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   Chapter 29 Get the Wrong Person

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How dare Nancy call his name directly?

He looked at her suspiciously. He couldn't see any difference between them through the mask.

"Aren't you Nancy?"

Cherry bit her lip and took off the mask on her face. She said angrily, "Do you think I am? Jonny? "

He had mistaken her for someone else. Now, she couldn't even lie to herself that he was just too shy to come to see her.

Blinking his eyes for two times, Jacob also took off his mask and said, "Cherry? How could it be you? "

He was still holding her hand. She felt a little bitter and pulled out her soft hand from his palm. "You can be here. Why can't I? "

She snorted coldly, turned around and walked inside.

He reached out to pull her, but felt that it was not appropriate, so he whispered, "It's too unsafe inside. Wait for me outside. I'll drive you back later. "

He thought for a while and his face changed greatly. "I pulled you out. What about my little sister?"

Stay inside?

He rushed back to the hall in panic.

The light blue figure was nowhere to be seen in the room. There were fluorescence everywhere, as well as the screams and snickers of women and men.

God, he lost Nancy!

Where was Nancy now?

She walked to the front of the juice. As soon as she picked up a glass, all the lights were turned off.

She took a deep breath and her hand was held exactly.

She looked back in horror, and her slender waist had fallen into a man's hand.

The man held her in his arms with a faint smile on his face.

He didn't wear a mask like others, so his handsome features were clearly seen by her under the slight moonlight.

He was very handsome.

Especially when he smiled, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, he looked indescribably bad.

Nancy forgot to scream.

She looked at the man in a daze and stammered, "You... What do you want? "

The man's smile deepened. "Don't you know?" He got close to her, and his warm breath sprayed on her earlobe. "From the first time I saw you, you are my angel..."

Nancy wanted to say that it was the first time that the two of them met tonight.

However, her tongue didn't listen to her at all.

He continued, "Do you know? How hard did I take to ask you out? I'm so afraid to scare you away at once... You are a treasure and you are an angel. How much I want to take care of you... "

"Don't... Don't... "

His heart melted.

Under the bright light, she seemed to be in a proper way. Once she met someone she liked, she would surrender to his charm under the dim light.

'Cherry, can I get you tonight?'

He chuckled, "Sensitive little thing. Did anyone tell you that you were really beautiful tonight? What a pity! If you wear the pink diamond necklace, you will be more eye-catching tonight. " He paused, "But I don't mind. You can be beautiful in front of me alone."

ery smart person. He had completely entered the information of all the guests tonight into the intelligent system. He did not remember on one's family name was Nelson from any famous family in the city he had invited. His only impression was that star, Jonny Nelson.

"What's your relationship with Jonny Nelson?" He asked harshly.

Nancy was like a frightened rabbit. She took a step back and bit her lower lip. "He, he is my brother..."

Moore snorted.

An ordinary star.

An actor, no matter how much money he earned, could not be regarded as a celebrity. After all, he was not presentable. Inviting him here was just to entertain the public.

How could a sister of such a person be a good person?

He looked down at the clothes on Nancy and smiled coldly, "Good clothes."

He took two steps back and pressed the switch.

The door of the wall had been opened with a loud bang.

"Please go out." Although his words were polite, there was infinite coldness in them.

Her heart was like falling into a cold abyss.

She wanted to explain, "I..."

It was he who carried her here, kissed and touched her, and took advantage of her. Why did he look like this now?

She was extremely embarrassed. "I refused just now. It's you..."

"Yes, it's me." He didn't mean to apologize at all. "I'm sorry. I got the wrong person."

She looked at him blankly and walked up numbly.

Her stilettos were so thin that their tips almost broke when she stepped on the earth.

The man behind her looked at her back coldly and didn't want to help her at all.

She staggered out of the garden.

Another "boom".

The door was closed.

She suddenly looked back.

The man had disappeared behind the wall.

The feeling of loss filled her heart.

Who was that man?

Who did he think she was?

Did he like that person very much?

While she was thinking, her eyes turned red.

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