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   Chapter 22 A Marriage Without Love

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When Julie heard that the reason James left her alone was to see Bella, a flash of sadness coursed through her heart, but it quickly dissipated. Chuckling, she said, "You don't have to worry about me, Shelly. Take care of yourself. I'm fine."

Shelly said in a meek voice, "Are you really okay? But if you're sad, please tell me. No matter what happens, I'll always be on your side. I'm not going to let Bella get what she wants. Humph! I've seen her kind before. If she and James had gotten married, a lot of things would get out of hand."

Julie raised her hand and rubbed her temples to ease her migraine. At this point, she really didn't care about James's relationship with Bella. Because if she still couldn't let go of him at this point, she would despise herself.

Fortunately, after a while, Shelly decided to end the call. Julie heaved a sigh of relief and put down her phone. "You have an interesting sister-in-law," said Lucy, smiling beside Julie.

"She's a kind girl, but she's too naive. I'm worried that her naivety would cause her suffering in the future,"

Julie said with a sigh. She really was worried about Shelly because of how stubborn this woman was. Whenever Shelly fell in love with someone, she would chase that person to the ends of the earth. But if she disliked someone, she would disagree with that person at all costs. It was easy for her to get hurt, and it also made her an easy target of bullying.

Seeing that Julie sighed, Lucy said, "You just said that you wanted to divorce James, but you're now worried about your sister-in-law. What are you thinking?"

Julie glanced at Lucy. "She's completely different from her brother. And since she treats me with sincerity, it's only right that I return the favor. It doesn't matter if I'll leave the Leng family eventually. In the end, I'll still treat her as my good friend."

When Lucy heard that, she finally believed that Julie was truly planning to leave the Leng family. And because of that, she didn't probe on it further. However, she did feel sorry for her. "It seems that you've been hurt deeply," she said.

Julie smiled bitterly and said, "The truth is, I deserve it for giving into my wishful thinking. Nobody else can be blamed for what happened to me. I deserve it. There's a saying that a marriage without love is immoral. I've been immoral for a while now, and it's high time for me to wake up from my delusion."

'James just dislikes me. It was so silly of me to have given him the chance to wound me.'

When Lucy heard Julie, she lowered her head as tears welled up in her eyes. She turned around, wiping away her tears, and smiled at Julie. "That's good to hear. At least now, you're looking more like the real Julie that I've always admired, and the Julie that can overcome any desperate situation."

Julie grinned, squinted her eyes, and took a deep breath. Never had she felt this relieved before.

On the other hand, James was feeling nervous. At last, he saw his former lover, Bella. He had been longing for her, not just because he loved her deeply. It was actually because he enjoyed his time with her.

Every memory James had of Bella was a wonderful moment for him. And now that she was right before his eyes, perhaps he could finally have

the chance to talk to her, and they could go back to the way things were before. However, James was clueless why he was absentminded right now. He didn't seem like the same man who left everything behind to see Bella.

Bella raised her head, staring intently at James. Afterwards, she immediately lowered her head, stirring her coffee with a silver spoon. "I didn't expect that you'd ever want to see me again. I thought you'd never talk to me again after that day."

Her words pulled him back to his senses. "How could I ever do that? I was in the wrong. I'm sorry."

"Why are you feeling that way?" Belle took a quick look at James, lowered her head once more, and said, "For what reason would you be in the wrong?"

Right now, he felt guilty for this woman. He had only ever had one girlfriend, and it was Bella.

But when he carefully recollected their past, he remembered that when he was still with her, he was so busy with his studies and work that he was always taking her for granted and ignoring her, which ultimately led to their breakup.

He felt guilty for not being a better boyfriend. But when he looked at Bella, he didn't feel a thing except for guilty; not even a trace of fluctuation in his emotions.

This made James feel like something was missing from his memory, but he couldn't remember it at all. This strange feeling incited a frustration in him that he couldn't shake off.

In reality, there was such a woman in his memory.

That certain woman was the reason why he sometimes woke up from nightmares because he was too afraid of losing her. Sometimes, he felt guilty for her, and his heart ached as if he had wronged her. And sometimes, whenever he saw a certain thing, he couldn't help but smile sweetly, as if he and that woman had a sweet memory because of it.

But all of these were nothing but feelings. It was like James had a subconscious impression of this woman. But he couldn't remember who she was, what she looked like, or what her name was.

That was why he wanted to see Bella so bad. He felt that somehow, he could fill up that void if he could ever see her. Sadly, when he laid eyes on her again, it didn't quite feel right. She was not the woman in his memory.

But he had only ever had one girlfriend before. If Bella wasn't the woman that incited such complicated emotions in him, who could that woman be?

Had he forgotten someone that he had been in a relationship with? But why did he forget about her completely? The only thing left was how he felt for her, and everything else disappeared without a trace.

"James, what's the matter with you?" Bella asked him when she noticed that he was lost in his own world.

Looking back at her in a hurry, he lowered his head, shaking it vigorously. Then, he put his hand on his forehead, and said, "It's nothing. I'm just trying to remember something that happened in the past…"

While he was talking, he saw a dessert in front of Bella and immediately put a frown on his face. "You can't eat that. You're allergic to nuts."

"I… I am?" Bella shook her head. "I'm not..."

She paused for a while and then chuckled. "I really didn't expect that you'd still remember. I thought that you've already forgotten about my habits and preferences long ago."

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