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   Chapter 25 We Can't Divorce

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"What?" After being stunned for a moment, James immediately said, "No, I can't divorce you!"

Julie frowned in confusion, "Why? Didn't Mr. James dislike our marriage? Why don't you agree to divorce? "

Why don't you agree to divorce?

James didn't know why he didn't want to divorce, but he just didn't want to divorce Julie. Even when Julie mentioned divorce just now, he still felt stuffy and uncomfortable in his chest. James didn't know why, and he didn't even have the mood to investigate the reason. He only knew that he would never allow Julie to divorce him and leave him!

"Mr. James?" Julie asked in a low voice as she hadn't heard any reply from James for a long time.

Taking a deep breath, James said in a cold voice, "Julie, what do you think our Leng family is? You can marry me if you want, and you can leave if you want? Am I the puppet you can play with? You are the only one who can decide our marriage and divorce? Let me tell you, even if you didn't plan our marriage on purpose, it was your family's arrangement. Now you have to listen to me about the divorce! "

After saying that, James didn't hang up the phone directly. Instead, he asked in a low voice, "You… You… Did you get angry and want to get divorced because I left without telling you? If it was because of that, then… Then… I apologize to you... "

As James spoke, his voice became lower and lower, showing rare tenderness.

Julie frowned and thought, 'What's wrong with James?'

Julie had thought that as long as she proposed to get divorced, even if her nominal mother-in-law, Miranda, would stop her, James would not refuse. But why did James refuse her so strongly? What's more, he even apologized to her for leaving.

Julie said in a low voice, "Yes, I'm very angry. No one will be happy to be left behind like that. Even if you apologize, I will still be angry. But I've been thinking about divorce for a long time. Since I lost my child, I've planned to... "

"It has gone for a long time. Why don't you let it go? It's not impossible to have a baby in the future! " James couldn't help interrupting Julie.

Julie was confused by James's words. She didn't even get angry. What? She would have a baby again? Did James mean that he still wanted to have a baby with her?

What did James mean?

Julie was stunned for a while, and James also became quiet on the other side of the phone. He knew that he had said something strange, but he couldn't explain why he had said that. James was even afraid that Julie would ask him why he said so. Would they have another child in the future?

If they two could have a baby, were they going to be a real couple?

James had done so many big deals and gone through so many ups and downs, but he had never been so nervous like now. He was afraid that Julie would ask him why he said those words because he didn't know how to answer her. On the other hand, James hoped that Julie could ask him why he said that. Perhaps he could give her an answer, which could also answer his doubts.

But Julie didn't ask any more questions. She just said in a lo

w voice, "Anyway, I have decided to divorce. Now that Bella is back, you can't treat her unfairly anymore. "

"That's my business!" The more James listened to Julie, the angrier he became.

It turned out that Julie knew about Bella's return, but she even wanted to get divorced. Didn't she know that if she divorced, it was equivalent to sending him out?

Didn't Julie say that she liked him? How did she like him? She didn't try to persuade him to stay, but chose to leave?

Thinking of this, James asked, "Don't you like me?"

Julie suddenly burst into laughter, as if she had heard a very funny joke, "James, I did like you, but I won't like you one day. I don't like... "

Before Julie finished her words, James hung up the phone.

Frowning, Julie looked at the phone in her hand and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with James?"

Staring at his phone, James murmured, "What's wrong with me?"

James also wanted an answer. What was wrong with him? Why didn't he have much feelings for Bella, who he had been waiting for? On the contrary, he didn't want to let go of Julie, who he had been tired of all the time?

Although Julie didn't know what James meant, she didn't want to know what he was thinking since she had given up on him. After the phone call with James, Julie went to bed. Now she had to pay more attention to her own health. There would be a lot of things waiting for her to do in the future.

However, on the other side, James was still unable to fall asleep. Before dawn, he closed his eyes for a while and barely fell asleep. But after a short while, James kept dreaming.

In his dream, he was kissing a woman. He didn't see her face clearly, but he knew that she should be the woman that he loved deeply. The woman leaned against his chest with a smile and said, "It's time for you to shave, which makes my face hurt. If you make me still feel so bad, I won't let you kiss me anymore. "

He chuckled, "If you don't allow me to kiss you, do you want to take the initiative to kiss me?"

"Humph! That's impossible" The woman looked up at him with a smile.

Finally, James saw the woman's face, but it was not Bella's or anyone else's face, but Julie's. When James was wondering why that woman was Julie, suddenly, Julie's face darkened. She gritted her teeth and said angrily, "James, I, Julie, don't want to see you again. We two will never see each other again."

"Julie..." Seeing that Julie turned around and left, James immediately reached out his hand, trying to hold her back.

The moment James stretched out his hand, he opened his eyes. He was lying on an empty bed and stretching out his hands, but there was nothing in his hands.

What happened? Why was the scene in his dream so distant and familiar?

Staring at his hands, James murmured, "Have I met Julie before? But why don't we remember? "

James didn't remember that he had met Julie before, and Julie hadn't shown that they met each other before when they had been together for so long.

But what was wrong with his dream just now? Was it really just a very real dream?

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