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   Chapter 130 Exposed The Truth

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York became irritated and said, "Mr. Xu, how can you finish the research of this project with your cough like this?"

More importantly, every time he spoke, he was interrupted by the other party's cough. The graduate and doctor students couldn't hear how he arranged the task at all. They only heard a burst of wild coughs.

"I have no choice. I'm getting older and can't stop coughing. Besides, once I coughed, my blood pressure would be high. My wife was very worried that my heart would stop beating if I coughed... "

York rolled his eyes.

'Old man, do you think the funds for this project are too small?'

He rolled his eyes and suddenly smiled, "It's Okay. My son is a quite famous doctor in H City. How about introducing you to him? "

Mr. Xu's eyes lit up. "That's great. I won't stand on ceremony. "

York waved his hand complacently and took out Jacob's name card from his pocket. "Go to the emergency room. You just need to find director Jacob."

The female graduate students exclaimed, "Professor York, how old is your son? Now he's a director? "

With a reserved smile on his face, York replied, "He's not thirty yet. He had been on the headlines of newspapers. In order to keep him, the hospital had offered him many tempting conditions. He wanted to leave, but I told him not to. "

Mr. Xu coughed and smiled, "Professor York, don't be so mean. Show these girls your son's photos. Anyway, it couldn't be bad. Do you know that the second son of Professor York are the famous movie star, Jonny? "

Another scream came.

York's smile froze.

He lowered his head and coughed to cover his embarrassment. "Well, forget it. Let's get back to business..."

The girls still kept asking, "Mr. York, can you ask Jonny for an autograph for me? I really want to take a photo with him. "

York couldn't keep smiling anymore.

That bastard doesn't even admit his wife and child, let alone his father?

He glared at the inexplicable Mr. Xu and said, "Enough! You're almost thirty years old, how can you still want to pursue stars? Among my children, the one who is a star is the least educated and the most spineless! Let's not talk about him. I'll send you this plan! "

The girls were disappointed.

York was even angrier.

'How could Mr. Xu mention the topic I don't want to talk about?'

It was not easy to get rid of these annoying guys. He breathed a sigh of relief and finally calmed down.

He was about to retire.

Someone encouraged him to be the vice president before retirement. He just smiled reserved and said nothing.

He didn't care about fame and fortune.

What he cared about was his children.

If they could do as he had planned, he would have nothing to worry about.

He parked the car in the garage and slowly walked back home with his hands behind his back.

There was nothing else in the afternoon, so he could take a good nap.

When h

face turned red. "Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I want to find another way by myself." Jacob took a tissue and wiped the sweat off his father's forehead.

To be a casino dealer in A City?" York shook off his hand.

"Be a doctor." Jacob didn't mind it at all, as if he was not the one who made his father furious.

He served the dishes for his mother.

"Are you out of your mind? You have been a chief doctor in H City, why do you go to A City and start from scratch? "

"You are right." Jacob nodded.

"Unfortunately, there is no medicine for brainless or regret in the world."

Cherry was worried about him.

York was too angry to say anything.

He sat down on the chair.

The chair shook a few times and he almost fell down.

He was so angry that he jumped up, threw the chair on the ground and stepped hard on it.

Cherry and Jacob looked at each other.

Her eyes were full of worry.

His eyes were calm.

"Father, mind your heart." He changed a chair for his father. "The scenery in A City is very good, and the air is also good. There is no traffic jam, and the housing price is cheap. I can buy you a villa then. "

"I don't want it! There are so many gamblers on the street! "

"The tarts in A City are delicious." Their thoughts were never in the same channel.

York completely gave up.

He stopped talking.

The beef cooked by Cherry tasted good. Although it was a little spicy, York still tried his best to put it into his mouth.

Tears were welling up in his eyes, but he didn't say anything.

Jacob brought a cup of warm water quietly.

He stared at his son with tears in his eyes.

Jacob raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. "Thank you, Dad."

York snatched the glass from his hand and drank it up.

He was indeed his smartest son.

He made him speechless without quarrel.

What else could he say?

What else could he do except agree it?

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