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   Chapter 2 Amazed Everyone (Part Two)

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 5713

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Three days later, the most luxurious five-star hotel in A City was abuzz with activity.

Luxury cars zipped into the hotel's parking lot one after another. The ballroom smelled heavenly, and guests were milling about, talking in hushed tones. Champagne flowed freely, and the entire banquet hall was decorated with flowers and balloons. The atmosphere was lively.

A grand wedding was about to be held here.

The daughter of the Rui family was going to be wedded to a young, talented man with a little fame in the construction industry. It was a fantastic networking opportunity for the Rui family, who had invited the cream of society in A city. Everyone knew that Dan Rui loved his daughter very much, so he spared no expense to put together an extravagant wedding ceremony for her.

Suddenly, a taxi stopped at the gate of the hotel. The person who stepped out attracted many people's attention.

She wore a simple pearl-white dress, high-heeled shoes, and carried a handbag. Her hair was rolled up into a high bun, revealing her long neck. A platinum chain adorned her creamy collarbones. Her small, pointed chin was slightly raised, revealing a trace of pride. Her eyes were like two drops of honey.

Her beauty was breathtaking.

This head-turning woman was Shirley Rui.

She heard snatches of conversation from the guests but chose not to pay attention to it as it was undoubtedly malicious talk. Her eyes fell on the huge wedding photo placed at the entrance.

A bitter smile tugged at the corners of Shirley Rui's mouth.

It turned out that when Baldwin Xu said he wanted to be with her for all his life, it was just a hollow promise.

Dan Rui, who was standing at the door of the banquet hall, spotted Shirley Rui walking up the stairs. He frowned irritably. "Your sister is getting married today. Why are you so late?" he demanded gruffly.

Shirley Rui couldn't get herself to say the word "Dad". She paused and croaked, "There was a traffic jam on the way here."

Dan Rui snorted angrily. "Why didn't you leave home earlier? You are becoming more and more disrespectful! Come in quickly!" he hissed.

Before Shirley Rui could say anything more, she saw Lana Rui in her bridal attire. She was walking towards them arm in arm with Baldwin Xu.

The groom was dressed in a pristine white suit. He looked gentle and elegant. Lana Rui leaned against him coyly, her delicate face glowing.

She greeted Dan Rui sweetly and then gave a triumphant look to Shirley Rui. With the fake smile still affixed on her face, Lana said cloyingly, "My sister is finally here!"

Dan Rui noticed some new guests strolling towards him and his sullen expression immediately transformed into a pleasant one. He turned to look at Shirley Rui again and felt a fire burning in his heart. 'It would have been better if my disgraceful daught

er had not attended this wedding,' he thought to himself angrily.

More guests started pouring in and no one paid attention to Shirley Rui. After all, this was not her big day. When Lana was leaving, she shot a look of pure contempt and mockery at her poor sister.

Shirley Rui choked back her tears.

Dan had showered Lana with the love and kindness that was alien to Shirley.

Ever since Shirley's mother ran away from home, she had become a dispensable resource in the Rui family. She was a joke.

She was very young when her mother left home, so she only had a faint impression of her. Shirley's mind wandered back to the time when her parents began quarreling fiercely. Unable to bear it anymore, her mother left the young Shirley and ran away from home. Perhaps Dan's hatred for Shirley was due to his anger towards her mother.

Soon after Haley Zhou had swooped down and married Dan, she gave Shirley a younger sister.

Lana was the apple of Dan's eye. Shirley was his eldest daughter but he had always been impassive towards her.

Even though Shirley was used to Lana's trickery and her father's apathy, the sight before her still stung.

Whenever Shirley found something she loved, Lana would try to snatch it from her. Her father's love, her family, and now even Baldwin Xu was taken away by her so easily.

Shirley stared at the flowers clustered around the two glittering names: "Baldwin Xu, Lana Rui". Then she lowered her head and shook the glass in her hand. Her eyes gradually turned cold.

By now almost all the guests had arrived. The banquet hall was filled with revelry and clinking of glasses. However, all the camaraderie and warmth were superficial. These events were full of false flattery and hypocritical socializing. Shirley sat in the remotest corner of the hall. No one looked at her and she was happy to be alone.

However, there was one person who refused to leave her alone.

"Hey, sister! I haven't seen you for a long time and you are hiding here."

Lana's shrill voice pierced the air. People immediately stopped talking and looked at them.

Lana looked enchanting. Her fishtail skirt accentuated her sultry figure. Her makeup was bold and eye-catching. She had one hand curled around Baldwin Xu's arm, showing off her gorgeous diamond ring.

Shirley smiled and raised her glass to the couple. "I wish you a happy married life," she toasted, as the words sliced through her like a knife.

Lana smiled, "I knew it. My sister could never be so stingy with her blessings for us!"

She was mocking Shirley for being jealous of her younger sister's marriage. More and more people gathered around them to watch the fun.

"Of course not," Shirley replied with a graceful smile. "My brother-in-law is young and talented, and he loves you deeply. As your elder sister, I'm very happy for you."

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