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   Chapter 35 Have A Man

Absolute Fondness: Loving You Is My Occupation By Yue Yan Characters: 6374

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Hearing Julie's words, James frowned and asked coldly, "Do you regard me like that?"

Julie also frowned in confusion. She couldn't help sneering in her heart, 'What should I think of James? Does James think that I should be grateful and treat him as my benefactor since he helped me? Does James think that a little favor from him will make me work for him?'

If James really thought so, Julie would doubt how on earth he managed the Leng Group for so many years.

The expression on James's face became colder and colder. He frowned and looked at Julie. Although James had been in low spirits before, he seldom felt neglected. He had always been nice to Julie, but now he was treated so badly by her. James felt very uncomfortable.

That feeling was hard to describe. It seemed that James's heart was tightly grasped and bit by bit killed by a blunt knife. James took a deep breath and tightened his lips. He didn't even want to speak to Julie because he was afraid that he would be out of breath because of the pain if he said something.

Frowning, James stared at Julie, and then he walked out of the meeting room quickly.

Looking at James's back, Julie asked in a low voice, "Why does he become so strange?"

After walking out of Julie's company, James took a deep breath and gritted his teeth when he sat on his car, "This woman is really annoying… Really... "

James had intended to scold Julie for her stupidity, viciousness and abjection. He had said that in front of Julie. But now, even though James was not in front of Julie, he didn't want to say it out.

"Was she so sad back then?" Said James in a low voice, covering his chest.

It was really uncomfortable for him to be trampled on by someone when he offered his kindness.

Thinking of what Julie had suffered, James didn't feel sad anymore. Instead, he believed that it must be his bad attitude that made Julie misunderstan

remembered? Their habits were the same.

James was a little surprised. The maid waited for a while and then asked tentatively, "Mr. James? What can I do for you, Mr. James? "

When James came to his senses, he quickly said, "I don't have anything else to tell you. You can get ready first."

As soon as James finished his words, he immediately hung up the phone. Then he quickly walked out of the car and walked towards Julie's company. When James found Julie, he saw her giving someone a phone, he quickly walked over to her.

But as soon as James approached Julie, he heard her talking on the phone with someone else. With a gentle smile on her face, she said softly, "I didn't expect Mr. Mark to call me so soon. You are the first one to congratulate me. Thank you very much. The matter has been settled very well. If you still want to be the spokesperson of our products, we can negotiate it. Have a meal? Well, if you have time today, I'll treat you to a meal. What do you like to eat? What's the taboo? You like everything? Then I can order it by myself. "

James stood still, frowning at Julie's back. Although James didn't know who was talking to Julie, he could tell from Julie's words that it was a man who was talking to her.

She had another man?

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