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   Chapter 136 Mr. James Comes

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Julie frowned slightly and murmured, "Really? What's wrong? Why doesn't he answer the phone? "

As soon as Julie finished her words, she saw Kaya walking towards her with a smile. Kaya asked, "What's wrong? Is it from your husband? "

Julie nodded slightly and looked at Kaya in confusion. "How did you know that?" Julie asked with a smile.

With a smile, Kaya pointed at Julie's face and said, "Who can't tell from your expression? You were in a daze just now. When you saw the caller ID, your eyes lit up. You looked gentle and your smile became sweet. Who would the call from if it wasn't from your husband? "

Puzzled, Julie raised her hand to touch her cheek and frowned slightly. She didn't expect that she would be like this when she was talking with James on the phone?

Even the person Julie just knew could see that she was talking to her husband on the phone. Did James have such a great influence on Julie?

Thinking of this, Julie frowned.

Seeing that, Kaya held Julie's arm with a smile and said, "Well, don't be shy. In fact, it's not a big deal that I know. I'm good at gossiping. I know everything in the company. It's not strange that I can know that. But I didn't expect you to get married at such a young age. "

Julie lowered her head and her eyes, trying to hide her thoughts. She said in a low voice, "Oh, it's also an accident."

Kaya smiled and asked, "Really? What happened? Tell me... "

Before Julie could answer, she heard a clear and bright voice. The man said, "I met you again. Do you want to have lunch?"

Julie looked up at the man who was speaking. When she found that the man was Austin, she nodded slightly and said in a low voice, "Yes, we will go to have lunch. Are you going to the restaurant?

Austin nodded with a smile, "Yes, I happen to be in the company today, so I'll have a meal in the restaurant. How was your first day?

said with a smile, "Do you see it? Turn left in front of us, and you will find the restaurant. The dishes in our restaurant are really delicious."

Julie listened to Kaya's words with a smile and walked into the restaurant with her. After entering the restaurant, Julie followed Kaya to serve the dishes. Kaya looked at the dishes on Julie's plate with a smile and said, "Why do you eat so light?"

Julie smiled and said, "I just recovered from a serious illness. I can't eat too greasy food."

Kaya frowned, "Have you ever been seriously ill? No wonder you are so thin. You should take good care of yourself. You... "

Speaking of this, Kaya suddenly stopped and stared at the back of Julie, with a leaf in her mouth, forgetting to chew it.

Not only Kaya was stunned, but also the whole restaurant seemed to be quiet, as if there was no sound. The noisy restaurant was a little weird when it became so quiet. Julie immediately frowned and turned her head to look behind her. Then she frowned more tightly.

Why did James come here?

Although as the CEO of company, James could come to the staff canteen to have lunch. However, how could the CEO go to the staff canteen to have lunch? Wasn't he making the employees unable to have a good meal?

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