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   Chapter 44 It Is Always Cold in the High Place.

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He felt pity for her.

She was just a weak woman, but like a man, she carried a box of red wine, bought goods and ran all over the vegetable market...

She was a good woman, but unfortunately, she had to do the man's work.

He sighed, "Cherry, it's too hard. Why don't you come with me?"

Cherry couldn't help laughing, "I'm not interested in it." Although her income was not as stable as before, she could do what she liked and say what she wanted to say. That feeling was really wonderful.

"I don't want to die at home for no reason one day." She quickly turned the steering wheel and put the car on the opposite road. "Where can I send you?"

He looked up at the roof of the car and said, "I can't go anywhere." He smiled dejectedly. "I'm not welcome anywhere. Cherry, you are right. Sooner or later, you will become a rat crossing the street in this industry. It was so lively in the crowd, but in fact, everyone wanted to stab you in the heart. I don't want to drink, and I want to accompany someone I don't want to. Damn it, it's so disgusting that I want to throw up! "

Cherry looked at him in surprise, "Jonny, this... Is that what you will say? " She couldn't help laughing, "Don't be kidding. How much have you paid and suffered to be who you are today? How can I not know? It is always cold in the high place. Don't say that you are desperate to retreat, I won't believe you. "

Jonny burst into laughter.

He covered his eyes.

Because tears were flowing in his eyes.

"I've really thought that if everything goes well, I'll quit this circle of gossip and change to business this year... Unfortunately... "

Frowning, Cherry listened quietly.

Jonny's family didn't have a strong economic background. If he wanted to do business, he could only rely on other conditions.

After thinking for a while, she asked, "Sarah?"

She suddenly realized, "Is this the reason why you are so persistent with her?"

Behind Sarah, there was a powerful background of the Mu Clan. Not to mention in A City, even in H City, it was powerful. There was such a good dock. No wonder Jonny wanted to go ashore.

"Don't talk about me as utilitarian, okay?" Jonny blinked away the tears in his eyes. "Can't you think that I am deeply attracted by her beauty?"

"If she doesn't have such a powerful background, your interest in her won't last more than a week." Cherry exposed him ruthlessly.

Jonny burst into laughter. He held her in his arms intimately and said, "Cherry, why are you so sharp tongued? In the past, I sometimes thought of a question. If I really couldn't find a companion, I could make do with you. To think about it now. You are so glib. I shouldn't have come up with such an idea. "

Cherry was shocked, "Don't be so aggrieved, okay? I haven't considered you at all, have I? Don't flatter yourself. "

Jonny got close to her and rubbed her pink face, "Cherry, it's too hurtful to say that. I'm so handsome. Haven't you ev

recious bottle. "It's just Lafite. I have several boxes at home. The worst result is that I'll ask someone to send one box to you tomorrow. Now I'm in a bad mood. Why are you so mean? "

Cherry's eyes turned red, "That's a gift from him. How can they be the same?"

"Him?" Jonny pulled out his voice and said, "Oh, no wonder you didn't allow me to call you the golden leftover girl. It turns out that you have a boyfriend!"

Cherry blushed and said, "Nonsense. I didn't say anything. "

"Not bad. In the past few months, you have owned a restaurant, money and even a boyfriend. No wonder you refused to come back! "

Cherry only cared about the wine and said, "He gave it to me when I began the restaurant. Give it back to me."


Jonny snorted.

There was really a man!

He poured another glass of wine and said, "Forget it. Now the wine is open. If you don't drink it up, it will break down in a few days. At that time, what you stay is only a bottle of brown sugar water. Why don't you enjoy it with me now? Or you will regret it. "

Cherry bit her lower lip and could only see him laughing and drinking another glass of wine.

"Drink to death early in the morning." She complained.

Jonny didn't mind at all.

He poured a glass of wine for her and said, "Since you know it's not good to drink on an empty stomach in the early morning, I can order a few dishes. We haven't had dinner together for a long time. I'll book your place today."

"My guests have booked the tables, but you don't have a seat." She said angrily, but she still went to the kitchen and ordered to cook a few dishes.

"Why are you so lazy as a boss?" Watching the waiter serve the dishes, Jonny lay comfortably on the small bed in the cubicle, complaining.

Cherry kicked him, "Get up! Don't lie on my bed. That's where I take a nap! "

Jonny smiled, "Oh, a place for lunch break with him?"

She blushed and said, "He's not as dirty as you. He is a gentleman! "

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