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   Chapter 135 New Job

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After saying this to Austin with a smile, Julie saw that the elevator had stopped. She walked towards it with a smile and got into it. As soon as Julie arrived at her own department, someone greeted her and said with a smile, "Is that Julie? I'll take you to your desk. "

The man led Julie to an office and said with a smile, "It's not the recruitment season now. Do you have any acquaintance in the company? Otherwise, why did you finish the entry procedures so soon? "

Julie knew that her sudden appearance would certainly arouse some people's curiosity, so she said in a low voice, "Yes, my father knows a supervisor here. My father let him help me."

If she told a lie like this, others wouldn't be curious anymore. If they continued to inquire about it, Julie didn't know what they could find out.

Hearing Julie's words, the man nodded with a smile, as if he had guessed the truth before, and stopped asking. He just nodded slightly with a smile, briefly introduced the work to Julie, turned around and left.

Looking at the man's back, Julie took a deep breath and looked around with a smile. She had never worked in such a cubicle before. Even if she started from the bottom, she still had her own office.

Julie was curious about everything. She cleaned up the table and then started to work. The content of her work was not complicated because Julie just started to work. She just copied some materials and typed some documents.

Julie didn't feel tired at all. Instead, she felt very interesting. Although the work was a little trivial, it didn't cost much brain. It was not tiring and could kill time quickly. Now Julie's work was not like the management work, which was also exhausting.

Unknowingly, Julie didn't stop working until noon. A young female colleague said to Julie with a smile, "It's time for lunch. Don't continue to work. This company is not yours."

that the caller ID was still James, Julie was afraid of being seen, so she quickly answered the phone, "Hello..."

James asked with a smile, "How do you feel on your first day at work?"

With a smile, Julie pointed at the phone and smiled at Kaya Chen to show that she needed to answer the phone. Then, Julie took a few steps forward and said in a low voice, "I'm fine. Why are you calling me?"

James felt confused, "Why can't I call you?"

Julie said in a low voice, "My colleague is nearby. We are going to have lunch, but I didn't expect you to call me."

James frowned, "Are you going to have lunch? What about me? "

Stunned for a moment, Julie smiled helplessly and said, "What do you mean? Of course you are going to have lunch? "

"You've already been working in the company. Why don't you have lunch with me?" James complained in a low voice.

Julie smiled helplessly and said, "I'm here to work, not to have lunch with you."

James answered, "Forget it. You go to the restaurant to have lunch. I'll go there..."

As soon as James finished his words, he hung up the phone. Holding the phone in her hand, Julie opened her eyes wide and said in a low voice, "What..."

Then, Julie immediately called back, but James didn't answer.

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