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   Chapter 1 Don’t Want This Baby

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"Since you have refused anesthesia, it will be very painful," warned the doctor through his mask as he looked down at Julie Lin.

Lying on the cold operating table, Julie Lin put her legs on the stirrups and raised her hand to touch her belly. "It doesn't matter if it will be painful for me. I want to know whether the baby in my belly will feel the pain."

Seeing the expression on Julie Lin's face, the doctor couldn't help but shake his head. "Do you regret it now? Why didn't you protect yourself at that time? Men can do whatever they want because they don’t have to suffer the consequences. But as a woman, don't you know better? Now that you're pregnant, you want an abortion. It is harmful to your health."

Julie Lin wanted to say that she was not a promiscuous woman and that the child belonged to her legitimate husband. But she held her tongue and smiled bitterly. What was the point of giving explanations now? Since that fateful night, three months ago, her so-called husband, James Leng, hadn't shown his face to Julie Lin. He didn't even answer her calls.

James Leng must have regretted having sex with her again after getting drunk that night.

When the doctor looked at Julie Lin, he felt that she wanted to say something but stopped. He asked impassively, "What's the matter?"

Julie Lin covered her belly. Before the operation, she had felt a sharp pain in her belly, as if her baby was struggling to survive.

She took a deep breath to calm down and looked up at the doctor. "Where is my phone? Can I just see it once again?"

She wanted to give herself and her baby one last chance.

"You are already on the operating table. What else do you want to do now?" asked the doctor impatiently.

Julie Lin tried to sit up and implored the doctor in a soft voice, "Please?"

The doctor let out an exasperated breath and turned to the nurse. "Bring her phone."

Julie Lin immediately dialed James Leng's number. It just kept ringing for a long time. When she was about to give up hope, the call suddenly connected.

"What's wrong with you now?" asked James Leng callously.

Julie Lin explained hurriedly, "After that night, I..."

Before she could finish her sentence, James Leng interrupted, "Don't tell me that you're pregnant! Julie, you are a scheming woman! The first time you slept with me, you leaked it to the media and caused a big scandal. So I was forced to marry you. The second time you slept with me, you got pregnant? What a coincidence! Even if you are carrying my child, I won't accept it. I won't allow a conniving woman like you to give birth to my child. You should be content with the fact that you've become Mrs. Leng. You shouldn't... "

Julie squeezed her eyes shut and hung up the phone. She had expected this response from him, but she also wanted to fight for her child. Smiling wryly, she touched her belly again.

This baby was as unlucky as her. Even before it came into this world, the baby was going to be hated by its biological father. Why should she give birth to this baby and give it the same wretched future as hers? It was already unfortunate that the child was in her womb, if it was born without the love and acceptance of its father, it would have a

horrible fate.

Julie's phone was ringing incessantly. It was James Leng. She could imagine how angry he must be after she hung up while he was still talking. Nobody dared to hang up on the great James Leng!

However, Julie was not affected by him anymore. She turned off her phone and lay back on the operating table. "You can begin," she told the doctor stiffly.

She knew the procedure would be very painful without anesthesia. But Julie believed that since she was going to kill her child, she should bear the pain! This was a punishment she had chosen to give herself!

After the procedure, Julie walked out of the operating room, grimacing in pain. Her face had deathly pallor and her body was trembling slightly.

The doctor reminded her in a low voice, "You'd better not walk around in this condition. Go to the ward next door and get some rest."

Shaking her head, Julie continued walking slowly. She didn't want to stay in the place where her child had died for even one more minute.

A stab of pain washed over her as she grieved for the baby that had been in her belly for the last three months. However, Julie knew that this was the best option for her child. It was better for her baby to not experience this dreadful world.

She leaned against the wall outside the operating room and smiled glumly. Taking a bracing breath, Julie gritted her teeth and trudged out of the hospital.

When she went outside, the sight before her, stopped her in her tracks.

A tall and slender man, wearing a black windbreaker, was standing there. He was very handsome. His eyebrows were thick and his eyes were sharp. His thin lips were angrily pursed.

He stood out among the crowd. His aloof and arrogant attitude made him very attractive. Although people did not dare to look directly at him since he seemed to be in a bad mood, they couldn't resist sneaking a glance at him.

When Julie saw him, a frown creased her brows.

Why had he come to the hospital?

James Leng marched towards Julie and roared, "How dare you hang up on me?"

Lowering her head, Julie looked at her flat belly and sneered, "So what? Anyway, I'm curious. How did you know I'm here?"

Julie had always been an obedient wife to him. Even three months ago, when she was forced to have sex with him, she didn't protest. She merely bit her lip and endured it. Although the circumstances in which they got married were shameful, she still wanted to be a good wife and create a happy family.

Julie had endured the pain at that time because she thought that despite his cold-hearted behavior, James Leng was willing to be close to her and he was ready to treat her like his real wife. He had even called her name gently, "Julie."

But now, everything was destroyed. That night was just another mistake made by him under the influence of alcohol.

"I tracked you using the GPS on your phone. But how dare you talk to me like that?" To his surprise, Julie had snapped at him.

By now Julie's stomach was in excruciating pain. She was almost no longer able to stand, let alone respond to him.

Only then did he notice her ashen face. "What's wrong with you? Why are you in such a hospital?" he asked, as he read the name of the hospital.

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