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   Chapter 26 Overbearing Man

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"Thank you tonight. Have an early rest! I'm not going to the restaurant tomorrow morning. " She rubbed her face. "I'm so sleepy that I'll fall asleep soon."

"Then don't drive." He said directly, "I have a place to sleep here."

"No." She stuck out her tongue naughtily and said, "That's not good."

There was no smile on his face, and there was an indescribable emotion in his eyes, which made her bite her lower lip.

When she was about to take back her words, he reached out, took her key and walked in front of her.

There was no need to guess that he wanted to send her back by himself.

"It's not easy to come back later." She hurried up.

He ignored her.


She wrinkled her nose and complained in her heart.

She felt a little uneasy.

Was he angry just now?

At noon of the second day, Cherry finally rushed to open her restaurant.

In fact, she had slept for less than two hours, but what she was worried about was that the shop had just started the restaurant and suddenly stopped. The customers she had tried hard to invite might run away.

No matter how difficult it was, she had to insist.

When she just arrived, there were already many people standing at the door.

She was startled and hurried over. "This is..."

Several workers stared at them at the door.

As soon as they saw Cherry, a man immediately bowed and said, "Miss Cherry, we are called here by Mr. Moore."

"Well..." They pulled the car behind them, and boxes of expensive ingredients were carried out and placed in front of her.

She opened her eyes wide and said, "These are..."

"Mr. Moore thinks that since you're the owner of the restaurant, these ingredients should be necessary. Mr. Moore said that he would come to taste the food cooked by you after he was discharged from the hospital. "

Cherry took a deep breath.

Things seemed to go beyond her expectation.

However, this was how the rich express their gratitude and kindness.

She didn't think there was anything wrong.

"Thank Mr. Moore." She accepted it with a smile.

They moved quickly.

Several boxes of delicate ingredients were sent into the freezer.

Several boxes of good wine were placed on the counter.

A mobile phone without a brand was placed in front of Cherry.

She asked, "What's this?"

"This is the mobile phone for Mr. Moore contacts with you. Mr. Moore will contact you at this number. We are leaving now. "

As soon as the door was closed, he stepped on the gas.

They left quickly in less than two minutes.

Jerome blinked and looked at them, a little scared.

Cherry looked back at him and asked, "Dad, did you borrow usury?"

"No, no, no." He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Last night, I went back very early."

Cherry curled her lips.

She didn't want to expose him. Anyway, she wasn't at home last night.

The father and the daughter smiled at each other with their own thoughts.

Cherry looked down at the chic phone. It was hard to imagine that it would be sold in the market. But why did Moore give her such a cell phone?

Her cell phone rang. Fortunately, it was not a vulgar song that was played all over the street.

Cherry picked it up. The voice was clear with a smile, "Is that Cherry?"

"Yes. Moore? " Cherry said with a smile.

"Yes." The man on the other end of the line chuckled, "Keep your phone. Don't give it to anyone else. Only you and I have this number. Our phones are the same. "

"This phone... It's chic. "

He was even more complacent. "This is my own design. There are only two in the world. You and me. "

Cherry frowned.

The man from a rich family treated his customized mobile phone as an intercom for children. Why could only two people call each other?

His affection for her was so obvious that she began to hesitate.

"I'll come to you when you close. I know you will be very busy when you are working. " Fortunately, he was also very smart. As soon as she hesitated, he immediately prepared to disappear.

"I will say good night to you. Go ahead with your work, little angel. "

He hung up the phone.

From Cherry to little angel, the change of address was too fast.

Cherry frowned.

She wanted to make friends with him and get more clients for her restaurant, but it didn't mean that she wanted to have an irresponsible relationship with this rich man.

This kind of man was not her type.

She locked the limited edition phone in the counter and simply ignored it.

Moore's phone call came with a sense of propriety.

Every morning, he said good morning to her.

Every night, he said good night.

It was not out of line, but very warm.

With his unique playful address "little angel", she could not refuse, but knew his intention as well.

Cherry sighed in her heart.

There was still no call from the other man after that day.

Her heart sank.

Maybe, he was that kind of person. He had a cold face with warm heart and treated everyone the same.

In his heart, she was nothing special.

'So, don't think too much.'

She thought and put the quilt over her head.

'Well, don't disturb him anymore.

I don't want to annoy him...'

However, she felt extremely sad in her heart.

