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   Chapter 70 Explain It Face To Face

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After hanging up the phone, Mark sneered, "What's wrong with me?"

Mark thought that he knew women best in the world. He could easily make a woman fall in love with him and do everything for him. He also knew that women liked to be coaxed by men, especially with a good appearance.

Now that Julie was not in a good mood, it seemed that she had just broken up with James. Mark should care about Julie more gently and make her fall in love with him sincerely instead of arguing with her. However, he satirized her just now.

How stupid he was! Mark had planned it to this point, and there was only one step left. How could the plan be destroyed?

However, although Mark knew what had happened, he couldn't call Julie like coaxing other women as he did before.

Many women liked Mark. Mark enjoyed using women and being infatuated by them. In Mark's eyes, women were always the cutest creatures. Mark had never expected that he would be so bored with a woman that he even felt annoyed to call her.

Mark turned off his phone, leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes for a while. When he turned his phone on again, he saw a message from Julie, "I'm sorry to make you sad."

Who would be sad? He? He would only make those women sad!

Mark used to make women think that he was angry and sad for them, but he pretended to be angry just for the sake of those women's deeper feelings for him. Now he didn't show any sad expression on his face. How could Julie feel his sadness? Ridiculous!

The woman who chased after James like a puppy. How could she deserve to make him feel sad?

Mark took a few deep breaths before his phone buzzed. He frowned at Julie's call. The phone rang for a while before Mark answered it. He tried to be gentle to Julie, but he still spoke coldly, "What's up?"

Julie lowered her eyes. She had never done such a thing to hurt others. She felt

a woman has come here."

"What?" Mark rubbed his temples, trying to figure out who among the women he knew dared to come here.

"It's Julie," said the agent in a hurry.

Mark was stunned for a moment. Then he frowned and whispered, "Why is she here?"

The agent replied in a hurry, "She said that she came to see you. She knew your identity as a star and didn't want to cause you any trouble, so she contacted me first. She said that she could meet you if it was convenient, but if it was not, then forget it. "

Mark snorted, "She is a good girl. She knows how to be considerate."

When the agent heard Mark's cold attitude, he thought that Mark probably hated this woman called Julie very much. He smiled and said, "Then I'll find an excuse to drive her away."

"Who let her go?" Mark said coldly, "Since she is here, of course I want to see her. Arrange the time for me. I want to see her. I can't go out now, so you bring her here to see me. "

The agent agreed and hung up the phone.

Mark looked down at the phone and was stunned for a long time before he got up to change his clothes. After Mark changed his clothes, he heard a knock on the door. Unconsciously, he was a little nervous. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

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