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   Chapter 4 An Encounter

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Albert thought Shirley was crying. He saw with his own eyes what happened today that her family members treated her coldly and maliciously. He felt the same, so he helped her at that time.

He thought it was normal for a girl to cry when she was in such a situation, but when she raised her head, he was stunned......

Sadness could be seen on the woman's delicate face. Small tooth marks remained on the lower lip, tender as the cherry blossoms, and blood could be seen faintly. She was particularly sad and beautiful.

Shirley sniffed and said firmly, "I'm fine."

After a moment of silence, a glimmer of light flashed through Albert's deep eyes. He stretched out his long arm and handed a clean tissue to her.

Looking at his slender hand and the tissue he handed to her, Shirley was confused.

The two of them were in a stalemate for a moment. Albert seemed to be a little impatient. He stopped the car directly and his tall figure suddenly covered Shirley.

She suddenly tensed up and leaned back nervously with her back against the door. There was no way back. She could only open her eyes wide and watch him approaching her in panic!

Although Albert did help her, she didn't want to be taken advantage by him!

When Shirley was about to break down and open the door to run away, a touch of coldness suddenly appeared on her hot lips.

She looked down and found that he was carefully wiping the corner of her mouth with a tissue. His handsome face was so close that she could feel his breath on her face.

His deep eyes were particularly focused, and in a short glance, they could attract people's attention.

Shirley's heart beat faster.

"Do you always bite so hard? You don't care about others. You can even hurt yourself. " Albert wiped the blood off her lips patiently and threw the tissue into her hand to show her what he had done.

Looking at the blood on the tissue, Shirley still couldn't come to herself from his words just now. "What do you mean? I never bit anyone else... "

Albert slowly withdrew his gaze and a meaningful smile appeared on his lips. His left hand almost subconsciously reached to the back of his neck and touched the bite mark left on his skin. "Well, indeed not..."

Giving him a queer look, Shirley calmed down with a bloody tissue in her hand.

Anyway, Albert was a gentleman. It was inappropriate for Shirley to think of him like that just now

The car was on the road again.

Shirley didn't say where she was going, so Albert kept driving until the car finally stopped at an intersection. Suddenly, Shirley, who was sitting on the passenger seat, spoke.

"Well...... I'll get off right in front. Thank you for giving me a ride! " After expressing her thanks to Albert, she unfastened the seat belt and got out of the car. Standing at the roadside, she waved at him gratefully.

Seeing the silvery car gradually fading away and disappearing in her sight, Shirley slowly looked away, lowered her head and sighed deeply in the air.

What happened today was played over and over in her mind. She felt very tired and her body was about to collapse.

The phone in her pocket rang at the right time. She answered it without even looking at it. "Hello?"

"Shirley, have you arrived? We have been waiting for you for a long time. Hurry up! " The girl on the other end of the phone was Joy Zhong, a primary school classmate of Shirley. Her family opened a bar and invited a group of friends to get together from time to time.

Usually, Shirley didn't like to get involved. But today, she was in a bad mood and couldn't wait to find a place to vent her anger!

"I've arrived. I'll be right there." After hanging up the phone, Shirley quickened her pace to the appointed place.

In the bar, the lights were dazzling and the music was deafening. Men and women on the dance floor were madly venting their every cell nerve. The air was filled with a strong smell of alcohol, and the extravagant and chaotic atmosphere could not be swept away.

Shirley seldom came to such a place. As soon as she entered, she frowned tightly.

Not far away, Joy Zhong, who was drinking with several men, waved at Shirley. She had to walk over.

"Oh, you are finally here!" Joy Zhong pounded on the table, raised her glass and introduced, "everyone! This is my friend, Shirley. She is the daughter of a big company. Please respect her! "

The crowd hooted.

Shirley looked at Joy Zhong helplessly. Shirley was not a rich lady at all. She was just a poor woman who was not loved by her family.

"But since we are all here today, we must have a good time! It's not that I'm bragging. Shirley is a good drinker. It is said that one can drink a thousand glasses of wine without getting drunk! Even I have no choice but to admit defeat. So enjoy yourselves today. I'll give you free of charge! " Joy Zhong's eyes were blurred and her face flushed. She stood at the table, full of heroism.

Shirley knew that every time Joy Zhong got drunk, she would like to brag. Fortunately, the people around her were also a group of drunkards, and the most important thing was to have fun, regardless of whether what you said was true or not.

Perhaps it was because of the crazy atmosphere of the crowd that Shirley was influenced. She was forced to drink a few glasses by Joy Zhong and gradually joined the crowd.

