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   Chapter 34 Protect To The End

Absolute Fondness: Loving You Is My Occupation By Yue Yan Characters: 6031

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Hearing Bray's words, Julie couldn't help laughing as if she had heard something ridiculous. Bray frowned at Julie, gritted his teeth and said, "How dare you laugh?"

As soon as Bray finished his words, he said to James, "Mr. James, you can see that Julie is such a vicious woman. Although I am her father, I will never shield her. She is so unfilial. I really don't think she deserves to enter the Leng family. If you don't want her now, I have nothing to say. I will immediately agree that you two divorce without any hesitation. In fact, my second daughter, Alice, is much younger and more beautiful than Julie…"

Julie frowned at Bray's words. Now Bray was like a pimp. Although Julie hated Bray very much, she still felt embarrassed when she saw her so-called father show such an ugly face in front of James.

Julie didn't want Bray to continue to be so humiliated in front of James, so she wanted to interrupt Bray. She wanted to tell Bray that he didn't need to play tricks in a hurry. He couldn't defeat her in the business field, so he wanted to give Alice to James. Julie was going to divorce James, and then James could marry anyone in the future, and James would never help her again.

But before Julie could speak it out, James interrupted Bray and said, "I think Julie is a good girl. I have a good relationship with her. You don't have to worry about us."

Julie immediately turned to look at James and frowned in confusion, "What's wrong with you?"

Before Julie could say anything, James put his arm around her shoulder and said with a smile, "What's wrong with you? Are you shy? What are you afraid of? There is no outsider here. "

Julie thought James was so strange today.

Julie turned to stare at James and frowned. She didn't know what he was going to do. Was James goin

nt to merge my company, I have to say sorry first. I don't plan to merge it with the Leng family. My company is just a small one. I don't want to make it stronger in the name of the Leng family. I just want to do something I can and will do. "

James frowned and questioned, "Do you think I helped you to merge your company?"

Julie tilted her head to look at James, frowned and asked, "Or what? Mr. James, are you trying to help me? I don't think I am worth your help. I am just a woman who is about to divorce you. Mr. James, maybe your temper is really different. When we are a couple, you treat me as cold as ice. Now we are going to divorce, but you are gentle to me and begin to plan for me. If that's the case, please forgive me, Mr. James. I have never seen such a person, and I can't understand the purpose of doing so. Please forgive me. "

Julie said sarcastically. She knew that, but she couldn't control herself. Just like when she was facing her father, she couldn't help but get angry. Now facing her husband, James, Julie couldn't be gentle and courteous.

Although Julie knew that even if she divorced James, it would be better for her to keep a friendly relationship with him.

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