She was 27 years old, but still had a secret crush on someone. She was getting more and more naiv


She called out in the quilt remorsefully.

'It's so humiliating!'

A few days later, Moore came up with a new idea.

A large gift box of the same height as a human being was sent to Cherry's restaurant.

"I can't accept the gift from Mr. Moore..." She felt helpless. "Send it back. I'll call him myself later."

The men in suits looked at each other and hesitated, "Well... We can't make a decision... "

The one in the lead was the one who accompanied Cherry to the hospital to visit Moore.

He cleared his throat and stepped forward. "Well, our young master has been waiting for you to visit him, Miss Cherry..."

Cherry curled her lips and said, "I have greeted him by phone. He has almost recovered, hasn't he? "

She had planned to visit him.

However, he had a desire to pursue her, but she couldn't accept it. Why should she make things more complicated?

Besides, if she went there, she would see the person who made her a little angry...

She bit her lower lip.

"Mr. Moore will be discharged from the hospital this Friday. In order to celebrate his safe return, his father is going to hold a ball specially. Our younger master wants to invite you to join us, Miss Cherry. "

The invitation card was handed to Cherry respectfully.

She didn't look at it but frowned slightly.

Seeing that she seemed to want to refuse, the man in suit quickly said, "This is a big ball, so of course, you're not the only one invited. Our young master also knew that you're running this private restaurant, and the dishes were well cooked and needed to be appreciated. The guests are all elites of the upper class, so our young master thought of inviting you at the first time. Besides, we also invited you to prepare a dish for us that day. I don't know if you will agree or not. "

Cherry rolled her eyes.

Moore was also a smart man. He was afraid that she wouldn't go, so he played this trick.

She thought for a while and finally nodded. "So, this is the ingredients to be made that day?"

"Of course not." The man in the suit said respectfully, "We will prepare the ingredients for you the day before the ball, so as to make sure that the ingredients are fresh and your cooking skills can be fully performed. Here. " The man in the suit paused and said, "This is the dress for the ball our young master prepared for you. Please accept it."

Cherry was not shy at all.

Now that she had decided to go, she would take the clothes and returned them to him after the ball.

So she nodded. The man in suit finally breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as the thing was put down, they ran away faster than rabbits.

Cherry opened the gift box a crack, and something fell down and smashed her head.

She touched her dizzy head and looked down. A thick pink box fell to the ground.

She picked it up and opened it. She was confused.

There was a pink diamond necklace inside.

She didn't believe that Moore would give her a fake diamond necklace.

The problem was that this thing was valuable. If she lost one diamond during the return, she couldn't afford to pay for it even if she was killed!

She quickly closed the pink box and continued to open the gift box.

It was indeed an evening dress inside.


Cherry looked at it and felt something was wrong.

Not to mention the big opening on the chest, the dress did not look like the modern style, but like the Middle Ages Princess dress.

What's worse, there was a magic spell stick next to the hung clothes. Cherry picked it up and glanced at it. The waitress passing by chuckled, "Cherry, are you going to destroy all the people who eat in our restaurant for free on behalf of the moon?"

Cherry put it down quickly.

'Damn it! No wonder it looks so familiar. It's the same I saw in the cartoon "Sailor Moon" when I was a kid. '

She didn't know if the "magic stick" would light up after the battery was installed?

There was a mask on the stick.

As soon as she put on the big mask, people couldn't recognize her at all.

Cherry regretted deeply.

What kind of ball was it?

It was just a makeup ball.

She was foolishly disguised as a little princess! And she would hold the "magic stick"... It's embarrassing...

Could she not go?

She was about to cry...

On the other side, the other person who received the invitation curled his lips in disdain and said, "I won't go."

"Jonny, you'd better go to the party. Although Moore is not very famous, his father is a famous philanthropist and businessman in H City. Even the Chief Executive respects him. Tomorrow night, there must be a lot of upper class people going there. Jonny, if you go there, it will do you no harm but good... " The new agent advised earnestly.

Jonny snorted and didn't want to agree to her.

"It's so boring. Why do they hold a makeup ball?" He rolled his eyes. "Well, in that case, I'd better not go. Anyway, people won't recognize me even if I go there."

The agent was frightened. "That's impossible. Moore majored in electronic technology abroad. His invitation must have a chip for identification. How can he not know who is coming and who is not? "

Jonny looked at the invitation card in his hand in disgust. He couldn't figure out where the chip was.

'I hate these guys who are good at studying.'

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