Just drinking was not interesting. Someone suggested playing truth or dare. The loser would either answer a question or be designated to do something.


, Shirley's luck was really bad for her. After the first round, she had lost the most miserably.

After discussion, they all agreed to let Shirley go to the next room to meet the first man to confess her love!

Shirley was a little hesitant, but she couldn't stand everyone's coaxing. Besides, she was drunk and had a headache, so she agreed without thinking.

She aggressively pushed open the door of the private room, and knocked on the door of the next room under the gaze of everyone full of expectations.

A waitress opened the door. A coquettish girl greeted, "Hello, what can I do for you?"

Taking a glance at her, Shirley passed her and looked into the room. She looked around and finally locked her eyes on a man.

The light in the private room was a little dim, and Shirley didn't care whether the man was tall, short, fat or thin. She closed her eyes and plunged into it.

"Honey! I...... I've liked you for a long time. Please date with me! " Shirley's voice was full of drunkenness and soft, making her more attractive and charming.

The man who was confessed love by her was slightly stunned. Before he could react, the other man beside him laughed. "I can't see it! As the childe of the Yuan clan, you go around having affairs with people? Isn't it said that you like men? I was worried about you for a long time. I thought you were interested in me! "

"…… Get out! "

"Wow, you treat me like this after you have a girl. It's really hurtful..."

Hearing the conversation between the two, Shirley was stunned and looked up at them in disbelief.

What came into Shirley's sight was a perfect handsome to perfection man's face. His arrogant and elegant expression seemed to be born with him. His eyes were as deep as autumn water, and his thin lips were slightly compressed, showing an inviolable smell.

Yuan...... Albert?

Shirley's brain went blank under the stimulation of alcohol. She stood still like a puppet, forgetting to react, as if the person who had just shouted "please date with me" had nothing to do with her!

"Hey, girl, tell me, what do you like about this guy? I really can't believe that a cold guy like him would be loved by a girl... " The man next to Albert leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked like a playboy from the second generation.

"Uh...... I... " Shirley swallowed hard and her back was stiff. She suddenly found herself in a dilemma. She didn't know why she agreed to do such an unreasonable thing.

Albert had helped Shirley a lot and she didn't want to lose face in front of him, but......

Shaking the goblet in his hand, Albert inadvertently glanced at the group of onlookers outside the door. With a deep light flashing, he suddenly put down the glass and said, "of course someone can understand my charm. How can a wastrel like you understand it?"

Taking a glance at Liam Song, Albert stood up expressionlessly, took the confused Shirley's hand, strode past the crowd and disappeared from everyone's sight.

Stunned for a long time, Liam Song shouted at his back, "who is the wastrel! You are a workaholic who doesn't have a girlfriend! "

Shirley hurried to follow Albert. Her mind was in a mess. Although her vision was blurred, she could still clearly see his tall and dark figure.

When the two of them came to the side of the road, it was completely dark. The street lights were dim, and the crowd was flowing in the neon lit bustling streets. The cold wind gradually wiped out the heat in the bottom of people's hearts.

With a darkened face, Albert put the wobbling woman on a bench by the roadside and sat down. He stared at Shirley's face for a while and turned around without saying a word.

Looking at Albert's receding figure, Shirley opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she felt that it was not appropriate to say anything. She had interrupted his party with his friends because of a farce, and it was good enough that he was not angry with her. As for what she had just said, she blurted it out without thinking, and she did not expect any response.

Shirley sat on the chair and had a rest. When she came to her senses, she stood up and was about to go home.

Just as she stood up, a hand behind her stretched out and pressed her back to the chair.

Shirley turned around in surprise and saw a pair of dark eyes.

"Here you are. Sobers up. You will feel uncomfortable the second day if you drink too much."

Shirley lowered her head and looked at the bottle of juice handed over by Albert. She hesitated and took it over. "Thank you...... I thought... " Shirley thought Albert had left angrily.

He replied lightly and sat down beside her. "It's dangerous to be drunk like this on the street."

Shirley took a few sips of the juice and said hesitantly, "well, it's okay. I'm much better now. At the bar I just...... I did that because I was out of my mind. Don't take it to heart. I seldom get drunk, nor do such crazy things... "

Albert looked at Shirley up and down with a strange expression, "really?" He remembered clearly that not long ago, she was also drunk and broke into his room

"Well, fortunately, you are the one I meet. Otherwise, if I offend someone I can't afford to offend, maybe he will teach me a lesson." Shirley smiled sheepishly.

"Why did you get drunk alone? I think your friends are playing tricks on you on purpose. " Albert recalled the group of people peeping outside the private room.

Shirley was a little stunned and her eyes darkened.

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