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   Chapter 27 The Agreed Time

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Squinting her eyes, Julie asked in a low voice, "Then I wonder what deadline you will give me."

Bray burst into laughter and said, "I know Julie's ability. It won't take her three days to solve this problem. She can completely settle this matter in three days."

Three days? What could be found in three days?

Even those who had been on the side of Bray had to say to themselves, 'Bray is too vicious to his daughter.'

Staring at Bray, Julie nodded her head slowly and said with a smile, "Okay, I'll give you the result three days later. If you are not satisfied with this result, I will not be the chairwoman any more. In the future, I will not be the director, and I will hand over all the shares to my father, Bray. "

"Okay!" Bray thought that Julie was young and impetuous, and she was so angry that she even followed his arrangement.

There were only three days left. He wanted to see what Julie could find out!

Bray smiled and said, "Now that Julie has given us the deadline, let's wait for the result in three days. But three days later, we need a result. But Julie, you should calm down the public opinion as soon as possible. We need a perfect investigation result in three days. Even if the final result is not perfect, don't leave me a mess. "

When Bray was saying these words, he stood up and walked out with a smile, as if he was waiting for three days to take over the position of chairman.

Then others stood up one after another and followed Bray out. The people who had been on Julie's side couldn't say anything now and couldn't help Julie. They could only take a pitiful look at Julie and walked out of the meeting room directly.

Soon, there was only one person left in the meeting room, Julie.

Julie's assistant came in and whispered to her, "Chairwoman, we only have three days."

Raising her hand to support her head, Julie said in a low voice, "I know, but I have no choice. Forget it.

Candy Tang, Julie's assistant, couldn't help but worry, "Chairwoman, the time is too short. I'm afraid that we can't find anything within this period of time."

However, there was no hurry on Julie's face. She chuckled and said, "Why? I feel that when the deadline comes, there will be a result. A short period of time is not good for us, but also good for us. It can make them more relaxed. As long as people relaxed, there must be something wrong. Don't worry. We won't fail in this battle. "

In fact, although Julie said so, she didn't know whether she could succeed or not. But she couldn't show her nervousness to anyone now. She had to show enough confidence in front of her subordinates. What should those people do if she panicked?

What's more, things had come to this point, which had already pushed her into a desperate situation. The only thing she could do was to fight against them. The rest could only be decided by fate.

At this time, in another city, James also saw the news about the CX Group. Seeing the flash of Julie on TV, he stared at her pale face and said in a low voice, "Do you still want to divorce me when you are in current situation?"

James immediately picked up his phone and called Julie by instinct, "Julie, do you still want to divorce now?"

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