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   Chapter 33 A Loving Couple

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Everyone in the meeting room knew what Julie meant. Some directors even lowered their heads because they felt shameful. There was nothing wrong with Julie. Although she was young, she knew how to reflect on herself. However, they was used by others, which almost ruined the image of the whole company.

As soon as Bray heard Julie's apology, he immediately said, "Everyone, listen to her. Julie has said that she was wrong. There is nothing else to say. It's all her fault!"

Bray's words made him more like a contemptible scoundrel. These directors who had been standing on the side of Bray couldn't help frowning and said, "You'd better not say it!"

Bray immediately sat down on the chair, gritting his teeth.

Julie continued, "After all, there is something wrong with our company. Some shareholders deliberately framed us for private purposes. It would be bad if all of them were exposed. I hope Ms. Amy, you can cooperate with us. You can say that it's a misunderstanding, and your allergy has nothing to do with our products because you are allergic to seafood. In this way, Ms. Amy, your reputation won't be damaged, and our product's reputation can also be maintained. Do you agree to this? "

Why didn't she agree?

When other directors nodded in agreement, Bray stared at Julie with red eyes and said in a low voice, "Julie, you used to live in the hospital, didn't you? I heard that there is something wrong with your body. Can a leader of a company be appointed by a person with physical problems? "

Squinting at Bray, Julie was about to speak, but a man's voice suddenly sounded, "She's fine."

Julie could only hear the voice of James. She immediately frowned and looked at the door of the meeting room. Was James not worried about her company before? Why did he

eone wanted to have a few words with James to make acquaintance with him. But when he saw the indifference on James's face and James's eyes fixed on Julie, he was afraid to say something to James. He didn't want James to remember that he had deliberately made things difficult for Julie.

So no one dared to say anything more, and they left one after another. Even Amy thanked James and Julie and left.

Only Julie, James and Bray stayed in the meeting room. Although Julie didn't say what to do with Bray just now, Bray knew that no matter what the result was, he would no longer be the chairman of the company. Bray became much older in an instant. He sat on the chair and couldn't even raise his head.

Julie looked down at Bray. She thought that she should be a little sad to see her father so depressed. But she didn't. She once admired and loved her father so much. Now all her admiration and love had been worn out by Bray.

Julie looked at Bray as if she did not look at her father but a shameless villain who tried to be her enemy but was defeated by her!

"You… You are an unfilial daughter! How could you do this to me? " Bray looked up at Julie and said with resentment.

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