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   Chapter 32 Owed Me A Favor

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Mr. James?

Hearing this, Julie immediately frowned. If he had a different name, she couldn't figure out who he was. But James was the only person around her who was called Mr. James.

It seemed that James also got involved in this matter and he helped her according to Amy's words.

What was James's purpose? Why did he do that?

Although Julie was full of doubts, she had no chance to show them. She had to solve the current problem first.

Julie smiled at Amy, then turned to look at so many directors and said with a smile, "This is Ms. Amy, and I think you all know her."

Someone in the board nodded immediately and said, "Of course I know her. Is she Mrs. Amy?"

Amy corrected the man with a smile and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry. From now on, I'm not Mrs. Amy. I'm Ms. Amy. I've divorced my husband, George. I hope you won't call me wrong when we meet again. "

As soon as Amy said this, someone beside her frowned in surprise, "Divorced?"

Bray widened his eyes in surprise and stared at Amy. How could they divorce? In order to keep her husband in the dark and maintain their marriage, Amy would rather frame someone else. Shouldn't marriage be the most important thing for her? How could she divorce?

Bray was still surprised at the news of Amy's divorce. Amy walked towards him with a smile and said, "You must be disappointed, Mr. Bray, right? You didn't expect that I would dare to divorce, did you?"

After saying that, Amy turned to look at Julie. She even bowed slightly and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Chairwoman Julie. It's all my fault. I framed you. I didn't have any allergy symptoms when I used your products. I did it on purpose."

Everyone gasped in surprise when they heard what Amy said. Although these people could guess the general situation, they didn't expect that Amy could speak

ve what he was going to say.

Julie glanced at Bray coldly, turned to the directors and said in a low voice, "Everyone has known the truth. What should we do to solve the problem?"

These directors looked at each other and then lowered their heads without saying anything.

Julie continued, "It shows three things when this problem happened. The first one is, of course, someone has a bad intention... "

Julie glanced at Bray and continued, "The second one is that we have serious internal disagreements. The last one is that we have a slow reaction to an emergency. Although I have just been the chairwoman, I won't shirk my responsibility. I apologize to you. "

At this time, Julie apologized for others' mistake. In this meeting room, there were some directors who blamed Julie no matter what the truth was. There were Bray and Amy who deliberately framed Julie.

Julie didn't do anything wrong, but she apologized to others first. As a leader, she should behave well!

Standing outside the meeting room, James squinted at Julie. He had never seen Julie like this before. Perhaps he had never really known Julie before.

James said to himself, 'Julie, you owe me a favor. How are you going to pay me back?

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