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   Chapter 24 Kidnapping Case

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Cherry obediently followed the older policeman into the police car.

But as soon as the door was closed, a pair of handcuffs clicked around her wrists.

Her eyes widened, and panic rose within her. "Wait, what are you doing?"

"Miss Shen, you are the prime suspect in this kidnapping case. I hope you can cooperate with the investigation. You have the right to remain silent," the policeman replied dully, starting the car.

Cherry blinked. "What? What kidnapping? I... I'm really not..."

"Look, once we get to the police station, you can record your statement. You want my advice? Tell us who your partner is. You'll be let off with a much lighter sentence. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that the court will go easy on you."

'Damn it!

I've heard of people getting into trouble by helping the wrong people, but I've never heard of someone getting arrested after saving someone.'

"I didn't do anything wrong! I'm a good citizen," Cherry protested, trying to suppress the anger she felt. She knew that arguing with the policeman would only make things worse. "I have to wait for that man to wake up!"

"We're waiting for him too." The policeman shrugged, keeping his eyes on the road.

The man who was being operated on at the moment had been kidnapped a few days ago. The person who had called to ask for ransom had a female voice, which meant that at least one of the kidnappers must be a woman. And now, the police had gotten a call from a woman.

Whether she was the same woman or not, they wanted to lock her up, just in case.

Seeing that there was no way to dissuade him, Cherry begged, "Could I leave a message to my friend? He works as a doctor here. He'll be worried if he can't find me later."

"You want to leave a message to your partner?" the policeman asked with a snort. It was such a jump that, with that kind of imagination, he would have been better off writing novels than being a policeman. "Don't worry, we'll make sure we get all the kidnappers sooner or later."

Cherry rolled her eyes and clenched her jaw in anger.

If she was really the kidnapper, she would have slapped him several times by now!

He had no sense at all. She really wanted to complain against him, but who would she complain to when the person harassing her was a policeman himself?

When they reached the police station, all the police offers treated her like a criminal.

They led her to the interrogation room carefully, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

A policewoman came over and frisked her, patting all over her body.

Every time an item was found on her, it was confiscated—including her phone, wallet, and keys.

Then, she was made to take a seat. A bright overhead lamp was switched on, illuminating her with a harsh glare of light.

She looked away, feeling humiliated.

"What's your name?" There were three people sitting opposite her in the interrogation room. One of them was the policewoman who had frisked her just now. The other two were men, one bearded, and one as thin as a monkey. They all looked at Cherry from head to toe, not bothering to hide their scrutinizing gazes.

"My name is Cherry Shen." Sitting under the harsh light in the cold and dark room, her mouth went dry, and she swallowed nervously.

"What an unfortunate name." The bearded man poked the paper he was holding with a pen and asked, "How do you spell it? Can you write it down here?"

He was being rude and offensive on purpose.

Cherry almost lost her temper, but she clenched her hands into fists to calm herself down.

The thin man quickly interjected, "Hey, Vincent, we can look at her ID card. She's a felony offender. If we get her name wrong, we're the ones who will be in trouble later."

"You are right," replied Vincent, the bearded man. "Come on, take it out!"

The policewoman grabbed Cherry's wallet, flipped through it and found her residence card. Referring to that, she wrote down Cherry's name on the paper.

"How can you look through my wallet? Isn't that a violation of privacy?"

"Criminals don't have the right to privacy," Vincent said arrogantly. "Look at you. You should stand in the street soliciting business instead of kidnapping."

"Sir," the policewoman reminded him in a low voice, "we have to arrest those women as well."

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Vincent replied immediately. He straightened up and cleared his throat. Looking at Cherry, he continued, "Well, tell me the truth. My fists don't differentiate between beautiful women and ugly men. I'll beat them all up the same."

"I'm not a kidnapper. When that man wakes up, you will know!"

Cherry insisted through gritted teeth. "How can you do this? I showed you the photos I took, didn't I? I found him in the back alley of my restaurant!"

If she had known that she would end up in such a situation, she would not have saved that guy at all!

"What's the name of your restaurant?" Vincent's attention was quickly diverted.

"Sir!" his two companions reminded him in a hurry.

"Yes, yes. I meant, what if he dies? We need to know all the information. Bah! He can't die. Otherwise, we will be skinned alive!" Vincent shook his head and turned his attention back to Cherry. "Tell me, where did the fifty million dollars go?"

This time, Cherry didn't feel wronged. Instead, she found the situation so ridiculous that she burst out into laughter.

It turned out that these idiots had paid the ransom to the kidnappers, but had lost the victim. Now that she had gotten caught up in the middle of it, they were using her as a scapegoat.

The problem was, how could she, an innocent person, spit out fifty million dollars to them?

"I need a lawyer," she said firmly. She couldn't stand these idiots anymore.

"I advise you to cooperate with us..." Vincent began.

At that moment, the door swung open, and a policeman came in and whispered in his ear. "Someone is here to bail her out."

"Bail her out? How can a kidnapper be released on bail?" Vincent asked gruffly, not bothering to lower his voice.

"Sir, with all due respect, this is abuse. You've slandered me without any evidence. I can sue you for that!" Cherry interjected.

Vincent snorted. "Yeah, yeah, there are complaints against me all the time. I'm used to it."

Cherry pursed her lips in

displeasure and looked away. What else could she do to deal with such policemen who behaved like hooligans?

