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   Chapter 5 Is She Trying To Make Me Interested In Her

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Staring at James's receding figure, Julie muttered, "I didn't marry you just for your money; I also married you because..."

Because she loved him, she didn't refuse him the first time he brought her to a hotel room after getting drunk. And because of that, three months ago, she endured the horrible way James treated her when he was drunk again. In the past year, she did her best to suppress her anger just to maintain the marriage, no matter how harsh James and Miranda were to her.

That was why she felt heartbroken and depressed when she had an abortion.

If it was just about money, why would she be this hurt? But now, maybe it was time for her to let go.

Over the next few days, James was monitoring his phone, waiting to see what tricks Julie would play to force him to take part in a "honeymoon". But after three days, she didn't do anything, as if she had disappeared from the face of the earth.

At last, James picked up his phone to check the call logs between him and Julie.

Even though they'd been married for a year now, he had only called her a few times. Their most frequent phone call was from several days ago. Most of the time, Julie was the one who called him, but he never answered her calls.

Squinting at the call log, James thought, 'Did she want to ask me if I wanted to keep the child at that time?'

With that in mind, James frowned and whispered to himself, "Even if I prohibited her from having a baby, it was really heartless of her to abort her own child. If she can do something like that, who knows what else she's capable of doing?"

While James was carelessly tapping his fingers, he didn't realize that he had called Julie. By the time he realized it and wanted to hang up, Julie had already answered it.

Recently, Julie had been busy with the cooperation project with the YM Group, so she hurriedly answered the phone, unaware of who was calling her. "Hello?" she greeted with a smile, thinking it might be her client.

Speechless, James frowned at his phone.

Puzzled, Julie glanced at who called her, realizing that it was actually James.

She was a little surprised. "Mr. James, what can I do for you? Why did you call me?"

"Nothing. I misdialed," answered James.

"I see. Goodbye then." Julie decisively dropped the call.

After the call, James was speechless for a long time. Then, he gritted his teeth and muttered, "What the hell is wrong with that woman? Has she developed a habit of hanging up on me?"

He wanted to call her again, but after careful consideration, he decided to put down his phone.

As James stared at his phone, he tried to figure out what was on Julie's mind. She should be doing her best to please him to convince him to go on a honeymoon with her. He calling her first should have been a great opening for her. So why did Julie drop the call so decisively? Was this the trick she was trying to pull? Was she using this opportunity to make him more interested in her?

Turning his head towards the window, James found that it was already getting dark. He put away his phone and walked out of the company. After stepping into his car, he said to the driver, "Take me home."

For a second, the driver was taken aback, so he looked at James. James had several houses, so the driver wasn't

sure which house he was talking about this time.

Frowning, James clarified, "Take me to the house where Julie and I live."

Only then did the driver understand. He quickly drove the car to the villa of James and Julie. As soon as James opened the villa's gate, Cherry, the villa's housekeeper, greeted him with a smile. "Mr. James, you're back."

James nodded and looked at the empty living room. "Where is that woman?" he asked.

"Which woman are you referring to, Mr. James?"

For a moment, Cherry was confused but she quickly understood who it was. "Are you talking about Miss Julie?" She hasn't come back yet. Do you want me to inform her to come home?"

James didn't need to speak for Cherry to understand him. At once, she smiled at him respectfully and called Julie. But after a while, she came back, feeling embarrassed. "Miss Julie said she had been quite busy lately, and she wouldn't be able to come back. Do you want to call her again?"

"No, that's enough for now. I'm busy, too. I'm going to leave now," said James.

After leaving the villa, James snorted, "What is she trying to do? She told my mother that she was going to do her best. But it seems to me that she's not even trying!"

Julie was busy for an entire week before she managed to finish her work. When she was done, she breathed a sigh of relief. She was incredibly busy, so she took painkillers to alleviate her headache. Whenever she felt sleepy, she drank coffee, and then she tried her best to soldier on. But the moment she felt relived, Julie felt feverish and then she suddenly collapsed in her office.

As soon as she fainted, she was sent to the doctor. By the time she woke up, she saw Lucy Su, her high school classmate and now her attending doctor, staring at her with a sullen expression.

Seeing the look on her face, Julie closed her eyes again, pretending to be asleep.

The gentle Lucy frowned at her and scolded, "Don't pretend to be asleep! I saw you open your eyes. Are you scared that I'll scold you? Why didn't you come to talk to me when you were pregnant? And why did you have an abortion in a small clinic? You've just lost your baby, and you're working so hard already. Tell me, do you still want to have a baby in the future? No matter how strong you are and even if you're not planning to have a baby ever again, you should remember how long it took for your body to recover after the car accident. First, you could only lie in bed, then you were able to sit on a wheelchair, walk with two crutches, and finally, you were strong enough to walk on your own legs. From not knowing how to calculate basic math, now you're literate again and recovering back to normalcy. Think about how far you've gone! Do you want to waste it now? Do you think you're really as healthy as a normal person now? Don't you know what's going on with your brain?"

"I do know."

At last, Julie opened her eyes and smiled at Lucy. "That's exactly why I can't keep this child. James doesn't want this child, and I can't take care of the baby because of my poor health. And so, I've decided to abort the baby. Besides, I don't want this child to be born into a loveless family. If I want to have a baby, I want the child to receive the love of both parents by the time he or she is born."

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