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   Chapter 21 Declaration Of Sovereignty

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When they arrived at Yuan house, Albert still held Shirley hand tightly, as if she would disappear as soon as he let her go.

"Albert, let me go. I'm fine." Although Shirley knew that Albert was worried about her, she still felt helpless when he held her hand all the time, but there was a trace of sweetness in her heart.

"Shirley, why did you go out today? Who are you going to see?" Although Shirley was standing in front of him safe and sound, Albert wouldn't let go of the person who framed her.

"Lana has an appointment with me today. I think it should be her. Maybe I was pissed off after I sent her the recording this morning. " Shirley knew very well that she didn't have complicated relationships with other people. But who else would hate her except mother and daughter of the Rui family?

"Just go out if she asks you to. Are you out of your mind?" Sometimes, Albert really felt that this woman was very stupid. She was willing to listen to others but never listen to him. It was so obvious that Shirley went into such a trap. Was she stupid??

Albert's words made Shirley feel wronged. Thinking of what happened this morning, her eyes turned red.

Seeing Shirley's red eyes, Albert felt sorry for her and said, "well, forget it." He stroked Shirley's head gently. "I won't let Lana go. Don't worry. I believe she won't see tomorrow's sun."

"No, wait. Don't attack her. " 'Now it's not the right time to attack Lana. Perhaps she really knows something about my mother, ' Shirley thought.

Albert got more furious when he heard that Shirley was still pleading for Lana. "How could you intercede for her? Do you know that you were almost..." Albert didn't say anything more. Every time he thought of this, he would like to tear Lana into pieces.

"I know. I'm not stupid enough to plead for her, but it's not the time yet. I can handle it myself. Trust me. " Although Shirley knew that Albert wanted to avenge her, but not now.

"Not now? Well, then give me a reason! " This woman was so stubborn sometimes. Why didn't Shirley choose to rely on Albert more!

"I......" Shirley's mother had always been the most hidden wound in her heart. She wanted to solve the mystery many years ago alone, and she didn't want to always rely on Albert. She wanted to stay with him, but she didn't want to bring him any trouble.

Seeing that Shirley was hesitating and unwilling to tell him the truth, Albert couldn't help but laugh at himself. "Really? If you don't want to tell me, forget it. " Then Albert turned around and left, but his back was so hurt and lonely.

Was Shirley so unwilling to believe him and rely on him?

Looking at the receding figure, Shirley wanted to tell Albert the truth, but she didn't have the courage to hold his hand.

The sun was setting and the night was about to fall.

The ringing of the phone made the muddleheaded Shirley sober up in an instant. Seeing the caller ID was Luz, Shirley's full expectation was empty. But Shirley quickly calmed down and answered the phone from her friend.

"Shirley, come out tonight. It's the bar we used to go, okay?"

Shirley thought that she should really relax. Too many things had happened today, so she took this opportunity to adjust her mood and agreed with Luz.

After dressing up, Shirley sent a message to Albert. She waited for a long time but received no reply, which made Shirley a little depressed. She took her bag and slowly walked downstairs.

"Where are you going?" The sudden voice startled Shirley.

"Albert, why are you here?" Did he sit here alone for the whole afternoon! Instead of answering Shirley's question, Albert asked again, "where are you going?"

"I have sent it to your phone. Luz asked me to go to the bar. I might be back late." Albert's lukewarm attitude made Shirley a little disappointed, and the feeling of returning to the starting point made her heart twitch.

"Luz? Then her brother will also go? " Shirley just met this kind of thing in the morning, and now she wanted to go out, and it was the man who had a special feeling for her. Didn't she see that Albert was very angry now? Why didn't she coax him?

The air seemed to be filled with jealousy. Shirley couldn't help but chuckle. "Are you jealous?" All the gloom seemed to disappear at that moment.

Albert was dazed by her smile, with a suspicious flush on his face. "How is that possible? It's just a casual question." After a pause, Albert took a deep breath and asked, "what's your relationship with Paul?"

Since the first time Shirley met Paul, Albert had always wanted to ask. She treated Paul as an old friend, but Paul did not. For the sake of his dignity, Albert did not ask, but this question had been hovering in his heart for a long time, and finally asked.

