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   Chapter 23 Can We Start Over

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James stared intently at Bella, which immediately made her cover her face with her hands and flash an awkward smile. "What's the matter? Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked.

Then, she lowered her head and spoke in a forlorn tone. "It has been so long. Both you and I have changed so much. I didn't expect you to get married so soon. Lately, all I've been thinking of is the past. You and I were so great together, weren't we?"

When she mentioned the past, James eased the tension on his face, and replied, "Yes, back then, you always liked sweets, and yet you were afraid of getting fat. Every time there's a dessert in front of you, you'd just look at it pitifully and wouldn't dare to have a bite."

"Oh… Really?" Bella took a sip of her coffee, holding the cup tightly.

Only she knew that she wasn't the same woman who was allergic to nuts and liked eating sweets but was afraid of getting fat. If it wasn't her, then who could it be? Why did James mistake this woman as her? Did something happen to him?

But no matter who he mistook her for, it was fine, as long as she was the one he cared about right now.

Bella had believed that when she left him in a bad way, James wouldn't miss her anymore. But she was mistaken. Moreover, he had become the CEO of Leng Group and that was more than enough for her.

At that time, James's father died of a heart attack, and their company was in trouble. As a greenhorn in the business world, he had to face daunting situations. And yet, he proposed to her.

But how could Bella marry someone on the verge of bankruptcy? She had so many pursuers, and all of them were so much better than James back then. Even though he was good-looking, it hardly swayed Bella's decision. He only touched her heart a little bit. But that alone wasn't enough to make her willingly accompany him in a poor life after bankruptcy.

And because of that, she left him in his most difficult time. She told James that she was going abroad to study, saying that she wanted to give both of them some space, and that she didn't want to get married so soon.

However, the moment Bella went abroad, she married a rich man who had been pursuing her for quite some time. Bella was aware that she wasn't from a rich family, and that all she had was her youth and beauty. She only got acquainted with upper class because of James. Now, something terrible happened to his family, and perhaps he could've fell to rock bottom. Of course, the only choice Bella had left was to marry a rich man while she still had the opportunity to speak to some of them.

Otherwise, those rich men who kept looking at her because she was James's girlfriend, would all disappear. At that time, it didn't matter how beautiful she was.

Although, she was still unlucky. All she got was a marriage certificate and she didn't get to have a chance to hold a formal wedding. She didn't even have the time to show off. Shortly after they got the marriage certificate, her husband died in a car accident. Originally, the man's family wasn't satisfied that he married Bella. And now that he was dead, she was going to take the brunt of his family's anger. At first, she didn't feel sad about it. Even though the man's family made things difficult for her, she would still be able to inherit a large fortune. Afterwards, she would be

come a rich widow. She was still young, and although she was not a virgin anymore, she never had a child. Perhaps she could marry an even richer man.

Sadly, she didn't expect that her wealthy husband had nothing for her at all.

Bella's mother-in-law sneered at her. "Do you think we could be fooled by the likes of you? Do you think our money falls from the sky? Is everyone that foolish in your eyes? Do you honestly believe that our family business grew this large without any proper planning? Tell me, do you think you deserve to be part of our family? You didn't have a cent with you when you came here. It's only fair that he married you with nothing as well. We have seen many young and beautiful women like you; all aspiring to become rich. It's natural that we put up our guards against you. From now on, you are banished from this place. Never show up in front of us again. Just pretend like we've never even met you. I'm not even willing to mention that you married my son. If you're lucky enough, you'll land another rich man. I heard that James had stabilized the Leng Group and that his power is not to be underestimated. But will he still accept the woman who abandoned him in his most trying time?"

After those people left, Bella realized that her plan had been foiled. But she thought it wasn't a big deal. She was still young and beautiful, so she still had a chance to become rich.

And besides, she could still count on James.

However, when she called him, he wasn't as gentle to her as he was before. Instead, he was cold to her. Bella realized that there was no more hope to hook up with him. But she wasn't a woman who would give up so easily. Since others looked down upon her, she must become victorious to prove them wrong.

She was beautiful, so it was easy for her to find an old man who was willing to support her. She studied music, and so she went to a foreign music academy to further her studies, and then her manager packaged her. She was elegant, beautiful, and talented; a piano princess with no equal.

That was when she found out that James had gotten married, and that he missed her dearly. Bella realized that she still had a chance. At that time, the only reason James was so cold to her was probably because he was still angry. But now, it seemed as though he was thinking of her again.

If she could marry him, she would definitely become a rich woman.

Although he was already married, Bella was confident that the woman he married was not as elegant nor as beautiful as her.

This time, Bella met up with James. Although, it was a little different from what she had imagined. It seemed that he had mistaken her for someone else, but it didn't matter. Sooner or later, she would regain his heart, and he would only have eyes for her.

She knew how to win back his heart.

Nobody would ever laugh at her again if she married James. Those who had looked down upon her would soon come to curry favor with her!

Those thoughts put a sinister smile on her face. She tilted her head and flashed a beaming smile at James. "I never imagined that you'd still remember our past. I had believed that I'm the only one who still reminisces about it."

Bella lowered her head and bit her lips, looking similar to a meek girl in front of her first love. Her face turned red as she whispered, "James, can we start over?"

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