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   Chapter 22 The Woman I Like

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Jonny opened and closed his mouth like a fish.

Why did Cherry's words make him feel so awkward?

"Well, I'll bring my friends here for dinner in the future. You have to give me a discount," he said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Of course. Anyway, the dinner you had tonight wasn't free, you know. I've taken photos, and they will be published in the news tomorrow. By the way, help me publicize the restaurant," Cherry replied, showing no sign of weakness.

"You..." Jonny was at a loss for words. This was the real Cherry he knew.

"Drive slowly. I have a guests upstairs, so I should get going," she said curtly before turning around.

As Jonny watched her receding back dumbstruck, his friend next to him patted him on the shoulder and asked, "What's the matter? You've been with her for five years. Aren't you tired of her yet?"

Hearing this, Jonny's lips curled in disdain.

Of course he was tired of her after seeing her face for five years. It wasn't like she was an incomparable beauty.

And yet... there was a sour feeling in his heart that he couldn't get rid of.

He turned around and walked to his car. As soon as he hopped into his SUV, he received a call from his mother. "Jonny, come and have dinner at home tomorrow night," she said.

"What's up? Is tomorrow some big day I don't know?" he asked lazily.

"Well, no..." Donna said, lowering her voice. "Richard ran away from home a few days ago. Jacob was the one who brought him back. Just now, your father told me that he's going to teach him a good lesson. I'm afraid I can't handle the situation alone. You'd better come home and save Richard."

"I don't know if I'll be free or not," Jonny said casually. "Besides, Dad's mood will only get worse if he sees me. And anyway, Jacob will be there, won't he?"

"Jacob won't say a word even if Richard is hit by a stick!" Donna said anxiously. "Look, no arguing. You have to come home tomorrow night."

Before he could refuse, his quick-tempered mother hung up the phone.

Jonny sighed. He looked out of the window and remembered the woman just now.

'Maybe I should ask my dear brother what he thinks of Cherry.'

Jonny was always the last one to arrive to family dinners.

This time was no exception.

As soon as he opened the door and walked into the dining room, York snorted.

Donna immediately walked over to diffuse the situation. "Oh, Jonny has a shoot today. He had to specially ask for leave to come here. It wasn't easy for him," she said earnestly.

York dully glanced at his son, who was wearing a cheeky grin on his face. Seeing that, he was sure that his wife was just making up a story to protect their son.

Meanwhile, Nancy Nalan pulled out a chair for her second elder brother. Jonny blinked at her and said, "Thank you."

"Okay, everyone is here. Let's eat," Richard said, digging in with his chopsticks.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jonny noted that Richard's hand was still injured.

'Did Dad hit him?' he wondered.

The mood in the dining room was terribly somber.

Everyone was acting like a carbon copy of Jacob. Instead of talking to each other and reaching over to pick up side dishes, they all ate the rice in their bowls in complete silence.

Finally, Jonny couldn't stand it any longer.

He cleared his throat and asked, "Jacob, did Cherry invite you to the opening ceremony last night?"

Jacob glanced at him before lowering his eyes back to his bowl.

"Yes," he replied simply.

Jonny wasn't about to let it go so easily. "When did you become so familiar with her? Don't forget that she is the one who caused your injury. Besides, Mr. Yue is only temporarily detained. If and when he is released, I think you will be in danger. It's better to keep a distance from women like this. "

As soon as the injury was mentioned, Donna became nervous. "Yes, that's right. You shouldn't get close to such a woman. Maybe you're not compatible..."

Impatiently putting down the bowl and chopsticks on the table, Jacob shot Jonny a warning glance and then looked at his mother. "Mom, it was just an accident."

"Really? Well, I've kept a distance from her ever since she made a scene last time. Even though she's been my agent for five years, I asked her to leave," Jonny drawled casually.

"That's you," Jacob said simply, shoving another spoonful of rice into his mouth.

His cutting words pierced into Jonny's heart.

"Are you saying I'm a coward?" Jonny asked, brimming with anger.

Jacob shot him a cold and disdainful glance. "I didn't say that."

"That's exactly what you mean!" Jonny clenched his fists, and his face turned red with anger. "You're showing off now! You know I've been with her for five years, but I've never shown off."

Unlike Jonny, Jacob continued to maintain his cool. "People with poor language skills are really difficult to communicate with," he remarked dryly.

"You're the one who with poor language skills!" Jonny retorted, raising his voice. "I'm 27 years old now. You can't keep humiliating me with the marks I scored in high school. Besides, you scored high marks in language exams, right? What have you achieved in your life now? Have you gotten married yet?"

"You're speaking as if you have," Jacob retorted.

Jonny was this close to losing his temper.

No one else had the ability to get on his nerves as much as Jacob did.

'Does he have to get the last word every time?'

Seeing that Jonny was too angry to reply, Donna hastily interrupted their conversation. "Stop it, both of you. One of you is 27 years old, and the other is 28, but you're both bickering like you're five. And Jonny, you're really ridiculous. Your brother is such a silent man. How can you bring yourself to quarrel with him?"

