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   Chapter 29 Timely Help

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Candy agreed and commented on her nice gesture, "That's very considerate of you. I'll contact Mark's agent right away to see if he has time to discuss things with you in person."

With that, she excused herself to dial the agent's number. After a short conversation between them, she swiftly handed the phone to Julie and graciously smiled, "Mark is available at the moment. He can talk to you through the phone."

Julie nodded and reached for the phone. Before she could say anything, a man's hearty laugh came through the other line, "Hello, Ms. Lin. I'm Mark."

As a businesswoman, Julie had encountered a lot of famous personalities before. Some of them were handsome and charming men like James. But when she suddenly heard Mark's deep voice, she suddenly felt something within her stir. It was the kind of deep voice that would make ladies swoon; an auditory caramel. Was this the charm of a celebrity?

Especially someone like Mark, an icon that women would fantasize—a person with magnetic charm. Otherwise, how could he attract so many fans to chase after him?

Julie was caught off guard for a second. After a while, she came to her senses and replied, "I've heard about you. Thank you very much for volunteering to be our brand ambassador. However, I'm going to have to decline your proposal since our products have been dealing with a problem at the moment. We didn't want you to be implicated in our mishap, so we opted to spare you of this trouble. If you push through with our company, I'm afraid you might get dragged. So, how about this? We can talk about the endorsement once the problem is solved. That way, both parties would benefit from the arrangement. We can sit down and discuss the logistics. Of course, I'd also love to invite you for a meal. You've been gracious to us, so I hope you can indulge us with this one."

There was a momentary silence on the other line. Then, Mark stated, "Okay, I'll count on you to make that meal happen, Ms. Lin. I hope you won't forget this promise." Mark smiled at the other end of the phone. He seemed to be very amused with the short transaction he had with Julie.

He chuckled through the phone, as if he was whispering in Julie's ear. Mark's laughter was so infectious that Julie couldn't help but share his delight, "Don't worry. I won't forget it."

Then, a distant voice came through the other line, "Mr. Mark, it's time for your act. The director is waiting for you. Why did you go answer the phone in the middle of the shooting? The director is getting a bit annoyed."

Julie frowned when she heard the faint voice from the phone. 'Huh? Was Mark in the middle of his shoot right now? Did he just halt their taping just to talk to me on the phone? This was just a product endorsement, and it could be discussed at a later time. Why did he defy his director's orders?' Julie mentally asked herself. It made her wonder why would a famous celebrity would care so much about their brand.

Mark seemed to pick up that she heard him getting summoned by the production staff. He sheepishly smiled and apologized, "I'm sorry but I have to cut this conversation short. I'm still filming here. Maybe I can catch you later at a better time. Goodbye, Ms. Lin."

Although Mark's voice sounded a little awkward, it was still pleasing to the ears.

Julie nodded and replied, "Okay. Bye."

Then, he hung up the phone.

She rubbed her temples as soon as the call ended. Julie caught herself smiling as she absentmindedly stated, "Mark is really..."

"Isn't he quite the charmer?" Candy interjected, gushing over the handsome actor. "Mark is the most popular male star among women these days. Plus, he is very kind and considerate. He is a dream come true for the ladies! Anyone would be honored to take care of him."

She couldn't stop talking about Mark. It was obvious how much she liked him.

Noticing that Julie was looking at her amusedly with a raised eyebrow, Candy blushed and lowered her head, whispering, "I… I… I'm also a fan of Mark. But that's it. I'm just a fan, nothing more. I already have a boyfriend."

Julie smiled at her assistant's flustered state. Then, wearing a more serious expression,

she asked her, "I just want to know if there is any progress with the investigation regarding the product accident."

Candy immediately straightened herself as she donned her professional look. She took out a report and handed it to Julie. "I just got this. Amy, the one who reported that there was a problem with our company's products, actually has a secret lover. However, her husband still has no idea that she's cheating on him. If her husband learns about this, this would spell enormous trouble for her."

Julie was just actually asking out of spur of the moment, but she didn't expect that she would see concrete results this soon. She should be glad that the investigation went smoothly, but she felt a little uneasy. She felt like someone was staring right at her.

Regardless of who was behind this, as long as the news was accurate, the outcome would be to their company's favor.

Julie affirmed the report and commented, "She's not working alone. It looks like someone has took advantage of her secret and threatened her to sue us. And I think I already have an idea who this person might be."

If Julie still couldn't figure out that Bray had jeopardized Amy Zhang just to jeopardize her, she would be too stupid. It was obvious that he had the evidence of Amy's affair and he used Amy to fulfill his plans.

She turned to look at Candy and ordered, "Come on. We're going to see this Amy."

Apprehensive, Candy frowned. "Are we going to threaten her? Our enemies have used this tactic before. Are you sure it's going to be effective?"

Julie raised her eyebrow, and smiled cockily, "Who said we would threaten her? We're going in a different route. We are going to get rid of their threats and give her an opportunity to live a better life."

Candy look at her boss skeptically, unsure of how she was going to execute her plan. Julie stood up and commanded, "Let's go. And bring a huge sum of money. We will give Amy a life choice."

After saying that, she walked out of the company. Julie asked the driver to circle around the city to get rid of the spies that Bray arranged. After the detours they went through, she went straight to see Amy Zhang.

Although the woman was nearly forty years old, she still looked like she was in her early thirties. It was apparent that the woman took care of herself during her younger years, and she had an inherent beauty within her. However, it was obvious from the dark circles around her eyes that she had been losing sleep. She looked very tired, drained, and sick. Her face looked a little red and swollen because of her allergy. She seemed looked slightly disfigured and out of shape.

As soon as Amy laid her eyes on Julie, she coldly spat, "No matter what you're going to say, I'm still going to sue you! And don't you dare bring up past friendships in this. This is still unacceptable. My time is very precious. If you don't have anything good to say, then I suggest you leave as soon as you can. After all, I have a busy day. I have some places to go to."

Julie smiled sweetly at Amy and threateningly asked her, "Where are you going? We just arrived here, and yet, you're already pushing us out the door. Are you in a hurry to meet your lover?"

Amy Zhang immediately widened her eyes. Beads of sweat trickled down from her forehead. She was momentarily caught off guard but she immediately denied the blame, "What did you say? How dare you accuse me of such a dishonest act! I'm a decent person. Watch your words and don't cross me! Why are you tarnishing my reputation, huh? Are you doing this because your products are a failure and you can't do anything about it? This is going to be a sensation once the reporters learned that you, the chairwoman of your company, is threatening and defaming me, the victim of your trashy product!"

Undaunted, Julie countered, "I think the reporters will be more interested in the stories of a famous lady and her secret lover. Do you think I wouldn't find out about your secret now that my father, Bray, has already known it? Do you think I wouldn't know what my father, Bray, is up to? Everything he does, I would eventually learn. You have underestimated me."

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