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   Chapter 128 Commit Suicide

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"There is such a person who was driven away by us." One of them said expressionlessly. "He said he wanted to see Mrs. Adela. His attitude was very impolite."

Cherry smiled bitterly, "Do you know where he went?"

The two shook their heads. "He left on foot."

"Left?" That was not good.

Cherry immediately replied to Jacob.

But Jacob was already at the dock.

He had found out Richard's whereabouts at the ticket counter.

"He went to A City and came back to H City when it rained heavily." Biting his lower lip, Jacob asked, "Where did he go?"

He hung up the phone and asked around the dock, saying that there was no one who fell into the water to commit suicide today.

He didn't dare to be careless, and troubled all colleagues and classmates he knew in H City and A City.

If something happened to Richard on the way, he might be sent to the nearest hospital.

Then, the connections in the hospital could help him find him!

And Jacob didn't dare to be idle.

He knew that he had another place to go.

He had been there once.

Therefore, there was a vague impression in his mind.

It rained more and more heavily outside, and a lightning flashed across the sky.

According to Jacob's memory, he parked the car beside the apartment near the university campus.

He knocked on the door of an apartment with a single house.

The rain almost wetted him.

The door opened.

Seeing him, the old woman asked in a bad mood, "Why are you here again? Didn't I give you the key? "

Jacob said politely, "Lady, have you ever seen me?" His heart skipped a beat and his tone became anxious. "Or have you ever seen someone who looks like me very much?"

The old woman looked at him carefully.

He was not the unlucky guy she saw in the evening.

He looked handsomer, taller and more mature.

"Yes. In the evening, like a ghost, he said that he would go back to the place he had rented to pack up. There's nothing there."

The old woman kept nagging, Jacob felt relieved.

Richard was here.

He asked, "Lady, can you take me there? He is my younger brother. I want to find him now. "

The old woman couldn't wait to say, "Take him away as soon as possible. He looks like neither a ghost nor a human. " She took out a large number of keys and tried every one of them.

Although Jacob was very anxious, he couldn't urge her.

"Lady, let me do it." He asked tentatively.

The old woman put the keys into his hand and said, "Take it. You're great, young man. I'm so old, but I haven't seen a handsome and polite boy like you. If I were fifty years younger, I would definitely chase after you. "

Jacob was sweating.

He finally opened the door.

A musty smell filled the room.

The water splashed.

The old woman's heart ached. "That bastard used my water for nothing? You have to pay for the water! "

She was a frugal woman. She rushed into the bathroom and was about to turn off the water.

She screamed as soon as she entered the bathroo

oom, York stopped him.

"You have made such a big mistake. Don't you want to say anything to us?" York yelled, "You know, we have been worried about you all night! Is this what you should do? "

Richard just smiled coldly, "Isn't this the result you want to send me the invitation?"

York trembled with anger. "You unfilial son! What else can you do except making trouble and talking back? "

"Anyway, you don't care what I can do!"

York couldn't help but rush over and raised his hand, trying to slap him.

Richard raised his head and was about to take the slap.

Anyway, he was used to being beaten.

Cherry was shocked.

But the one who moved faster was Jacob.

He suddenly took a step forward and held his father's hand.

"What are you doing, Jacob?" He was even more furious.

Richard looked at his brother in a daze.

In her impression, his elder brother would only take action when his mother was beaten.

"Dad, that's enough." Jacob said faintly, "Richard is injured. Let him go."

"Doesn't he need to be punished for doing something wrong?" York glared at his son.

Lowering his eyebrows, Jacob asked, "What if you did something wrong? Richard is an adult now. You can't tie him up for the rest of his life! He should go by himself, to know what is right and wrong, and to bear the consequences. We have made a mistake. He is now like this... "

Cherry couldn't help but step forward and grabbed Jacob's sleeve.

What was he talking about?

York was stunned. "You, you said I did something wrong?"

"Yes." Raising his eyebrows, Jacob continued, "If we hadn't torn them apart, Richard would have gotten married. It's irreparable. You still want to hurt him... Is it fair? " He said sincerely, "Dad, although we are your children, please allow us to live for ourselves, okay? Your likes and dislikes are not our likes and dislikes! "

York raised the other hand and punched hard on Jacob's face.

He could dodge.

But he didn't.

He was punched.

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