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   Chapter 20 The Most Vicious Woman

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 10035

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Baldwin didn't know whether what Shirley said was true or not, so he went back home uneasily. After all, the Rui family supported Baldwin with all their strength. If he lost their support, it would be a blow to him.

Shirley was such a bitch. Baldwin had come to her, but she still pretended to be pure and lofty. He would teach her a lesson in the future.

Before Baldwin entered the room, he heard Lana cursing and throwing things. Baldwin thought for a while and chose to enter.

"Get out, all of you. Shirley, that bitch, is so great to hook up with a rich man! "

"Lana, what's wrong with you? What happened? " Baldwin whispered to Lana, pretending not to know the truth.

"You still have the nerve to come back. Since you like that bitch so much, why do you come back?" Lana rolled her eyes at Baldwin.

It seemed that that bitch had recorded their conversation. Did she think that because she was with Albert, she could do whatever she wanted. Baldwin would make Shirley's kneel down and beg him one day! "Honey, don't be angry. I did it for a reason. Trust me, honey. "

"Reason? I think you have a crush on her seductive face! Humph! " Shirley, you also want to rob my man. You're courting death.

"Honey, I'm helping you! Shirley can't marry into the Yuan family. I know you and mom have been worrying about this, so I came up with this idea. I just want to help you. " Baldwin held Lana in his arms.

Lana couldn't help but fall into his arms. "You said I seduced you, didn't you?" In fact, after listening to his explanation, Lana's anger had half dissipated. She gently raised Baldwin's chin with her finger and said, "you are really brutal and cold-blooded."

"How could it be? I have been infatuated with you. I was afraid that you would refuse me, so I used Shirley to meet you. I said that just to convince Shirley. Don't take it to heart. " To be honest, Lana was so easy to please. After a few words, most of her anger was gone.

Baldwin lowered his head and bit Lana's lips. He pressed down and looked at the woman under him. If only she was Shirley.

"Hello, Morris Li, I need your help." Lana looked at the sleeping man beside her. Although Baldwin said he loved her, what he said in the recording today was still lingering in her mind. Shirley was indeed beautiful. If Lana was not the daughter of the Rui family, Baldwin would never marry her.

Since Shirley embarrassed Lana, she would never let Shirley go.

Suddenly, a message appeared on Shirley's phone.

"Let's come out and have a talk. I have something to tell you. If you want to know the reason why your mother left home, you can go to XXX. I will wait for you there. "

Shirley's mother left home for some reason. Although she didn't know whether Lana was telling the truth or not, Shirley knew that it might be Lana's trap, but she had to go.

Albert had something urgent to deal with in the company, so Shirley had to go there alone. It turned out that Shirley was so dependent on Albert!

Shirley really wanted to find her mother, ask her why she abandoned her face to face, and tell her that she missed her......

"Hello, Lana. I'm here. Where are you?" Shirley became more and more anxious. She had been looking for aria here for a long time, but she didn't see Lana.

"Oh, really? I'll be there soon! " The smile on the other end of the phone was obvious. No matter how stubborn Shirley was, she knew that she had to leave now.

Not far away, "Morris Li, it's her. You help me rape her and take two photos of her." Lana stared at Shirley who was standing not far away. Lana said that she wouldn't let Shirley go. She didn't expect that Shirley would be so stupid to come out.

Just as Shirley was about to leave, her arm was grabbed by a man, who was surrounded by a group of men. He stared at Shirley with an obscene look.

"Let me go." Shirley was a little flustered. She was sure that it must be Lana who did it.

"Girl, you are so beautiful, but you have a bad temper. But I like it. " As soon as he finished his words, he tried to get close to Shirley.

Shirley dodged nimbly, but a group of people surrounded her in an instant. The ugly face approached Shirley bit by bit.

What should Shirley do?

"Stop! What do you want to do to a weak woman in broad daylight?" Shirley looked at the place where the voice came from happily. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a little burly.

"Mind your own business. If you are sensible enough, you can leave by yourself, or you will suffer a good result." The wretched man looked at the man arrogantly. There were so many people here. Why was he afraid of him?

Shirley looked at him nervously. Would he leave? That was right. Who would risk their lives for a stranger!

"So, you are not going to let this lady go, are you?" Shirley looked at him gratefully. She really thanked him. But when Shirley saw that the wretched man had so many helpers, she couldn't help but feel nervous for him.

"Guys, go!"

