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   Chapter 134 New Colleague

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At the thought of this, Julie was a little angry with herself. It was because she fell in love with James that she fell into such an embarrassing situation. If she had been a little more determined and didn't like James, perhaps…

Thinking of this, Julie lowered her eyes and felt colder. Now that they had come to this point, what else could it be?

Seeing that Julie's face was gloomy, James lowered his voice and coaxed her in a low voice, "You are a good girl. Come here quickly. Take my car to work."

He was like coaxing a child who was angry.

Julie's face darkened. She frowned and glanced at James. Then she turned around and rode away. As soon as James drove his car to catch up with Julie, he saw the red light in front of him was on, so he had to stop. Frowning, he looked at Julie's back and shouted, "Don't ride so fast. I won't go after you, okay? Slow down! "

After saying that, James couldn't help but laugh slowly. He felt very familiar with such a stubborn Julie. Although sometimes he was a little troubled, the real Julie was stubborn and she was even a little difficult to deal with. If one day, Julie really hid in his arms and obediently obeyed all his arrangements, he might not like her anymore.

Thinking of this, James frowned slightly and felt confused. James still remembered what kind of woman he had fallen in love with. The woman he loved was soft, not stubborn. But now, James only felt that he didn't like obedient or stubborn women. He just liked Julie. He just liked Julie's stubbornness.

At the thought of this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. Then James tilted his head and looked at Julie's back. He raised his hand and gently drew a line. Then he smiled and whispered, "Julie, I love you..."

Although Julie couldn't hear what James said now, James's face turned red slightly. Then h

ious image in the eyes of the younger generation."

"Don't you have a good image in the eyes of female employees? Your desk is filled with chocolate on Valentine's Day. Don't take action first when you see a female employee. Although the company doesn't forbid you to fall in love with colleagues, but you can't flirt with a large group of people. You can't casually harm the company's female employees! "

The man winked at Julie and said, "You are a good girl. Don't play with Austin. He is not a good man."

After saying that, the man left with a smile.

"Fuck off!" Austin Ye scolded the man with a smile. Then he turned to look at Julie and said, "Don't believe what he said. He was just kidding. I'm not that kind of person!"

Julie nodded with a smile, "Okay, I see. I think it's interesting. "

Austin Ye widened his eyes and asked in confusion, "Interesting?"

Julie nodded, "Yes, it's interesting."

When she entered the company, all the employees knew that she was Julie, the daughter of the chairman of the company. Even if she started from the bottom, no one dared to joke with her like this. Basically, everyone kept a distance from her. Now Julie really thought it was interesting to be treated like this.

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