Seeing Albert's hesitation, Shir

ley felt sweet in her heart. She gave a naughty smile. "He used to be my secret love!" Seeing the change of Albert's expression, Shirley had a mischievous mentality but now felt guilty.

Albert widened his eyes in disbelief, she...... Shirley once had a crush on Paul! Shirley's eyes told Albert that she was not lying. Albert felt his heart aching. He wondered why he wasn't the first one to appear beside Shirley, whether it was Paul or Baldwin?

Shirley didn't expect Albert to be so emotional. Everyone had been young, full of expectations and love, unresponsive feelings, and sad and disappointed. It was also because of this memory that Shirley finally understood what love was, what admiration was, and what she was longing for now.

"I'll go with you."

"What?" Shirley didn't understand what happened. He was injured last second and now he was so angry. What happened when she was in a daze?

Shirley looked at him in a daze, while Albert had already pressed down and swallowed what she wanted to say.

The plundering kiss, with the meaning of punishment, entangled so tightly. Albert wanted to probe and go deeper, leaving no room for Shirley. And she gradually indulged herself in this kiss, unable to extricate herself.

Shirley wanted to tell Albert that her misty youth had passed, and what she wanted to cherish was only him now.

But there was no need.

"Shirley, you are so slow to come, we have waited for a long time." Luz used to be careless, but when she saw Albert behind Shirley, Luz became dignified and steady. "Your fiance is also here...... AHA... "

"Sorry for keeping you and Paul waiting." Looking at Luz pretend to be gentle and quiet, Shirley laughed and felt a stomachache. "But that's enough. Don't pretend anymore."

"Shirley, stop making fun of me." Luz was no longer reserved because of the banter of Shirley, but she regained her original look in an instant.

Hearing Shirley's wild laughter, Albert's lips curved into a small but doting smile. Would she smile at him like this in the future?

Seeing Albert's smile, Paul couldn't help feeling bitter. Paul had thought that he would have some time alone with Shirley today, so he wanted to tell Shirley his feelings. Even if it was just a glimmer of hope and no matter what the result was, he didn't want to have any regret. But now that Shirley had brought Albert here, it was meaningless to Paul say it or no!

Looking at her brother's distressed look, Luz sighed slightly. She turned to look at Shirley and asked, "Shirley, why did you bring Albert here? It's so embarrassing now."

Shirley also felt the subtle atmosphere. "Something happened this morning. He was worried, so he followed me." Shirley could only think of this excuse. She couldn't say that it was a narrow-minded man who was jealous and wanted to follow her! If Shirley said so, she would definitely be skinned by that man.

"What happened today?" Suddenly, Luz's interest was aroused. She kept asking Shirley. Shirley had no choice but to tell Luz what had happened this morning.

"What! Lana attacked you. She's courting death. I'll teach her a lesson now. " Luz said angrily, as if she was going to swallow Lana. If it weren't for Shirley holding her back, Luz would have rushed out.

At the same time, Luz's voice attracted Paul's attention. He trotted over and asked, "what? What did Lana do?"

"Calm down. I'm fine." If Shirley had known that they so overreacted earlier, she wouldn't have said it. Shirley sighed in her heart.

"Shirley, you'd better live in my house. I will protect you." Paul wished he could tear Lana apart right now. 'as long as Shirley lives in my house, I won't let her get hurt, ' he thought.

Shirley shouted in her heart, 'damn it!'. As expected, Albert's face darkened.

Albert grabbed Shirley's hand and pulled her into his arms. "My woman doesn't need others' protection." Then he took Shirley out of the bar.

Staring at his empty hand, Paul was in a daze. Looking at her brother who was so absent-minded, Luz felt a little distressed. "Brother, Shirley has left."

Yes, Shirley left. She left without looking back.

Love was selfish. Paul admitted that he had his own selfish motives. Paul just wanted to keep Shirley by his side. He believed that Shirley would find him by her side one day. As long as Shirley reached out her hand, he would not let her go.

But there was something that could not be returned once lost! The girl who used to call him "brother Paul" in a sweet voice had disappeared with the passage of time.

Albert held Shirley's hand and strode forward.

He was so bossy. Shirley tugged at the corner of his clothes and asked, "you don't drink or speak. What are you doing here?"

Albert stopped and looked at Shirley, "I'll declare my sovereignty!"

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