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   Chapter 21 Let’s Divorce

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But no matter how sweet Julie smiled, she couldn't stand the cold rain. Everything today was like this photo, disappearing like a dream.

Julie stood up, shook her body slightly and then fell down.

It was not until James walked out of the airport that he remembered Julie. He took out his phone and called her, but no matter how hard he tried, she didn't answer.

"She is getting bad-tempered." Frowning, James continued to call Julie.

James knew that he had gone too far this time. He left without calling Julie. But he really didn't have time to think about her at that time. Even now, he only hesitated for a moment and walked straight forward.

Compared with the woman he was going to meet, James had no time to care about what Julie was thinking.

"She is an adult now. She should be able to take care of herself." Then James walked on.

But after a few steps, James still felt worried. After a short pause, James frowned and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with me? Why am I so worried about her? "

'The woman who I love most has come back and is about to see me. Why do I think of a woman I hated so much now?

Thinking of this, James frowned and walked straight forward.

When Julie opened her eyes again, she was already in the hospital. Lucy stood beside her bed and looked at her with a frown. Julie smiled, "Why are you here?"

Lucy frowned, "How dare you say that? How can you get wet in the rain? Are you crazy? Don't you know your physical condition? Can you let me rest assured? If you keep doing this, I won't be your attending doctor anymore. "

Every time something happened to Julie, Lucy would threaten her like this. But every time something bad happened to Julie, she would find Julie immediately.

Julie chuckled and said, "I didn't mean to do that. If you want to blame me, you have to blame the weather. Why didn't it rain in advance? Why did it rain when I didn't have an umbrella? I'm angry at the thought of it! "

Frowning, Lucy stared at Julie and asked, "Are you… Is there anything wrong? "

Lucy had known Julie for a long time, so she could tell whether Julie was really happy or not. Julie was smiling, which made Lucy sadder.

Lowering her head, Julie slowly stopped smiling and said in a low voice, "I'm going to divorce, Lucy."

Hearing Julie's words, Lucy was a little surprised, "What? Are you going to divorce? Didn't you say that you wouldn't divorce when you got married? "

Although when Julie got married, she said to Lucy in a joking tone, "The Leng family is so rich. I won't get divorced anyway! I won't let go of James anymore! "

But Lucy was also a woman, and she was very familiar with Julie. Julie was such a proud woman. If she didn't really like a man, she would never marry him, no matter how rich, handsome and honorable he was.

But now, Julie even decided to divorce. She was a single-minded woman and would like everything to the end. What did James do to make her give up loving him?

Without asking Juli

e, Lucy knew that James must do something bad to Julie.

Lucy couldn't help but grit her teeth and whispered, "James is such a bastard!"

Julie couldn't help laughing when she heard what Lucy said. Lucy glared at Julie and said, "Are you still in the mood to laugh at this time?"

Julie smiled and said, "What if I don't smile? Now I don't feel sad anymore. Although I won't have a husband, I should be satisfied with you as my good friend. "

Speaking of this, Julie lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I should have been satisfied a long time ago."

Julie felt that she was actually a very lucky person. Although she had encountered a lot of misfortunes and met a lot of people who were not good to her, she had a friend who could help her sincerely. Julie felt that it was a blessing from God for her.

As for James…

It was time for her to let him go, and it meant to let herself go.

Thinking of this, Julie smiled more brightly than before. Because of James's dislike for her, Julie had been trying her best to become a graceful woman that James liked. But that was not her. The woman who was timid and obedient to James was not her.

Now, this woman was her!

Although Julie didn't say anything more, Lucy was relieved to see the smile on her face, "I'm relieved to see you smile like this. But I don't think that it will be easy for you to divorce James. And you divorce now. If you accept the surgery again, without the support of the Leng family, your father... "

After a pause, Lucy continued, "You have to think it over whether others will take advantage of the opportunity or not. You got married so hastily, but divorce cannot be so fast. I always feel that it will be troublesome for you to divorce. "

Julie frowned and lowered her head. Seeing the worried look on Julie's face, Lucy smiled and said, "By the way, is your phone powered off? If it's out of power, you can charge it now. Why didn't you answer my phone? I was so worried. Fortunately, I have a friend in this hospital, or I can't even find you! "

Julie took a look at her phone and found that it was indeed out of power. She immediately took out the charger and began to charge her phone. She had just been the chairman of the board, so she couldn't miss any important phone call.

As soon as Julie turned on the phone, her phone rang. Julie took a look at the caller ID and found that it was from Shelly. Why did Shelly call her at this time?

Julie picked up her phone and asked softly, "What's wrong with you, Shelly?"

Shelly hurriedly said on the phone, "Sister-in-law, bad news! Bella is back. Besides, she called my brother. Did he leave? He must have been called away by that woman called Bella. That woman used these tricks. Doesn't she think about that my brother has married? How shameless she is! "

It turned out that the reason why James left Julie alone was to see Bella. It turned out that Bella's call made him so flustered that he even forgot that Julie was still there.

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