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   Chapter 1 Amazed Everyone (Part One)

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 6036

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The curtains of the French windows were tightly drawn, but the morning light managed to filter in through the thick layer of cloth. Save for those few specks of light, the whole room was immersed in ambiguous darkness.

Ding, ding, ding!

The phone alarm broke the silence in the room.

Shirley Rui had a blackout the previous night. She frowned and opened her eyes. There was a dull ache in her legs. She stretched out her hand to touch it, but her hand grazed something else, or rather, someone else.

She sat up with a jolt!

Shirley Rui realized that she was naked under the quilt. When she turned around, she saw a man lying beside her!

Something snapped inside her.

Fragments of memories from last night flooded her mind.

The revelry at the clubhouse, the raucous music, countless glasses of wine. It was not until she was pissed drunk that she went back to the hotel. What had happened after that? She searched her brain for answers.

How did she end up in the same bed with a strange man?

The man beside her opened his eyes.

He saw the shocked look on Shirley Rui's face and sneered. He pushed off the quilt and stood up without hesitation, completely confident in his skin, not to mention his sculpted body.

Shirley Rui quickly averted her gaze, unwilling to make eye contact with him. She didn't even get a good look at his face. She asked in a trembling voice, "Who, who are you? Why are we here? Last night...... What happened?"

The man chuckled, his deep voice hoarse and sexy from sleep. "What do you think happened?" he asked, raising one eyebrow.

No explanation was required. Shirley Rui understood.

A man and a woman in the same room? Naked? It was easy to put two and two together.

Shirley Rui's face turned pale.

She had slept with another man.

What about Baldwin Xu? She had cheated on the man she was going to marry. How would she face him?

How could she explain to him?

Shirley Rui's mind was in a mess. She had a fiance who she loved and yet she had spent a night with a strange man in a strange city.

She bit her lower lip tightly and squeezed her eyes shut, wanting to erase the memories of previous night's debauchery. She was racked with pain and guilt.

Shirley Rui swiped the screen of her phone and her fingers hovered on the name "Baldwin Xu" for a long time. Her hands were shaking. She did not have the courage to press the call button.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated.

A WeChat message popped up.

She had a picture message from Lana Rui.

Shirley Rui clicked it and the image opened instantly. Her pupils contracted and her jaw dropped.

The picture was blurry as it was taken in a dim room. Even so, she could make out the two people in the photo.

Lana Rui clung to a man's bare chest. Her white shoulders were half exposed. It was an intimate gesture.

The handsome man, against whom she snuggled, was smiling lovingly. Shirley Rui was very familiar with those soulful eyes.

It was none other than Baldwin

Xu! Her fiance. The love of her life!

Shirley Rui was clenching the phone so tightly that her fingertips had turned white and her face turned ashen.

There was a voice message along with the picture. Lana Rui's voice came from the other end of the line

"Sis, how was your business trip? When will you come back?

By the way, I have some good news for you. I'm getting married to Baldwin in two days! He said he loves me and couldn't live without me. I'm sorry. Please let me have him, my dear sister. Hope you can make it back in time for our wedding. Bye!"

Lana Rui's sweet voice was filled with petulance and evil charm as if she was just a little girl asking for a toy.

Shirley Rui sank onto the mattress slowly, hugged her knees, and rocked back and forth to absorb the blow she had just received.

She couldn't believe it. Baldwin Xu. His name danced in front of her eyes. The memories related to this name used to be so sweet.

Flashbacks of their love story replayed in her mind like a movie.

Baldwin Xu had pursued Shirley Rui since college. They would meet often after work. He was always polite and courteous, but there was undisguised tenderness in his eyes.

Shirley Rui had always been indifferent towards love and she didn't lower her guard immediately. But Baldwin Xu did not rush her. He was kind, considerate, and patient.

Shirley Rui was neglected as a child in her family. Her young sister, Lana Rui, and her stepmother, Haley Zhou, alienated her in every way, while her biological father, Dan Rui, always took her unruly and wayward sister's side.

Baldwin Xu seamlessly filled the void in Shirley Rui's heart that was created by her family.

Gradually, she got used to Baldwin Xu's gentle company.

She still remembered the night before her business trip so clearly. Baldwin Xu had asked her out for a walk by the river. He had held her hand, and his eyes were aglow with excitement as he proposed to her. He had told her that he wanted to get engaged as soon as she returned.

Shirley Rui recalled turning scarlet and lowering her head. She had shyly blurted, "Okay!" She was overjoyed!

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought it would end like this. His vows were lies. Baldwin Xu couldn't control himself for the few days that Shirley Rui was away on a business trip. He had fallen for Lana Rui's trap and slept with her!

The sound of the running water in the bathroom suddenly brought Shirley Rui back to the present. She remembered that the stranger from last night was still in the room.

The man whose face she didn't dare to look at, had already slept with her.

Shirley Rui had dreamed of a happy life with her fiance, but now he was going to give that same life to her sister instead.

How ironic!

Shirley Rui's eyes stung. She gritted her teeth as she struggled to hold back her tears. She quickly grabbed her clothes, which were scattered on the bed, and put them on hurriedly. Then she ran out of the hotel without looking back.

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