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   Chapter 57 Mother Cooperated With Her Son

Absolute Fondness: Loving You Is My Occupation By Yue Yan Characters: 6360

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Just now, Miranda complained about the temper of James, but she didn't think carefully about who on earth his temper resembled. But now Miranda was on the same side with her son. She would never allow Julie to divorce James.

Miranda said first, "I'll find a reporter to release the news first. There must be reporters around you. Remember that you have to act like a loving couple. There can't be any problem. You have to live together. Do you hear me? "

If it was not because Miranda was afraid that the two people would feel uncomfortable living together with her, which was not good for the development of the relationship between the two people, she really wanted to keep the two people stay here, staring at them, so that they could cultivate their relationship well.

After saying that, Miranda waved her hand and pretended to have a headache, "Forget it. You can go first. I'll have a rest alone."

Looking at Miranda, Julie asked in a low voice, "Has mother-in-law promised me?"

Miranda raised her head and glanced at Julie. She frowned and nodded, "Okay, I agree. I agree!"

After saying that, Miranda felt depressed and couldn't help muttering in her heart, 'Julie is really annoying me. Even if she wants to leave the Leng family, she doesn't have to be in such a hurry.'

But the daughter-in-law who made her unhappy was much better than a daughter-in-law who made her disgusted. It was better for her to have a daughter-in-law like Julie who made her unhappy.

Thinking of this, Miranda couldn't help but glare at James again. It was just that her son was too stubborn. If he was a little softer, she wouldn't have to be so upset!

Frowning, James kept thinking about what Julie had just said. When he walked out of Miranda's villa, he also frowned. Julie was not afraid that Miranda would go back on her words. Although the two people, Miranda and James, had a lot of disad

made her dare not think about it anymore. Now that Julie suddenly blurted it out, she felt like she was dreaming.

Thinking of this, Julie couldn't help laughing.

Was her dreaming? Well, she just took it as the last dream. She would try her best to have the last dream. When she woke up, everything would be completely over.

Sitting next to Julie, looking at her smile which seemed to gradually become illusory, James couldn't help saying, "I don't know you have lived such a hard life. I'm sorry."

Hearing James's apology, Julie looked up at him with a smile. She felt that the man in front of her was really worth her love. Although the result was a little pathetic, it was not wrong for her to like him.

Julie smiled and said, "I didn't know that you would be painful when you married me. I'm sorry to make you so painful."

Frowning, James wanted to say that he didn't feel so painful now. But when James saw that Julie had closed her eyes and was about to fall asleep, he didn't say anything more.

It was late, and Julie had just come out of the hospital. James didn't want to disturb her. In order not to wake up Julie, James drove very slowly, without any bumps on the road. When they arrived at their "home", Julie had already fallen asleep.

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