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   Chapter 28 the Dress Ball

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Looking at Jacob who wearing a silver mask and a white shirt, Nancy was stunned for half a second and said, "You look like a magician."

Hearing that, Jacob raised his eyebrows without saying anything.

The car stopped in front of a villa halfway up the mountain.

Everyone in and out of the hall wore a mask.

There was a telepathy device on the huge carved door. All the guests took out their own invitation cards and gently pressed on it. The telepathy device made a slight sound.

Nancy also quickly took out the invitation card from her second elder brother and pressed on it.

"Welcome, Mr. Nelson."

"It's amazing." Nancy blinked her eyes and said, "I can't believe that everyone has the identity recognition."

She looked over the invitation card and couldn't see where the chip was.

"Let's go." Jacob pulled her back.

Moore stood beside Cherry.

"I'm so happy that you can come tonight." Although she was wearing a mask, the dress she wore was chosen by him and sent to her. Therefore, as soon as she pressed the card on the door, he knew and immediately came out to welcome her.

"But why don't you wear the necklace I gave you?" Moore said sadly.

"Uh... That's too expensive. " Cherry put the pink box in his hand and said, "So I don't dare to wear it randomly. I can wash it if the dress is dirty. But if I lose the necklace, I can't afford to pay for it even if you kill me."

Holding her hand, Moore asked, "You don't need to pay for it. If you lose it, I'll buy it again. "

Cherry blinked, "Didn't you say that you wanted me to cook? I'm going to the kitchen. There are more and more guests... "

Moore followed her reluctantly. "Yes, I don't want to leave you, but it's your pleasure..."

The smile on Cherry's face froze.

She shouldn't have come.

Such an obvious favor, how could she pretend to not know?

Fortunately, there was a kitchen for her to hide.

"Moore." Moore wanted to follow her into the kitchen, but was stopped by someone behind him.

He turned around impatiently and mumbled, "Dad..."

"Well, the guests are almost here. I'll take you to meet some uncles first. They are in the reception room. "

"But the hall is full of young people who came here to attend the makeup ball. I don't think it's appropriate for me to leave like this." Moore said unwillingly.

"Anyway, you know it's a masked ball. Who knows which one is you? You promised me that you would use this ball to build a good relationship with the business world. Don't you keep your promise? " His father frowned.

"Okay." said Moore helplessly. He looked at the kitchen with reluctance.

"You have a crush on a girl?" Peter looked at him indifferently and said, "You can have fun, but after you finish the business."

Moore glanced at him and said, "Dad, please don't mention it to me now, okay?" He covered his chest and said, "Well, the wound seems to be g

en to fight for the prey they liked.

She was held tightly in the man's arms. "I like you so much. That man won't find you again. You are mine now..."

The man leaned over and wanted to kiss her.

She turned her face away and stepped hard on the back of the man's foot.

She bit her lower lip and twisted her sharp heel on the man's shoes. "I'm sorry. I can't see anything..."

The man screamed like a pig.

She suddenly stepped back, lifted one of her legs and kicked back hard with her toes.

How could the man stand this? He had jumped up and shouted.

The crowd was filled with screams and coquettish voices of women, who were pretending to refuse.

Most of the guests were the sons or daughters of the upper class.

Who had a clean background?

But this didn't include Cherry at all.

Another man rushed to her.

Cherry couldn't see who it was. She took a step back and was caught by the man.

"Let me go!" Cherry struggled.

"It's me, Nancy!" The man's voice sounded quite familiar.

He didn't look at her much. He just stared at the man in front of her and said, "Bastard!" Jacob narrowed his eyes, which were shining with danger. "We won't stay in such a place. Nancy, let's go!"

Cherry's mind went blank.


"I... I am not... "

"Do you still want to stay here?" The man stared at her and lowered his voice. "There are so many shameless people in the hall!"

As soon as he finished his words, he grabbed Cherry's hand and dragged her all the way to the door.

"Oh, let me go!" Although she wasn't sure about that man's voice, she still had a vague guess. "Are you Jacob?"

The man stopped.

They were already standing at the door, and the light in the courtyard was bright.

He looked down at the person beside him.

The mask was silver, and the dress was light blue. It was the same princess dress, which was obviously Nancy's wear.

But it was obviously not her voice.

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