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   Chapter 49 Gastroscopy

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No matter what he thought or what he thought of her, she cared more about was to win the trust of Jacob than to act with Jonny and publicize his new movie.

What had never happened could never leave any stain in his heart.

He nodded.

"Okay." He simply replied and stood up. "I'll take you to the examination room."

"Will you do it for me?" She said naughtily, "I don't believe others."

She took a few steps forward and was only one step away from him.

She clearly felt that his body was stiff.

Then he pulled the corners of his mouth and said, "Of course I will do it."

He walked a few steps faster and led her into the examination room.

"Lie down first." His warm palm held her shoulder, and he frowned. "You just ran out like this?"

Most of her breasts were exposed outside, and her snow-white skin was almost dazzling.

Cherry smiled, "If didn't dress like this, how could those reporters let me go?"

His face froze. While fiddling with the instrument, he lowered his head and said, "Then you should come a few days later."

"I'm trying to solve it." She didn't take her eyes off him. "Those damn guys came to my office. They might have installed bugs or something. Fortunately, I have installed a closed circuit monitor, I must sue them."

But Jacob was not interested at all.

He called a nurse, pushed Cherry to lie on her side and bent her legs.

"Aren't you curious about what I'm going to do?" She couldn't help but ask.

The mouth cushion was stuffed into her mouth, and she couldn't speak at once.

He was wearing a mask, and the needle punctured her precisely.

She felt her throat numb, not to mention talking, and even the feeling of swallowing gradually numbed.

"I'm not curious. If you don't solve it, Jonny will. " He said expressionlessly.

"Take a deep breath with your nose. Don't move your head and relax yourself."

He stood in front of her with a tube.

He was so close to her that he could see her swallowing.

The tube went through the mouth cushion and entered her mouth. When it was inserted into the root of her tongue to the entrance of her stomach, he whispered, "Do something to swallow."

She struggled to move her numb throat muscles.

The feeling of being penetrated made her sick to the extreme.

She really wanted to throw up...

He felt the resistance and stopped.

Wearing a mask, he said in a colder voice, "Have a rest. Take a breath with your nose. Yes. "

She swallowed the hard lump in her throat, and his probe mirror was sent again.

Her breath paused for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

After the process of swallowing, the rest part was obviously much easier.

He patiently adjusted the angle, and it quickly and lightly penetrated into her stomach.

She didn't feel any pain, only endless embarrassment.

He didn't allow her to swallow the saliva. The saliva could only slowly flow along her lips into the well placed plate beside her mouth.

She was so embarrassed, but he was so concentrated in front of her and carefully operated the stomach mirror.

She wanted to say something, but he wouldn't let her.

He wouldn't allow

with me. My lounge is next to the emergency room. You can go back after half an hour's rest, just in case. "

She walked closer to him and asked deliberately, "I'm afraid I'll be very angry these two days. You'd better prescribe some medicine for me to prevent it. Didn't you say that if I was angry, I would have a stomachache? "

He turned around and glanced at her without any emotion. "Habit cures habit. You can go to whoever piss you off. "

After saying that, he strode out of the examination room.

Cherry bit her lower lip and followed him closely.

"Have you seen those reports?" She hesitated for a long time and finally asked.

As soon as he entered the noisy emergency room, the consulting noise of the women in Z Country completely drowned his echo.

He sat down, and a group of people surrounded him, talking about their disease with all their might.

Cherry was pushed to the back and almost fell down.

A young nurse quickly walked over and asked, "Miss Cherry, right? Doctor Jacob told me to take you to his lounge. "

Across the crowd, he was still calmly writing computer prescriptions on the keyboard.

She took a deep breath dejectedly.

"No, thanks." She was a little disappointed. "I think there is no problem. I'll go back first."

He couldn't notice her anyway.

A strong sense of loss almost drowned her.

She sat back in the car and took out a box of preserves to eat.

As soon as the disgust in her throat was suppressed, there was a knock on the window.

The beautiful nurse just now handed a box of almost original ecological packaged mushroom into the car. "Dr. Jacob said that since you want to leave, you should take it away. It's good for your health."

The nurse ran away as soon as she finished her words.

Holding the box of mushroom in her hand, Cherry couldn't help but lower her head and smell it.

They were large mushrooms with yellow bulges and a faint bitter fragrance. It was wrapped in the original ecological way, which meant that it was pure and precious.

Her eyes turned red.

What's the point of giving her this?

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