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   Chapter 57 That's Enough

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'Yes, hurry up.'

She was afraid that if she hesitated for two more steps, she would even beg him not to abandon her.

It was the first time that she relied on someone so much.

She missed him every day.

She always thought about what he liked to eat and what he was doing. She wanted to stick to him and look at him all the time.

However, he felt that he had had enough.

He couldn't accept the fact that she had an affair with his younger brother.

She cried and rushed to her car.

"What's wrong, Cherry?" asked Jonny, dashing towards her.

Cherry stood with her back to him.

Tears coursed down her face.

She took a deep breath and stopped crying.

Although her voice was choked with sobs, it was still calm. "Are you satisfied?"

Jonny was stunned, "I... Satisfied? " He pointed at his nose and didn't know what she was talking about.

She endured the sadness and said, "He doesn't want me anymore. Are you satisfied now? " She looked back at him and said, "Okay, it's up to you. How do you want to publicize it? I will cooperate with you, and I will also have conditions to be satisfied by you. Jonny, you win this time! "

She jumped into the car and slammed the door.

Jonny was still in a daze when he saw Cherry's car driving away at a fast speed.

He abandoned her?

His brother?

What happened?

He shook his head, dizzy and unable to think!

As soon as Donna opened the door, she felt dizzy in the fragrance of roses.

She could hardly see her son. All she could see were fresh roses, which covered Jacob's whole body.

She was elated, "Are those from a girl? !"

With a smile on his face, Jacob said, "No." He said coldly, "It's the flowers you asked me to plant before. I cut them and return them to you."

"Can't you be more generous? Why not give the roses to other colleagues or please girls? Tell me, you can carry them home by yourself... "

Before she finished her words, Jacob didn't want to listen to her anymore.

A large bouquet of roses was taken into the room. "If you don't want them, forget it."

Donna stomped her feet and said, "This ignorant child..."

The door was closed.

She was so angry.

This son was not easy to deal with!

She glanced at the newspaper on the sofa and murmured, "He threw it away again!" She picked it up and saw a huge picture of Jonny and Cherry, who were kissing.

She glanced at it and muttered, "Isn't it the previous assistant?"

She became anxious and rushed to the room. "York, come and have a look. Our son has finally made a serious girlfriend..."

Cherry was indeed a good girl.

Well, since the eldest son didn't like it, it would be a good thing for the second son to match her!

It wasn't just the Nelson Clan who saw the news.

And Sarah.

The make-up artist was busy fixing her make-up. No matter how much makeup she had, the gloom on her face could not be hidden.

That's too much.

Jonny was indeed a passionate man.


a beautiful face. It was easy for her to be popular.

The host wiped his nose subconsciously and said, "Wow, she is so attractive."

The audience exclaimed.

"Damn it! This decisively is the goddess of the otaku men. She will be famous before the play is broadcast, okay?

"You are so beautiful. I wonder if anyone would like to taste the delicious food made by this pair of jade hands?" After the host finished his suspense, the men off the stage all raised their hands and said, "I... I..."

The host chuckled.

"Okay, please bring the stove now and let Miss Sarah cook for us!"

One for a team.

The other one was a supporting actress in the crew.

She cut the tomato skillfully.

Sarah had no choice.

She picked up a knife and chose a green pepper.

She didn't know what to cook. Only this one was closest to her.

A green pepper was cut into three pieces of different sizes.

She didn't wash them, but threw them directly into the hot fried pot.

A puff of white smoke rose quickly.

The burning and spicy smell filled the whole studio.

Frightened, Sarah screamed and ran back.

Jonny rushed over, "Are you stupid? At least put some oil in it. " He reminded her.

Sarah covered her ear with one hand and poured half a bottle of oil with the other hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh...

Everyone in the studio was stunned.

Those who volunteered to taste the food just now regretted deeply.

Sarah was even more frightened. She hid behind Jonny and didn't even have the courage to poke her head out.

The host had to pull her out and said, "You should at least fry them."

The poor three pieces of green pepper were fried in half pot of oil. The surface was burnt, but the inside was probably crisp.

Sarah was about to cry.

But she was still very strong. She took the spatula and turned the green pepper hard.

The oil splashed on the stove and the pot was burning.

Jonny picked up the lid of the pot, but it was too late.

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