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   Chapter 25 Waiting

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Damn it! He got the wrong person again.

The bonus for this month was gone...

He had to drink a few less bottles of wine...

Maybe that girl would sue him. As the new group leader, he hadn't been promoted yet, but going to be a street patrol police (military uniform police) obediently again... He felt sad.

It was already four o'clock in the morning when Cherry was released.

Her wrists were left with red marks by the handcuffs. When it was just unfastened, her hand was still numb.

When she walked out of the reconnaissance room, the person outside had already stood up from the chair.

He had been waiting.

Cherry's eyes turned red.

She walked slowly towards him, her nose twitching.

"Let me drive you home." He didn't say anything else.

Cherry nodded.

She put the key in his hand.

"Drive the car back for me tomorrow. I left it in your hospital. " Her unintentional action sounded a little tentative.

He took it and only answered, "Okay."

It was still raining outside.

Cherry's windbreaker had been presented as evidence. She felt cold as the wind blew outside.

She was wearing his windbreaker.

She looked up at him with a faint smile.

His umbrella covered her.

When he opened the door for her, a lengthened car of seven seats came from nowhere and stopped in front of the two people.

A man in a black suit got out of the car.

Startled, Cherry took a step back and asked, "Who are you?"

The man lowered his hand respectfully and said, "Miss Cherry, it was my young master Moore who asked me to come here. You saved my younger master. Both his father and he want to see you again. I wonder if you can go to the hospital with me."

"Moore?" Cherry was unfamiliar with this name, "Is he Mr. Peter He's son?"


It turned out that the young man she saved tonight was Moore He!

She was really disturbed this evening.

She thought for a while and said to Jacob behind her, "You can go back first. I'll go with him. He's injured. I have to make the thing clear. "

"Yes, it was Mr. Moore who clarified your suspicion to the police."

Although the man was respectful, it seemed that he was saying that Cherry can't get out of trouble without Moore's help.

She didn't like to hear that.

Therefore, she curled her lips and smiled, "Yes, I don't think such a rich family like the He Clan will punish the person who saved Moore's life."

'Son of a bitch! If I hadn't saved him, he would have died in the rubbish heap.'

She almost got into a lawsuit, but he behaved like he was doing her a favor.

'Do these rich people think everyone is their employee?'

Only then did the man in suit realize that he had made a slip of the tongue. He hurriedly said, "Miss Cherry, don't get me wrong. The first thing that Mr. Moore wakes up is to help you clear your grievances."

Well, let it be. It seemed that his you

ickly changed the topic.

Sure enough, this topic was Moore's favorite.

He snorted, "I hate being threatened most. They caught me and blackmailed my family. This kind of guys would kill me even if they got money. I might as well try my best to escape. I will catch them one by one in the future if I'm lucky enough. Money is one thing. It feels so bad to be threatened and pointed at the head with a gun. "

He lifted his quilt and said, "Look, these injuries are caused by them. They asked me to call my parents and ask them to give me the ransom as soon as possible. If they didn't, they would hit me. They hit me my on purpose when my mother was on the other end of the phone. My mother was crying to death. I told them that it was useless to beat me. I was picked up from the rubbish heap by my parents. I'm not worth so much money... "

The girl in front of him suddenly had tears in her eyes.

"Don't say that..." She suddenly said, "Your mom's heart is broken..."

He looked at her with soft eyes and said, "Okay, I won't say it..."

After saying that, he stared at the man in suit and said, "If you have the guts, do it again!"

Cherry lowered her head and smiled, "Well, it's getting late. You're a patient. Have a good rest. I have to go now. "

"You..." Reluctantly, Moore reached out to grab her.

A business card was handed to him.

Cherry said, "This is...

My business card."

Moore smiled.

"I usually stay in my own private restaurant. When you are free, you can go to my restaurant with your friends."

He put the card on his chest and said, "Sure."

Cherry waved at him and left the ward quickly.

Jacob was standing at the door, staring at the ground with a look of disgust.

Hearing her coming out, he raised his head and asked, "Let me drive you home?"

"I have a car." She reached out to him, "The key."

Reluctantly, he took out the key and put it in her soft hand.

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