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   Chapter 33 Interview

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Before she entered the He Group, a familiar figure came over.

She suddenly stopped.

The man was dressed in a light blue suit. The corners of his mouth curved up, and his expression was still unruly.

He glanced at the people beside him with a faint smile, brushed past Nancy and walked out of the He Group.

Nancy looked at him in a daze.

That person, it was that man...

She thought for a second and rushed out.

The man had already got in the car. He stepped on the gas and drove away.

Nancy chased after him regardless of anything.

At least, she had to know who he was!

The car was driving very fast. She chased after it in vain and shouted, "Hello... Stop for a while... "

The road was crowded with cars.

A taxi slammed on the brake in front of her, but she couldn't dodge. She sprained her ankle and fell to the ground.

"You're courting death!" The driver stuck his face out of the window and cursed.

Nancy couldn't stand it anymore.

She cried sadly.

The bag was thrown on the ground, and the change was scattered all over the ground.

Her makeup was ruined by tears.

Her beautiful clothes were also stained with dust.

But the most sad thing was that she brushed past that man.

But that person had already forgotten her...

She covered her face and cried so sadly that she even forgot about the interview...

"Mr. Moore, there seemed to be a girl chasing our car just now..." The driver said gingerly.

"Leave her alone." Moore stretched himself and said, "I don't know her."

Be rather baffling.

Since Nancy wasn't in the mood for an interview, she decided not to go to the He Group.

She went back home in a daze.

"Nancy, I've been calling you. Why didn't you answer it?" Donna chattered.

"Mom, I took the wrong bag and didn't take my phone. How could you find me?" She was depressed.

"Okay." Donna looked at her daughter's ruined makeup and asked, "Why are you so embarrassed? Did the interviewer ask you to carry the sandbag? "

Nancy was not in the mood to joke. She kicked her shoes and went into her room. "Bang!" she closed the door.

Donna wanted to say more, but Jacob shook her head and said, "Let her go."

It was obvious that she had failed the interview. Why bother asking?

"It doesn't matter if she failed in the interview. The most important thing is not to fail in the blind date on weekend." Said Donna in a low voice.

Jacob smiled bitterly.

Did his parents think that everything would be fine after Nancy got married?

He sighed.

The matter was far more serious than what Nancy thought.

On the weekend, York specially gave himself a holiday. He carefully adjusted his tie in front of the dressing mirror.

Nancy had a bad feeling.

"Dad, where are you going?"

"Do you still want to ask? I'll go with you. " Donna was still ironing York's suit.

Nancy was thunderstruck.

'Come on, I'll leave as soon as I finish

rned off the phone he sent her.

The little hope that had been ignited was extinguished in this way.

He didn't know what went wrong.

Maybe everything had become ridiculous since he hugged this little girl that night?

Nancy smiled foolishly and said, "This name is really suitable for you."

Moore narrowed his eyes.

This guy!

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "Come on, get in the car."

He jumped into his sports car.

Nancy gasped.

Damn it! He was the owner of the sports car she had just praised!

"Is it... your car?"

He looked at her indifferently in his seat and said, "Yes. You can choose to get in or go upstairs. "

He pretended to close the door, but she dodged and got into the passenger seat.

There were only two seats in the car. The two of them sat in and were almost close to each other.

She blushed and lowered her head to look for the seat belt to hide her excitement. "I... I didn't expect to meet you here... "

This girl showed all her happiness, anger and sorrow on her pink face.

He raised his eyebrows and said, "You didn't expect that? Have you ever thought of me? " He smiled wickedly, "What have you ever thought about me?" He smiled, "Do you miss what happened in my villa that day?"

Her face turned purple.

"You... Don't talk nonsense... " She was saying that, but the expression on her face was telling the truth. What he said was true.

He frowned.

He didn't want to be tied up with this girl like this. What he liked and pursued was Cherry.

He rolled his eyes and put on his windproof glasses. "I think you don't mind me driving faster, do you?"

"What?" Before she came to her senses, the car roared and rushed out.

Nancy screamed. As soon as the convertible was opened, a huge wave of wind poured into the car, blocking her throat tightly.


Moore smiled slyly.

He stepped on the gas again. The car roared and drove faster and faster.

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