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   Chapter 132 Moving Out With an Excuse

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But so what?

At least, she didn't have to play the role of a pregnant woman against her will here.

Thinking of the pain in her father's feet, she rolled her eyes and smiled...

"What? It's rare for you to come back at noon, but you said you wanted to move out first? " Donna was shocked. "Isn't it good to live here?"

"No, no," replied Cherry naturally as she helped to fill the bowl. She lowered her eyes and felt a little embarrassed. "In fact, I have thought it through these days. Jonny doesn't want to accept the baby at all... "

"If he doesn't accept it, we'll accept it." Donna was anxious, "Don't be silly. The baby is almost four months old, isn't it? How can you... "

"No, no, no." Cherry waved her hands and said, "I'm the mother of the child. I'll take good care of it. Don't worry. But my father's feet have been painful recently. It's not convenient for him to live alone at night. Besides, I came here to start a new life with Jonny. Since it's impossible, I can't always bother you and Jacob here. "

Before Donna could say anything more, York stopped her.

"Okay." He said calmly, "It's not convenient for you to live with Jacob. By the way, let me hire a nanny for you. She can help you with the housework there. "

Cherry immediately refused, "No, thanks. There are clerks in the restaurant, and I think I should do some work when I am pregnant. I can handle this. "

York smiled.

He appreciated her independence.

"We definitely want the baby. You have to find another mother-in-law in the future. The child will not cause you any burden if we let him or her stay here. I can also find a professional lawyer to draw up an agreement for you. We will compensate you and give you the right to visit. Don't worry. "

Cherry smiled, "No hurry. It's still early. I'll arrange it. Just leave it to me. "

York nodded, "Yes. I'm very satisfied with your ability. What a pity. But Jonny is not a good man. You deserve better. "

After cooking for them, Cherry bowed slightly and said, "Mr. York, Mrs. Donna, please have dinner first. I'll go upstairs to pack my things."

Donna asked in a hurry, "Won't you eat?"

"I'm not hungry." Cherry smiled and said, "I have eaten in the restaurant. Enjoy yourself. "

She walked out of the house of Nalan Clan. The moment she closed the door, she heard York shout at Donna, "Don't keep nagging. She can do whatever she likes. I'm always restless about Jacob and her living together for a long time! "

Donna didn't dare to retort.

Cherry turned around and went upstairs.

She packed her luggage silently. After a long time, a burst of sadness suddenly surged up in her heart.

She wiped her eyes with her hand, and the back of her hand was completely wet.

Oh my God! Did she cry?

When did she become so fragile?

She had already seen through the coldness and warmness of people.

Therefore, it was right for her to leave.

If she was exposed in public, she couldn't imagine the result at all!

But she didn't expect that.

She had lived here


She tried to push him away, but he held her shoulders tightly.

He kissed her.

"Hmm..." She was not prepared, and her eyes were still wide open. The tip of his tongue had quickly opened her thin lips.

She couldn't think of anything else.

Her world was full of his masculine aura.

She wrapped her arms around his neck to shorten the distance between the two.

Unintentionally, she opened her eyes.

She had never seen such a man so close.

He was the one she loved most.

And the most outstanding person in her eyes.

His skin was so envying that even a pore could not be seen.

His slightly narrowed eyes were as deep as the sea and bright black.

Even his eyelashes were as long and curly as dolls.

Why was the God so unfair?

Why he was endowed with such an excellent appearance?

She touched his face.

His eyelashes quivered like a pair of butterflies.

This man was hers.

Her heart was filled with pride.

His face darkened.

Cherry waved her hand and smiled, "Don't worry. I'm not making fun of your skills."

God, she couldn't explain it clearly.

His face was gloomy.

She tried hard to hold back her laughter, even though the smile on the corners of her mouth were still obvious. "Okay, I won't laugh anymore. I have to go out to see how things are going tonight. You can go back first. "

He kissed her so seriously and lovingly, which was totally different from his usual cool look.

She just thought he was cute and funny, but she couldn't say it out now.

Because his face had turned from black to red.

She screamed and was about to run away when he caught her like an eagle catching a chick.

She was a woman who knew what to do at the right time. She immediately pretended to be innocent and said, "I dare not. I will never do that again." Don't hit me. "

His eyes darkened. He snorted and held her up.

He kicked the door open.

He gently put her on the bed, put his hands on it and looked down at her. "You have to pay for making fun of me!"

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