All of a

sudden, the crowd swarmed towards him. Shirley was scared to death. "Watch out!"

But in a few moments, the ground was full of people.

"Miss, are you okay?" He clapped his hands and looked at Shirley.

"I'm fine. Thank you." Shirley didn't expect him to be so powerful.

"Are you Miss Shirley. I'm Howard's secretary. Mr. Howard asked me to pick you up, but I didn't expect to see you in trouble. Please come with me. "

The man turned around and led the way, leaving Shirley no chance to refuse. Howard? Wasn't that Albert's uncle? Why did Howard pick her up? Numerous questions were hovering in Shirley's mind. Thinking of meeting Albert's elders, Shirley couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

In Yuan mansion. The residence of the vice rank official was really different!

"Shirley, you are here. My secretary has told me what happened just now. You're not hurt, are you? " This girl's eyes were as clear as when Howard first saw her. It was also Albert's luck to meet Shirley. Howard hoped that she could help Albert out of the knot in his heart.

Howard's attitude made Shirley feel a little uncomfortable, but at the same time, she felt a little warm, which she had never felt in her family. "Nothing...... Uncle. "

The word "uncle" made Howard very happy. "Good girl. That's good. Come here and talk to me. " Howard waved at Shirley, hinting her to sit next to him.

Shirley sat down beside Howard. Although he was very kind, the majesty he inadvertently exuded still made her feel like on pins and needles.

"Good girl, drink some water. Let me ask you...... Do you like Albert? "

Shirley was still drinking water, and she almost spat it out and coughed a little. To be honest, she was frightened by Howard. Did she show it?

Perhaps it was because she was choked by the water, or for other reasons, Shirley could feel that her face was about to burn. She faltered for a moment, "uncle, I...... Well, Albert and I... well... " Shirley's eyes were totally unfocused,.

Oh my God! Shirley was not ready to face her heart. Now that Howard asked her if she liked it, her heart could not help beating wildly.

This unprecedented heartbeat, this palpitation, should be love?

Howard stared at Shirley, noticing her changing expressions. He asked no more. Howard just smiled and said, "well, you must be hungry. Let's go to eat." There was no need to dig into the answer.

Shirley breathed a sigh of relief when Howard stopped asking. But Howard liked Shirley more and more.

Howard's wife and secretary were surprised. How could Howard dote on this little girl so much! This was the first person other than Albert. They couldn't help but take a few more looks at Shirley.

"Shirley, are you okay?" During lunch, it was supposed to be quiet, but the arrival of Albert broke the silence.

Albert almost rushed to Shirley. He was short of breath and stared at her. Albert's nervousness made Shirley's heart miss a beat.

Was Albert worried about her? Shirley could feel that deep in her heart, she was like a broken honey jar, sweet, fragrant.

"What are you yelling about?" In the end, Howard broke the sour atmosphere of love. His reproachful tone told of coddling.

But Albert didn't seem to appreciate it. He just replied indifferently. Shirley didn't understand that Howard loved Albert in all ways, but Albert was always lukewarm towards Howard.

Howard sighed, "when will you get married! I don't have to worry about it anymore. I won't interfere in this matter today. I'll leave it to you, Albert. "

Albert held Shirley's hand and walked out. He replied in a low voice, "it's none of your business." A sigh came from behind. Looking at Albert who was pulling her away, Shirley wondered what was wrong with him?

Sitting in the car, Albert remained silent for a long time, which made Shirley's heart skip a beat. It turned out that Shirley was so easily influenced by Albert's emotions.

Suddenly, he pulled Shirley into his arms and pressed her lips against hers. Albert's kiss was somewhat domineering, as if to vent, or as if he was afraid. Biting, penetrating, entangling, almost making people forget to breathe.

"Don't take the risk alone anymore. Tell me later, okay? I will protect you. Promise me. " Albert held Shirley's cheek with his hands. His voice was hoarse and his eyes were fixed on her.

God knew how disappointed Albert was when he didn't see Shirley when he came back. When he knew that she was in danger, his heart seemed to be dug a hole. When she was in danger, he was not by her side. The sense of helplessness still made him feel scared.

He was afraid that she would disappear, that she would not be with him, and that he would be the only one left.

Worry, fear, self-blame......

Albert's eyes were engraved with countless emotions, and Shirley's heart trembled. Could Shirley expect that they were no longer in a relationship of interests, and that there would be ordinary but luxurious love between them?

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