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   Chapter 133 New Hairstyle

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On the second day, when Julie really put on her black framed glasses, changed into a rustic hairstyle and stand in front of James, James couldn't help laughing. He raised his hand to touch Julie's head and said with a smile, "I didn't expect you to be so cute in this way."

Julie pushed down her glasses and frowned at James, "You really think I am cute, but why don't I think so? I think I'm very ugly now. "

With these words, Julie lowered her head dejectedly, pulled her particularly rustic shirt and whispered, "Am I very ugly now?"

James said with a smile, "I think you are cute."

Confused, Julie looked at James and asked, "Cute? Do you think I am cute when I wear like this?

James nodded, "Of course, I think you are cute no matter what you look like."

Hearing James's words, Julie chuckled, looked up at him and nodded, "Then I'm finally confident that I can wear this suit and go out to meet others!"

Squinting his eyes, James smiled at Julie and said, "How can you not be confident? Why don't I know? "

Julie frowned slightly, "That's because you don't know me well enough..."

While speaking, Julie seemed to feel that her tone was too stiff, so she lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Therefore, you should know more about me."

After finishing her words, Julie thought that she might be acting like a spoiled child again, but she couldn't take back her words. Looking at Julie with a smile, James raised his hand to stroke her head and nodded with a smile, "When did you become so good at acting like a spoiled child?"

Julie felt a little annoyed. She was used to being cold. She was not used to acting like a spoiled child all of a sudden. Julie wouldn't have acted like a spoiled child in such a shameless way if she hadn't been afraid that her words would be too stiff, which would make James think too much and even suspect her.


on and take my car. I'll drive you to the company, and you can take it as a special treatment."

Julie turned her face away and snorted, "No, I can..."

Before Julie could finish her words, her body shook slightly and she almost fell to the ground.

"Watch out!" James shouted.

Frowning, Julie struggled for a while, but she didn't fall down. Instead, she rode more steadily, seeming to be better than before.

Julie couldn't help laughing complacently, "Have a look. What do you think? I'm good at riding, right? "

Looking at Julie, James shook his head and said, "I won't make fun of you this time. Come here quickly. It's too dangerous to ride your bike to work. You know how your body is. What if you get hurt? "

Julie could tell that James was really worried about her. Thinking of this, Julie bit her lips hard.

Although Julie had always been confused about the feelings that James treated her, she could still see that he really loved her. Although she didn't know when he fell in love with her and why, she was sure that he really loved her.

Unless James was really good at acting and fooled her again.

No, James was never good at acting. She was deceived before because she believed that he would fall in love with her.

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