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   Chapter 26 Framing

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James immediately put on his clothes and was about to meet Julie. But when James went out with the clothes and walked to the door, he immediately stopped. He had just said something he shouldn't say to Julie yesterday. Now he went to see her. If she asked him something, he didn't know how to explain.

Thinking of this, James stopped and stood still.

James had never encountered such a troublesome situation and didn't know how to solve it. He stood at the door for a while, turned around and went back to the study. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. He said in a low voice, "Help me investigate a person."

"Who is it?"

Frowning, James looked out of the window and said in a low voice, "Me."

Before figuring out what he was thinking, James had to figure out what he had experienced first. Recently, he felt that there seemed to be a part of his memory missing, and it was very important. He had to figure out what kind of memory he missed!

Julie didn't think too much like James. Since she had decided to put down her feelings for James, she had decided to devote herself to work. When her work was temporarily stabilized, she would accept an operation to completely cure herself.

Julie immediately flew back to the city where her company was located. As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from her assistant. The assistant on the phone said anxiously, "Mrs. Julie, something is wrong. There is something wrong with our products here. Now many reporters call us."

Julie frowned and said in a low voice, "I'll be there right now."

After saying that, Julie went back to the head office. As soon as she entered the headquarters, her assistant ran over in a hurry and said to Julie nervously, "Mrs. Julie, they have held an emergency board meeting and informed you to go there right now."

Why did they inform her to attend the board of directors as soon as there was a problem with the products? Did they want to catch her on the wrong foot?

Julie had a keen sense that someone must be behind all thes

down calmly and said in a low voice, "I know what happened, and it is being solved now. Please give me some time and I will investigate it as soon as possible. I know there are many people who doubt my health condition, but now I am sitting well in front of everyone, which is the most advantageous evidence. "

"Chairwoman Julie, we have seen how sick you were before? In fact, I don't agree that you became the chairman of the board. If you lose your memory one day and cannot say anything, what about our group? But I had no choice at that time when others supported you. Now that such a thing has happened, you have to give us an explanation. You have just been the chairwoman of the board, but such a problem has happened. How can we convince you? "

A thin man said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "What's more, what do you mean? How long do you need? We can't just wait for you to investigate it all the time. We need a deadline. If you don't give us an answer when it's the deadline, then you don't have to hold the position of chairwoman any more. You should be replaced by another person, and by more capable and experienced people... "

The thin man turned to look at Bray with a smile.

A more experienced person?

Obviously, the person referred to Bray. Now in the whole office, except him, who else had the experience of being the chairman?

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