Jonny slammed his chopsticks down on the table. "Oh right, my silent brother who is just so much better than me! You and dad have always liked him more than me, haven't you? Now, he's the one who's trying to steal the woman I like!"

That was the source of the resentment that Jonny was carrying around in his heart. If Jacob was so innocent, wh

y had he pretended to be a hero in front of Sarah?

Ever since that incident in the yacht, Sarah had been inquiring Jonny about Jacob, which made him sick to his stomach.

Hearing his words, Jacob paused, and his hand holding the chopsticks froze in mid-air.

He looked up at his younger brother with a complicated look in his eyes.

"What?" Donna asked, equally stunned. She looked back and forth between the two brothers. "Well, last time, you said that you wanted to..."

She trailed off uncertainly. Hadn't Jonny told her that Cherry was a good girl and that he wanted to introduce her to his brother?

Although he hadn't introduced the two of them in the end, they seemed to have developed a good relationship on their own. So why was Jonny claiming to like Cherry now?

What an absurd situation!

How could the three of them communicate while talking about completely different things?!

York's lips curled in displeasure. "Enough! I don't want to hear anything more. Tell me, what kind of woman would make two brothers fight their whole lives? Let me make one thing clear. Even if one of you marries her, she will make you both unhappy sooner or later. In my opinion, both of you should stay away from her. Women like this are bad for a family!"

Jonny sneered and avoided his father's eyes.

This sort of lecture might be effective for the two good sheep in their family, Jacob and Nancy, but not for him.

He continued eating his meal, but he still felt unhappy.

Jacob wiped his lips and announced, "I'm finished. Have a good meal."

Then, he stood up and left.

Jonny was not one to be outdone, so he quickly shoved a few bites of food into his mouth and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

"Dad, Mom, I have to go now. The crew is waiting for me to start," he said hurriedly.

Then, he picked up his coat and rushed out of the house without saying anything more.

Donna rose to her feet glumly. Thinking of her two sons, who were like two opposite poles, she couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh. "What a miserable situation..."

"I feel embarrassed to be their father. Why are they acting as if they've never seen a woman before?" York commented with a snort.

He had planned to teach Richard a lesson, but he didn't expect that his two elder sons would cause him much more worry.

The older they got, the more troubles they created!

Meanwhile, Cherry had no idea that she had become the topic of discussion at the Nalan family's dinner.

She turned over the restaurant's accounting records with a frown on her face.

When she had bought this building, she had not only taken over the restaurant, but also the personnel and other materials.

But looking through the accounting records, she discovered certain discrepancies.

After all, she had graduated from the Business School of H University, but it was not a well-known fact. Her employees probably thought that she had gotten to this position with her father's money, so they dared to try and fool her.

Instead of saying anything to the employees, she just quietly looked through the records on her own.

When the manager spotted her checking the records, he gulped nervously. "Miss Shen, is something wrong?"

"Don't worry," Cherry replied, shooting him a faint smile. "It's just that I haven't do accounting works for a few years. I just feel like it, and I have some spare time to kill anyway. Why? Shouldn't I check it?"

"No, no, not at all. I'm just afraid that you won't understand it. Being a woman..." the manager trailed off, but the words he had meant to say hung in the air over them like a rain cloud.

Cherry curled her lips in displeasure.

"In the past, I took care of Jonny's financial affairs. In fact, when I first met him, I was a cashier at the company. I was also planning to become a certified accountant. But somehow, I became his agent. That's another story though.

If you're still afraid that I won't be able to understand the records, you can work overtime with me tonight. We can look through the records together. Anyway, you are familiar with them, aren't you?"

She glanced at the manager, who was trembling like a lamb, and added, "Anyway, I know people from different walks of life. If you can't help me, I can ask someone else for help."

The manager's face turned pale. "Uh..." he stammered.

"Don't worry," Cherry said lightly, lowering her gaze back to the records. "Thank you for working overtime tonight."

The manager couldn't help but say, "Miss... Miss Shen, you're right. There's something wrong with these accounting records. I..."

"You're in charge of it, right?" Cherry raised her eyes and looked straight at the manager.

His heart skipped a beat.

This woman's eyes were so sharp and intimidating!

"I... Well, there was another manager before me..." he said hesitantly.

"Who is he? Tell me his name and address. Since he's greedy for my money, he should be prepared for the consequences." The corners of her mouth twitched as she looked down at her fair fingers and continued, "I'm just a weak woman, so I don't have the ability to deal with him directly. But I can get government employees to deal with him. Yes, that would be the best course of action."

The manager's knees wobbled in fear. "He's my acquaintance, actually. How about I ask him to settle the accounts? Since he's not working here now, he can't mess with the accounts anymore. You don't have to trouble yourself with such trivial matters. I can take care of it."

Cherry pursed her lips and looked at him firmly. "Can you promise that no one here will mess with the accounting records in the future?"

"Yes, I can," the manager said firmly, but sweat trickled down his forehead, betraying how nervous he was.

Cherry smiled lightly. "Forget it. I'd better let someone I trust manage the accounting works from now on. As for the money that the old manager owes me, I'll give you a number tomorrow. Ask him to be careful from now on. Women keep track of every single penny in their purse, not to mention money from such a big restaurant."

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