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   Chapter 27 The Deadline

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Julie glared and asked in a low voice, "What kind of deadline do you want?"

Bray chuckled in reply, "I know what you are capable of. It shouldn't take you more than three days to solve this issue. Think you can settle the matter by then?"

Three days? How could an investigation be concluded in just three days?

Even Bray's allies thought that the man was being quite vicious toward his daughter.

Keeping her eyes on Bray, Julie nodded slowly and smiled. "Okay," she said. "I will produce results in three days. And if it does not satisfy the board, I will step down from the position of chairwoman, thus barring me from becoming the next director. In addition to that, I will hand over all of my shares to my father, Bray."

"Sounds good to me!" Bray thought his daughter was young and impetuous. She must be really angry to have agreed to this arrangement.

He wanted to see what Julie could find within a three-day investigation.

With a smug grin, Bray declared, "Now that we have decided on a deadline, let's reconvene in three days. I'm sure we can all expect to see results by then. But, Julie, you should probably first do something to change the public's opinion as soon as possible. Remember, we need the results of your investigation in three days. You know what's at stake if you mess this up."

At the end of the meeting, Bray got up from his chair and walked out with a smile. It was as if he couldn't wait for the three days to be over so he could ascend to the position of chairman again.

One by one, the others stood and followed him out of the conference room. The people who sided with Julie said nothing, sad and frustrated that they could not intervene. They could only look pitifully at the woman as they made their exit as well.

Julie was now the only one who remained in the conference room.

Her assistant came in and whispered, "Chairwoman, the deadline's too short."

Julie lifted a hand to support her head as she groaned, "I know but it couldn't be helped. Never mind. It's not a big deal even if I have to give up being the chairwoman. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the position at all. My abilities are not yet up to par."

As she said this, Julie massaged her forehead with her fingers as if she had a headache. Seeing Julie despondent like this, the assistant sighed and departed from the conference room.

Julie glanced at the window before her. Squinting, she saw the reflection of a figure in the glass but then it disappeared. Someone must have been hiding by the doorway. Julie scoffed. So they had sent someone to spy on her now? Well, then she'd better give them something to report back. It would be very convenient if she could make them complacent and then she would be free to do as she liked.

Bray immediately received a call. He was sneering as he hung up the phone. "You are just a little girl," he muttered. "And you dare to pick a fight with me? You overestimate yourself!"

Tina leaned against Bray and asked, "What's wrong? Is the situation bad?"

Bray smirked at her and replied, "Not just bad, it's the worst. It seems that Julie has almost fainted from the stress of not knowing where to start. I don't think she'll even make it in three days. She might just give up tomorrow. She's just a woman. What could she possibly be capable of? Anyway, it's he

r fault for taking the position of chairman from me."

Although Tina was Bray's ally, she frowned upon hearing the man's condescension toward women. He might look down on women but Tina knew that her gender could be as scheming and tenacious as men.

Tina cautioned Bray, "You should still keep an eye on her. The situation can't be that simple. You know how capable Julie can be. Why would she suddenly be weak now?"

"That's because she's never been backed into a corner by me before. I've been going easy on her," the man replied smugly. "Now that I am going all out in this fight, do you really think she could beat me?"

At the time, Bray was too full of himself to take Tina's warning seriously. He smiled and hugged the woman. "It's all thanks to you. If you hadn't discovered Amy's weakness, she wouldn't have listened to us. Things wouldn't have gone as smoothly. Amy's husband is no ordinary person. If it was someone else who caused trouble, the board of directors could easily sue them for blackmail. But with her identity and status, how could anyone believe that Amy wanted to blackmail us? Didn't you say you want a diamond necklace recently? You can go pick one at the store. It's on me."

Originally, Tina was doubtful of what Bray had done, but his offer made her giggle in excitement. Leaning further into the man's arms, she teased, "You want me to choose just one? After all I've done for you? You should be giving me a set of jewelry."

Bray promised, "I'll buy you whatever you want when Julie is no longer a member of the board."

"Deal!" Tina urged, "You can't go back on your promise! Don't lie to me!"

Bray embraced Tina once more. "When have I ever lied to you?"

Meanwhile, Julie waited for the man who had been keeping an eye on her to leave before she took action. She divided her subordinates into two groups. She kept one group very busy so that others would think she had no plans and was panicking from the pressure. The second group actually investigated the matter in secret.

Candy Tang, Julie's assistant, couldn't help but worry. "Chairwoman, there's not enough time. I'm afraid that we won't be able to find anything to show the board."

With a calm expression on her face, Julie chuckled, "Why? I have a gut feeling that we are going to get results in time for judgment day. True. Being given such a short deadline doesn't look good on our part, but it can still be good for us. It makes them drop their guard. And when people are relaxed, they become complacent. Don't worry. We will not lose this battle."

However, contrary to what she just said, Julie didn't know whether or not her team would succeed. But there was no way she was going to show how nervous she was really feeling. She had to maintain a confident facade before her subordinates. What good would it do if she panicked?

Moreover, things have already reached this point. When driven to such a desperate situation, the only thing left to do was to fight to the best of their abilities. The rest was up to fate.

In another city, James also saw the news about the CX Group. Seeing Julie's pale face being flashed on TV, he grumbled, "Do you still want to get a divorce with your current situation?"

James immediately picked up his phone and dialed the woman's number. "Still want to get divorced now?"

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