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   Chapter 26 Framing

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James immediately put on his clothes and was about to meet up with Julie. But when he walked out the door, he immediately stopped. He realized that he had said something he shouldn't say to Julie and now it was probably not a right time for him to see her. If she ever asked him something, he wouldn't know how to explain.

As this thought came to his mind, he stood frozen.

James had never encountered a troublesome situation like this that he didn't know how to solve. He stood at the door for a while before he went back to his study, where he picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Help me investigate someone."

"Who is it?"

A frown appeared on James's face as he turned his head towards the view outside the window. "Me."

Before figuring out what was on his mind, he had to find out what he had been through first. Recently, he had been feeling that there seemed to be some part of his memory that was missing, and it felt like it was an important one. He was determined to figure out what memory he had lost!

Julie wasn't overthinking like James. Ever since she had given up on her feelings for him, she had decided to devote herself to work. Once her work had stabilized for a time, it would be the time she would undergo an operation to completely heal herself.

She immediately flew back to the city where her company was located, and the moment she disembarked the plane, she received a call from her assistant. Her assistant said to her, "Miss Julie, something just happened. There's something wrong with our products, and there are several reporters calling us about it."

"I'll be right there," said Julie.

After saying that, she went straight to the head office. As soon as she entered the headquarters, her assistant nervously ran towards her and said, "Miss Julie, they're holding an emergency board meeting and has requested you to meet them at once."

Why would they notify her to attend a meeting of the board the second they found out that there was a problem with the products? Were they trying to catch her on the wrong foot?

Julie had a hunch that someone was behind these shenanigans. She even had a good guess on who it was!

Creasing her forehead, she said, "Give me the documents. I'll read them while I'm walking."

The assistant immediately handed Julie a copy of the material, and then she told her about the gist of the situation. "A female customer used our cosmetics and claimed that her face had been disfigured, so she notified the reporters to inform the public."

Julie skimmed through the files and saw the woman's photo. Her face was red and swollen, and it was indeed like her face was ruined. Moreover, this woman came from a wealthy family. It didn't seem like she needed to extort money from their company.

This was probably the reason why this matter escalated. The cosmetics company, CX Group, which was left behind by Julie's grandfather, targeted the middle and upper class with good financial situations, and all their products were promoted as using pure natural ingredients. It was truly difficult to deal with this kind of situation right now.

On top of that, it wouldn't be easy for her to deal with the board of directors, considering the fact that this trick was meant to deface her!

As expected, the second Julie stepped into the meeting room, she heard a loud discussion in the room. "I have already told you that Julie, that little girl, is incapable of managing this company! Why did you insist on letting her be the chairwoman? Look at what's happening to us now! Our company has been operating for a long time. Did such a thing ever happen before?"

"She has only taken ov

er the company for a few days. How can you claim that this happened because of her?"

"Indeed, she had just become the chairwoman of the board, but she had been managing the cosmetics subsidiary. I think her abilities is only good enough to be a general manager of a branch company, but I don't think she's capable enough to be a chairwoman. The moment she was elected as chairwoman, she got so busy that she couldn't manage the branch company properly. I've told you that Bray should've been the chairman. Why did you let Julie replace him? And now something terrible has happened. Who will be responsible for it?"

"Perhaps Bray should step up as the chairman. Bray, if you're the president, we'll be confident that nothing will go wrong. You're far better than that hopeless little girl."

While Julie was standing outside, she heard Bray say, "I think Julie just made a little mistake. I hope you can understand her and allow her to learn from her mistakes. As for me, I've fallen in love with fishing recently. When I suddenly gained a lot of spare time on my hands, I realized that it's great to live a relaxing life. Julie had always been in poor health, and she was hospitalized a few days ago. Becoming the chairwoman of the board takes time to adjust. She's probably not used to it yet."

Bray wasn't defending Julie. He was making concessions in order to gain favor, further humiliating her name. He was counting on Julie to plead him to deal with this matter. On top of that, he mentioned her situation on purpose in order to make people lose faith in her capability to run the company.

Sure enough, someone immediately said, "Is she ill? If something's wrong with her health, how will she perform as the chairwoman?"

Julie gleaned that these recent mishaps had been orchestrated by Bray, but she still needed more evidence to prove it. The first thing she must do right now was to stabilize the situation.

As soon as she entered the meeting room, everyone inside paused for a moment, and then asked her, "Chairwoman Julie, are you aware of what happened? What should we do now?"

Calmly, she sat down before all of them, and said, "I'm aware of what happened, and it's already being solved. Please give me some time and I will investigate this matter the soonest that I can. I know that there are many of you who doubt me because of my health, but I am sitting before all of you right now, alive and healthy, and it's more than enough to prove that I can do my job."

"Chairwoman Julie, we all know how sick you were before. In all honesty, I don't believe that you can become the chairwoman of the board. If you lose your memory again one day and won't be able to utter a word, what's going to happen to our company? I was left with no choice when others supported you during our last meeting. But now that something like this has happened, you must provide us with a good explanation. You've just become the chairwoman, and yet something of this gravity has happened. How can you convince us that you're the best person to lead this company?"

A thin man said in a sarcastic tone, "Besides, what do you mean by give you some time? How long do you need? We can't just keep waiting for you to investigate all the time. We need an ultimatum. If you don't give us a deadline, then we must remove you from your position as the chairwoman. Someone more capable and experienced will replace you."

The thin man turned his gaze towards Bray and smiled.

A more experienced person?

It was obvious he was referring to Bray. Amongst all of the people within the office, there was no other person more experienced than him in being the chairman.

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