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   Chapter 50 It's Over

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She put the bag on the passenger seat and suddenly covered her face.

He gave her the detailed prescription.

He did the gastroscopy for her.

He brought her this box of mushroom.

She was not a stupid woman.

So she understood what he meant.

All his indifference only showed what he meant at the moment.

'It's over.

Don't mess it up again.'


She would cooperate with his decision.

She rubbed her face.

She was also an adult. Since it was not appropriate to be together, it was better to end it before everything started. This was the most rational way.

As for reluctance, as for attachment, it was unnecessary.

She took a deep breath and started the car.

He had made up his mind. Ok, she would cooperate.

Cherry went to the lawyer's office.

She didn't eat anything.

She always felt a faint discomfort in her stomach after the gastroscopy.

The lawyer sent two lawyer letters to the newspaper on behalf of her.

She carefully made a copy and prepared to use it at the press conference tomorrow.

'Son of a bitch! How dare they play tricks on me? '

They dared to sneak into her office to take photos. They should be able to bear her anger.

Now, it was the only way for her to clarify.

To be on the safe side, she asked the lawyer to report the case to the police station on behalf of her.

The lawyer had dealt with her since she was an agent.

Seeing that she was so determined, he couldn't help persuading, "Cherry, it's just a competition between the two companies. If you do as what Jonny said, the reporters can't get what they want. But now you insist on doing so. Both sides are offended by you. Cherry, is it necessary? "

Cherry lowered her head and curled her lips, "Yes. I have my own things to stick to. Why should I sacrifice for them? It's none of my business. "

The lawyer was stunned for a moment, and then sighed, "Cherry, you have changed. In the past, you would definitely minimize the damage of the matter. No one would be offended, and everyone could be pleased by you. Now you..."

He didn't continue.

She smiled.

Did he want to say that she had become lofty? With strong personality? And principled?

How could the sophisticated woman like Cherry become like this?

Did that person change her?

She couldn't help thinking of what he had said.

If she was afraid, if she gave in, she would lose what she had always attached great importance to.

But he didn't believe her anymore.

However, she had already decided to give up...

She didn't want to think about it anymore.

"Yes. I have changed. I have made up my mind. " She stood up and said, "Oakes, please help me win the case."

The lawyer nodded, "No problem."

He had already known that the photos were taken secretly, that they broke into a private house, that they slandered her and spread rumors, and that Cherry was good at stirring up trouble, and that the public opinion was biased.

On the morning of the second day, Cherry held a press conference on her own.

s so arrogant.'

Of course Adela wouldn't agree.

However, Fitch was a famous matchmaker in the Department. With his help, several suitable men and women in the school became lovers. How could this famous warm-hearted person let her go?

She was bombarded by him these days.

Anyway, if Adela didn't go to see this condescending Professor's son, Fitch would definitely annoy her for a lifetime.

Well, she would accept it.

"Okay. I'll see him. "

Fitch was overjoyed. "You won't regret it. He is the best-looking one of York Nelson's four children, better looking than Richard Nelson. You will be satisfied with him. He is also a deputy chief physician. It's a natural match for you, a university lecturer. "

Adela smiled awkwardly.

The other party made an appointment, and Adela didn't show weakness. "Okay. I'll decide the place. I'm a girl. I should be careful, right? "

Fitch couldn't help complaining.

She was a girl?

She was stronger most women.

He should say that she could be treated as a man.

But he couldn't tell her.

He could only nod and say, "Of course. You decide the place."

Adela was complacent.

If that man had a crush on her, it didn't matter. As long as Cherry came out and walked around, she could deal with him.

As long as he had eyes, he could see that Cherry was more suitable to be his wife than her.

She chuckled. She really admired her intelligence.

At the noon of the day Adela booked the restaurant, Jacob was called back home by her mother, who urged her many times.

He walked into the garage with Simon and slammed the door more violently. The poor door made a loud noise. Simon shrank his neck and asked, "What's wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood recently... "

Jacob glanced at him.

Simon touched his head and said, "I forgot that you have always been like this. Life... "

"Shut up!" Said Jacob coldly.

Simon sat on the passenger seat silently.

"I won't drive tonight," said Jacob lightly. "After the emergency, drink with me."

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