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   Chapter 30 Forget It

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The ball continued downstairs.

She was not in the mood to stay.

She passed through the crowd and came to the outside of the hall.

She didn't know where her brother had gone and she didn't know where she should go.

The garden downstairs was completely dark.

She sat alone on the carved iron chair in the garden.

Her palm still carried the warmth of the man.

She pressed her fingertips on her lips.

Her lips were red and swollen.

But he said that he just mistook her for someone else...

This was her first kiss.

There were a few people running in and out of the hall.

Nancy lowered her head and didn't raise her head until another pair of crystal like shoes appeared in her sight.

In her sight, there was a face with the same astonishment.

The woman was quite good-looking and had a pair of straight eyebrows, which made her a little heroic.

More importantly, the woman's clothes were very similar to hers. The sky blue princess dress, the low chest, and the smooth skin...

"You..." The two of them spoke at the same time.

While Nancy was still blinking her eyes, the woman asked first, "Are you Nancy Nelson?"

"Uh... Yes, I am... " Nancy was still confused.

"Great! I found you." The woman sat beside her.

She pulled up the hemline of her dress, looking extremely unrestrained. With a pull of her handbag in the same color, she took out her mobile phone.

"Your brother is looking for you crazily." Cherry dialed the number of Jacob.

After a few hasty words, she quickly ended the call, turned her head and smiled at Nancy, "Hello, I'm a friend of Jacob. My name is Cherry."

Nancy opened and closed her mouth, "Ah... Oh... " She was completely out of her mind.

"Where have you been? Your brother has lost you and is looking for you all over the world. He will show up in less than three minutes. " Said Cherry with a smile. She seemed to be familiar with her as if they had known each other for a long time.

Nancy frowned.

Where did she go?

Could she say that she was "snatched" upstairs by a man, kissed crazily, and was driven out again?

Seeing that she didn't look well, Cherry didn't force her, "Are you thirsty? Wait for him here. I'll bring you some drinks. "

She thought, maybe, as for where she had gone, she was only willing to share it with her brother. As for herself, as an outsider, she'd better hide aside.

As expected, as soon as she stood up, Jacob ran over.

As soon as he rushed in front of Nancy, he pulled a long face and said seriously, "You little girl! Where have you been?! You... " He bit his lower lip, worried and scared.

Nancy looked at him with tears in her eyes.

But Jacob managed to soften his voice and said, "Tell me, how anxious should I be when you run around so randomly?"

Cherry pulled him and winked at him.

When she looked at Nancy, her face was still smiling. "I'll bring you a cup of drink. After that, I'll drive you back. I drove here myself. "

Jacob held back his anger, and Cherry considerately pulled him to sit down. As soon as she came in and out, she had already brought two cups of dragon fruit juice in her hands. "Made with absolute conscience. I just made it tonight. There are only two glasses left. "


He seemed to be struggling.

With a slight glance, he continued to look straight ahead.

It disappeared in an instant.

She didn't want to waste time guessing.

The door of Cherry's restaurant had been closed.

She opened the back door and let Jacob in.

The kitchen was spotless. A satisfied smile appeared on Jacob's face.

No matter how sophisticated Cherry was, she had to pay attention to the two words "conscience".

Therefore, this kind of person was much more tired than ordinary cunning people.

She didn't care about his existence at all. "Sit down as you like. If you think it's too greasy here, you can sit in the front hall."

"Do your work. I can help myself." He sat down on a clean chair.

She quickly put on the apron.

There was no need to open the freezer.

When she left, she had already put the shrimp in the sink to unfreeze it.

When she got it, the ice had melted.

She washed the shrimp and cut off the head and tail completely, removed the shell from the shrimp meat, and sliced it into thin slices.

The oil was burning hot.

The tender shrimp meat was fried in the frying pan and curled up quickly.

Before the shrimp meat getting old, Cherry had already quickly fished them out.

The shrimp's head and tail were also fried in the oil pot. The color was bright and tempting red.

The clean white porcelain plate had been put on the table.

Before the shrimp meat turned cold, she had put on disposable gloves and skillfully put them in the plate.

The big Arctic shrimp raised its head and tail high, and the shrimp meet were circled in circles like peacock opening its tail and stuffed in the middle of its head and tail.

With such a high-profile posture, presumably, the shrimp had never thought that his final destination would be like this.

The mixed sauce and coriander spilled on the shrimp. The kitchen was filled with the strong flavor of sauce and the crispy taste of shrimp.

No wonder people said that a serious woman was the most beautiful.

At this moment, Cherry, like a strict artist, looked at the shrimp tail with picky eyes.

"Good." He opened his mouth rarely.

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