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   Chapter 66 Let’s Start Over

Absolute Fondness: Loving You Is My Occupation By Yue Yan Characters: 6196

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:03

James didn't expect that he would push Julie into such a situation. After taking a deep breath, he walked up to her and asked in a low voice, "Julie, what's wrong with you?"

However, Julie seemed to be haunted by nightmares. She kept shaking her head and said, "Let me go..."

Julie had loved James so much that she had tried her best to win back his love, but he had been very cold to her. When Julie was about to give up, James didn't want to let her go. Julie was afraid that if James continued to pester her, she would no longer have the courage to leave him, and she would go back to the state that she could only crave for his love.

Julie had experienced such a terrible experience, so she didn't want to go back to the past. She didn't want to live with James anymore.

Frowning, James bent down and carried Julie to the bed. Then he tucked her in and stayed beside her. He frowned at Julie who was struggling. For so long, James seemed to be on his own side. He didn't like Julie before, so he pushed her away, but when he liked her now, he wanted to keep her by his side. He had never thought about how Julie felt.

James began to blame himself for this. Looking at Julie who kept talking in her sleep, he began to think whether he was selfish or his love was too violent.

After lying on the bed, Julie still couldn't sleep well. Because of her restlessness, she dreamed of the scene of her mother's death again.

In her dream, she watched her mother die in front of her. She tried to reach out her hand to save her mother, but she couldn't touch her. Then she saw the face of James in her dream. He frowned and stared at her, shouting at her, "Julie, I'm here!"

Julie suddenly woke up from her dream. When she opened her eyes, she found that James was in front of her. Seeing that Julie had woken up, James hurried over and asked

that I will fight against you. If you dare to hurt him, I will fight against you with all my strength. "

James's face turned pale instantly. He stared at Julie and asked in a trembling voice, "How could you do this for him?"

Julie nodded, "Because he is the man that I love. Of course I can fight for him."

Julie breathed a sigh of relief after saying that. Sure enough, since she decided to be with Mark, she became more determined in front of James.

With a pale face, James looked at Julie and asked, "The man you love? Do you fall in love with him now? That little star? What about me? "

Frowning, Julie asked in confusion, "You? Mr. James, what does it have to do with me? "

"If..." James stared at Julie.

At first, James didn't want to confess his love to Julie in such a hurry. He was afraid that he might scare Julie away. But he didn't expect that she would have a so-called "boyfriend" after a while!

As James couldn't stand it anymore, he finally opened his mouth and said in a very serious tone, "Julie, I like you. Therefore, don't divorce me and give us a chance. I think we can become a real couple and live a happy life. I don't want to let you go. The past is the past. Let's start over, okay? "

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