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   Chapter 22 the Woman I Like

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Jonny's lips opened and closed again.

Why did this sound so awkward?

"Well, I'll bring my friends here for dinner in the future. You have to give me a discount."

"That's easy." Cherry didn't show any weakness, "Tonight you come here for dinner, it's not for free. I've taken photos, and tomorrow it will be reported. By the way, help me publicize it. "

"You..." This was the real Cherry he knew.

"Drive slowly. I have a guests upstairs, so I won't see you off." She said simply and went upstairs.

The friend next to him patted him and said, "Why don't you leave? You've been watching her for five years, but you're not tired of her? "

He curled his lips.

He hadn't been tired of her after five years? How could it be possible? She was not a beauty!

But why did he feel so bad?

As soon as he entered his exclusive car of seven seats, his mother called him, "Jonny, come and have dinner with me tomorrow night."

"What's up? Is it a big festival? " He said lazily.

"Well. No... " Donna lowered her voice, "Your younger brother ran away from home a few days ago. Your brother brought him back. Tonight, your father said that he would teach him a good lesson. I'm afraid I can't handle him alone. You'd better go home and save him. "

Jonny said casually, "I don't know if I'll be free or not. When dad saw me, he didn't look good, did he? Besides, my brother is there, isn't he? "

"Your brother won't say a word even if he is hit by a stick!" Donna was anxious, "That's a deal. You must come back tomorrow night."

Before he could refuse, his quick-tempered mother had hung up the phone.

He sighed and thought of the cold figure just now.

Maybe he should ask his brother what he really thought of Cherry.

Jonny would be the last one to come when the family had dinner together.

This time, there was no exception.

As soon as he opened the door, York snorted.

Donna mediated, "Oh, Jonny is filming on the set today. He can only come here after asking for a leave from the crew. It's not easy."

York glanced at his son, who was wearing a cheeky face. He really didn't believe what Donna said.

Nancy Nelson pulled out a chair for her second elder brother. Jonny blinked at his little sister and said, "Thank you."

"Okay, everyone is here. Let's eat."

Richard moved his chopsticks, and Jonny noticed something was wrong.

His hand was still injured.

'Was he hit by father?' He wondered.

At the table, the atmosphere was horribly low.

Everyone was like a copy of Jacob. They just ate the rice in their bowls, didn't pick up food, and didn't say anything.

Jonny couldn't help it.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Brother, did Cherry invite you there last night?"

Jacob raised his head and glanced at him.

"Yes." He replied softly without a more word.

Jonny didn't give up. "When did you become so familiar with her?" He couldn't help ridiculing him, "Don't forget that she is the one who caused your injury. Besides, Mr. Gavin is only temporarily detained. If he is released at any time, I think you will be in danger. It's better to keep a distance from this kind o

ginning as a cashier in the company. I'm going to get the license of an accountant. "

She rolled her eyes and said, "If you are afraid that I can't understand it, you can work overtime with me tonight. Let's read it together. Anyway, you are familiar with the accounts."

She looked at the manager who was trembling like a lamb. She smiled and said, "Well, I know some people from different walks of life. If there is a little problem and you can't help, I'll handle it by myself."

The manager's face turned pale, "Uh... Uh... "

"Don't worry." She sat down slowly and looked through the accounts. "Thank you for working overtime tonight."

The manager couldn't help but ask, "Miss... Miss Cherry, you are right. There's something wrong with these accounts... I... "

"You're in charge of it, right?" Cherry raised her eyes and stared at the man with sharp eyes.

His heart skipped a beat.

This woman's eyes were so sharp!

"I... I... Well, there was a manager before... "

"Who is he?" Cherry said in a calm tone, "Tell me the name and address of the person. He is greedy for my money, so he has to prepare something." The corners of her mouth twitched. "I'm a woman." she looked down at her smooth nails and said, "I don't have the ability to deal with people. I want the clean government office to do this. It's the most appropriate."

The manager couldn't help but say, "I'm his personal friend. How about I ask him to pay the bill back? Since he has left, he can't do anything to you anymore. In this way, you don't have to hold him accountable, okay? "

Cherry looked at him firmly, "Can you promise that there is no one here who will change my account?"

"No, absolutely not." The manager promised.

Sweat trickled down his forehead, but Cherry smiled lightly, "Forget it." She suddenly said, "I'd better let someone I trust to manage the accounts." She turned around and smiled at him. "I'll give you a definite number tomorrow for how much he should pay back. Ask your friend to be careful. Women care about every penny, not to mention such a big restaurant. "

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