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   Chapter 60 It Means That She Loves Me

Absolute Fondness: Loving You Is My Occupation By Yue Yan Characters: 5917

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However, after thinking for a while, Julie didn't change her mind. She thought that since she had decided to leave, she shouldn't guess what was on James's mind. Anyway, no matter what he thought, she couldn't change her decision to leave him.

Thinking of this, Julie felt relieved. In the current situation, Julie didn't want to struggle with James directly. If she provoked him again, it would be more difficult to deal with him.

She was a woman, but he was a man, stronger than her. Julie could do nothing to stop him if James wanted to do something. What's more, they were still a couple now. She couldn't reason with him if James really wanted to do something.

Whose wife would sue her husband for touching her? In the end, she was at a disadvantage.

Thinking of this, Julie felt that she couldn't move. Julie just lay still in James's arms and fell asleep soon.

At first, James didn't notice that Julie had fallen asleep. When he heard that her breath became heavier, he lowered his head and saw that she had fallen asleep. He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

How could Julie fall asleep in such a situation? Didn't she always guard against him and refuse him? How could she fall asleep in his arms?

However, this made James happier, as if he had become the backer of Julie.

In this way, James let Julie sleep against him. Even though his arm was a little numb as her pillow, he didn't move his arm.

When James's phone rang, he immediately hung it up and looked at Julie nervously. Seeing that Julie didn't open her eyes because of the ringing of his phone, James took a deep breath and slowly moved his arm to make her lie on the bed. Then he stood up and answered the phone.

As James dialed back the number, he looked back at Ju

Julie wanted a divorce, he would have believed Bella. However, Julie was determined to divorce. How could she force Bella to leave him? It was possible for Julie to force Bella to pester him!

Bella was too silly. Thinking that he had wronged Julie because of such a ridiculous woman for so long, James felt himself ridiculous!

James asked with a cold voice, "Really? Hearing what you said, she is really a poor person. Then we don't see each other again in the future, in case she gets angry again. I don't want her to hate me now. "

Bella thought that her words would have provoked James's disgust for Julie, but why did he think that Julie was a poor woman? According to what Bella said, it was Julie who made trouble and deliberately made things difficult for her. Generally speaking, shouldn't James go to confront Julie angrily?

How could he behave like this?

Bella said in a hurry, "She wanted me to leave you regardless of the reputation of the Leng family. She hired reporters to expose our news. Why did you... "

"Oh… That should be better... " James sneered, "It means that she cares about me. I'm very happy. Even if I lose the Leng Group, so what?"

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