like that. How hateful Albert was!

There was a dead silence in the room. Dan had said the point and he could not speak again.

After a long time, Albert said casually. "Oh, really! I think they are useful, aren't they? Look, you are right in front of me now, aren't you? "

"You!" Trying his best to suppress his anger, Dan asked in a low voice, "then, why did Mr. Albert ask me to come here today?" Fortunately, Dan controlled himself. If he lost his temper here, he couldn't bear the consequences. But today, Albert humiliated Dan for no reason, which made Dan unable to swallow his anger.

"Mr. Dan, don't you know that? That is really strange! I thought it was you who asked your daughter to do that! " Tapping the table with Albert's fingers, Dan's heart beat faster and faster.

"Mr. Albert, did my daughter irritate you? If you let Shirley go home, I will teach her a good lesson. "That bitch knew how to make trouble. Dan would teach her a lesson.

Albert listened to his word and wanted to strangle Dan. Did Dan could teach Albert's wife a lesson! "Mr. Dan, you must be kidding.

I love Shirley so much. How could I let her go? Mr. Dan, don't you have another daughter? "

"Lana? How could it be? Lana is a good girl. How could she offend you? " Dan said with uncertainty. For this...

Dan spoiled his daughter to the extreme. Dan still wanted to help Lana get away with such an obvious hint.

"Mr. Dan, you really love your daughter. Now I have two choices for you. One

Tell Lana to apologize to Shirley. Oh, by the way, she have to kneel down, or it will show no sincerity. Two, ask employees of the Rui Group to pack up and leave. Then you can go back to your hometown and live in retirement. "

With Dan's eyes wide open, Dan stared at Albert in disbelief. Knowing what Albert was capable of, Dan didn't dare to say anything more, "Mr. Albert, this...... Okay, I see. Goodbye. " Unlike the smile on Dan's face when Dan came here, he left dejectedly.

As soon as Dan got home, he shouted, "where is Miss Lana? Let her see me. "

When Lana saw her father's angry face, she understood what was going on. "Dad, what's wrong? Who made you angry? "

"Let me see what you have done. Why do you have to provoke Albert. If my company goes bankrupt, will you feel better? " Now Dan almost forgot that his beloved daughter was in front of him.

"Dad, I just taught Shirley a lesson. How could I offend Albert? Dad, how could you scold me like that? " Lana had never been scolded like this since she was a child. She burst into tears.

"Teach Shirley a lesson?" Something flashed through Dan's mind. 'Albert takes Shirley seriously. It seems that the bitch is useful, ' Dan thought.

"Well, don't cry. Apologize to Shirley tomorrow. " Looking at his daughter who was always a troublemaker and a loser, Dan was furious.

"Dan, what are you talking about? Why did you ask Lana to apologize to that bitch? " Haley didn't know what had happened, but when she came back, she heard that Dan asked Lana to apologize to that bitch.

"Mom." When Lana saw her mother, she cried even harder. Haley cried with her.

"Stop arguing. I don't want to talk to you anymore. You can either apologize or the Rui Group goes bankrupt. It's up to you. " The company was about to close down, but they just cried here. Dan was already very irritable, and now Dan couldn't calm down. Couldn't they just stop?

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