Anyway, at the moment, she was more curious about who had come to bail her out.

Was it...?

Thinking of that, she finally saw a ray of hope. Taking a deep breath, she explained, "Listen, I'm not a kidnapper. I own a restaurant called Private House. The kidnapping must have happened in the past few days, right? You can watch the surveillance footage of my restaurant. I was busy working there the whole time!"

Hearing this, the police officers whispered among themselves.

After a long while, Vincent finally stood up and said, "Okay, we will investigate it. You two, watch her. I'm going out to have a smoke. Shit, I'm so sleepy..."

After taking a few steps, he looked back at Cherry and said, "Little girl, don't teach me how to do my job. You'd better pray that there is a camera facing your back alley, otherwise, we can't let you off yet!"

'What the hell? Why would anyone install a surveillance camera in the back alley? To record evidence of people stealing trash?' Cherry thought, fuming.

After warning Cherry, Vincent turned around complacently and was about to open the door, but he was so sleepy that he lost his balance and stumbled.

The policewoman gasped in shock.

At the same time, the door opened from outside and a policeman said, "Sir, we've gotten news that Moore He has woken up!"

Unable to steady himself in time, Vincent fell forward, crossing the doorway and hitting the floor of the corridor outside with a heavy thud.

Everyone in the police station turned to look at him.

Jacob, who was standing a few feet away from the doorway, had an unreadable expression on his face.

'It's true that I brought good news for these idiots, but I didn't expect them to pay me the highest respect by kowtowing, ' he thought to himself in amusement.

Vincent quickly stood up, patted off the dust on his arms, and scoffed. Looking up at the tall man in front of him, he asked, "Who are you? Another suspect?"

Jacob narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

"I'm Mr. He's attending physician. I came here to bail Miss Shen out."

"I'm sorry. She is a suspect in an important case. According to the rules, she can't be bailed out until 24 hours after her arrest. Please leave,"

Vincent said gruffly. His beard was speckled with biscuit crumbs from the floor, making him look silly.

Then, he ruthlessly shut the door of the interrogation room behind him.

Just before the door closed, Cherry caught a glimpse of Jacob, who mouthed the words "I'm here" to her.

Although the thin policeman quickly blocked her sight, she had seen enough to slump her shoulders in relief.

"You have such a handsome boyfriend. It would be a shame if you can't see him again, right? You'd better confess and tell us who your partner is as soon as possible. If you do, we will plead with the court on your behalf. You'll get a much lighter sentence..." the thin policeman chattered.

To his surprise, Cherry burst out into laughter.

It was the first time in her life that she had been treated as a suspect. Until now, she had only been pretending to be strong. On the inside, she had been an utter mess.

But now... everything was fine.

Although she was here, Jacob was outside.

He was waiting for her.

That was enough.

She subconsciously smiled, already feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of her.

"Can you give the man outside a glass of water? He has been up late operating on the patient. If not for him, I don't know what would have happened to that Mr. He," she said calmly.

The policewoman stood up and went to get some water.

The thin man scoffed. "Women are all the same. The moment they see a good-looking man, they act just like bees flocking to a flower..."

The policewoman rolled her eyes at him and said, "Miss Shen must be thirsty too. Can you get her some water?"

The thin man quickly rushed over. "Of course, I'm here to serve the beauty. I'm not as rude as Vincent."

Both the policewoman and Cherry couldn't help but despise him.

Could he be more hypocritical?

Meanwhile, when Moore He opened his eyes, he saw a large beard in front of him.

Recoiling in shock, he blinked his eyes. "Where's that beautiful woman?"

Just before passing out, he had seen a beautiful woman in front of him. Why did she have a beard now?

"What beautiful woman?" Vincent asked sourly. "Although I have a beard, you can still see my handsome appearance, right? But sadly, I'm a man, not a woman."

Moore rolled his eyes.

No one with the sense of sight would be able to miss such a thick beard.

"Oh, Mr. He, don't pass out again!" Vincent cried out, thinking that he was about to faint.

"Don't touch me," Moore snapped. He didn't understand what was going on at all, but he knew that there was something wrong with this bearded man. "If you keep harassing me, I'll call the police," he added.

"I'm a policeman!" Vincent furrowed his eyebrows, looking aggrieved. 'What? Don't I look like a policeman?' he wondered sourly.

"Mr. He, we knew you were kidnapped, so we came to help you," he continued.

"Bullshit! I escaped on my own. Those guys..."

As he recalled what happened, Moore felt a stab of pain in his legs. "They had guns. They hurt my legs!"

He had wounds all over his body, and his leg was injured. He didn't know how far he had run from the abandoned factory before he had finally collapsed on the road and lost consciousness.

Thinking of the last thing he remembered seeing, a faint smile appeared on his face. "I remember the woman who saved me... I remember the kidnappers too. I can give you a description so you can sketch their portraits. And please, find that woman for me, I have to thank her for saving me."

"Uh..." Vincent hesitated and scratched his head. How could he tell Moore that the woman who had saved him had been kept in an interrogation room for more than two hours as the prime suspect?

"Is one of the kidnappers a woman?" he finally asked.

"No. One of them sounds like a woman though. Why, what's wrong?" Moore asked.

"Nothing." Vincent signaled to his colleague next to him to record Moore's statement before shrinking to the side, feeling dejected.

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